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Monday, April 5, 2010

Words, Beats and Life BLOGGER Panel Review

I attended that Words, Beats and Life event "Hip Hop Blogs & Social Change" down at Bus Boys and Poets on Saturday. On the panel they had 2Dopeboyz, Okayplayer, Dallas Penn and Oddisee on the panel. They addressed topics from music submissions to their musical opinions and music in general. IMO some if not most information was common sense but one think I personally took away from the event is that i am far from "blogger" and/or "journalist" for obvious reasons.

They touched on the future of Blogs/sites and how they are able to generate money from running sites. One thing i thought was very informative was that there's a form of payola taking over the hip hop website community and when its hard to tell which site take pay for post I do know most sites sorta support some of the same artist.

The homie D Omen hollered at me prior to going and had me thinking as to why there were NO LOCAL blogs on the panel and I couldn't answer that. I assumed my site was overlooked but I have a relationship with WBL because well they do SEND me EVENTS to post ON my SITE so yeah........But it would have been dope if there was at least one local site/blog on the panel.

But anyway I like the event and it offered me a opportunity to put a face to the name of the people over at 2dopeboyz and Okayplayer that have been supporting my work.

I also wish there were more DMV artist there especially those that have been having a difficult time reaching some of the major blogs but HEY when you don't include/promote via the SITES that REACH out to the ARTIST like mine, DJ Heats, Illvibes and others its kind of hard to make that happened.

Dope Event Overall! Heavily needed and and hope they reach out next time.


@igotit4free said...

I could really speak on this topic , but I wont (good topic tho) .. stopping by to show love ...byrd

Gods'Illa said...

Definitely a good thing that such a forum was held in this area but surely should have been promoted to a greater audience, at least to those that have worked to create their brand and have some type of presence outside of their respective neighborhoods. We especially would've benefited since we've experienced some difficulty reaching the bigger blogs.

upsetthesetup said...

i think its funny that they haveany local blogs on it, that I'm probably one of the few blogs that promoted it, and that the whole thing was supposed to be about blogs and social change....