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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For those that are interested.............


UFC Fighting in the dmv............

So in case you didn't know I'm a huge Ultimate Fighting Champion fan and this weekend they brought some fights to the DMV. Not only was I excited because of the event I was excited to see cats from the DMV participating in the fights. The best 2 of the 15 fights were cat's from the DMV. Well let's start on a good note Mike Easton repping Clinton banged his opponent out. Lil homie KO slim and I was really impressed. 

Well on a sad note Temple Hills own Ron Stalling got slammed on his neck piece and was a done deal! Jesus
*But he was alright I guess..................

On a side note the ring girls where ridiculous!

More info go to www.uwcmma.com


Name: Mike Easton
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Association: Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts
Fighting Out Of: Clinton, MD
MMA Record: 4-1-0
Fact: N/A
Corner: Lloyd Irvin / Brandon


Name: Ron Stallings

Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6'0"
Association: Lloyd Irvin 
Fighting Out Of: Temple Hills, MD
MMA Record: 5-1-1

Benji needs your vote like OBAMA!

How are u doing today My name is Benji aka Benjizzle
Im a artist from DC making my path in HIP HOP. I got one of my songs on WPGC 95.5 radio station in my area on the Home Jam segment. You can't call to the radio station to vote, you have to go to there website an vote now or by sunday. GO TO WPGC.​COM AN GO TO JAM FAM, AN IN THAT COLUM​N GO TO DJ HEAT AN DJ RICO,​ THEN CLICK​ ON DC HOME JAMS,​ THEN, CLICK​ ON THE VOTE YOUR FAVOR​ITE HOME JAM, AN VOTE FOR YOUR BOY SO IT WILL BE IN ROTAT​ION.​ THANK​ YALL FOR TAKIN​G OUT THE TIME TO READ THIS AN THANK​S FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

you can only vote once on your computer but if you know anybody that has a computer pass it on an here's my song to listen too. Once again thanks

202 468 9053

Young I..........................

Check him out here:

Youngin stay grindin!

A fEW FLICKS FROM NANDO MCFLYYs performance NYCs DEADSTOCK sneaker convention.!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Too funny.....................

I thought this was a pretty funny song and video since 90% of todays DMV youth dress like this....

S.O.U.L Purpose- Lesson A

Still laughing.........................

Skins 2008 record...............

What do you all think about the skins schedule. How many do you think they will win this year? Please leave comment!

9/4 Giants7pm ET NBC  
9/14vs.  Saints1pm ET FOX  
9/21vs.  Cardinals1pm ET FOX  
9/28 Cowboys4:15pm ET FOX  
10/5 Eagles1pm ET FOX  
10/12vs.  Rams1pm ET FOX  
10/19vs.  Browns4:15pm ET CBS  
10/26 Lions1pm ET FOX  
11/3vs.  Steelers8:30pm ET ESPN  
11/16vs.  Cowboys8:15pm ET NBC  
11/23 Seahawks4:15pm ET FOX  
11/30vs.  Giants1pm ET FOX  
12/7 Ravens1pm ET FOX  
12/14 Bengals1pm ET FOX  
12/21vs.  Eagles1pm ET FOX  
12/28 49ers4:15pm ET FOX  

Oh and please keep in mind that lame a$$ draft they had this weekend.

Darfur Now Tour in the DMV @ Club Five....4.28.08

The purpose of this show is a must. Research what's going on in Darfur!

For more info go to:WWW.DARFURNOWTOUR.COM

Wes Felton

DC Club Five
1214 18th St. NW #B
Washington D.C. 20036


More beatdown pics......................

The beatdown participants.....................
Illmind and Judah
Prince little sister............LOL

Beatdown Pics.................

J Scrilla looking like a 13 year old little girl! LOL
Marjorie and Judah!
Beautiful women!
The beautiful beatdown babe!
Faraz and the beautiful beatdown babe!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Introducing................Ra The MC!

I'm loving her...............

The World....I give you RA THE MC!

THE DMV inspired movie Jazz In The Diamond District Premiers this weekend....

I first seen the trailer at the go go awards and believe me it looked like one of the better DMV based movies I've seen in the past. My homies Kenny Burns and Wood Harris are in the joint joint so needless to say I'm at the premier on Sunday April 24, 2008. Stamp-a-lamp!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This joint here is official! And I don't say that about too much stuff but the project is sick. In today's dumb down music industry, Amen Ra delivered a focused conceptual project. 

We met years ago and crossed paths again when my man J Scrilla brought him thru the studio. Check it out it is a must have!

Track Listing:
1. The Philharmonic
2. Darfur
3. Future Freshness 
4. The New Movement
5. Worried Man 
6. I'm Going In 
7. Pain & Appreciation
8. The Royal Family
9. Sometimes 
10. The Eulogy



I was working with some artist in the studio and they asked me what Kingpin Slim was up to and I said let me hit this dude and see how he doing...............So I'm not going to be selfish!

JU: What hell been going on homie?

KPS: Been working on my four part malbum (mixtape/album) called The Five Dollar High, throwing parties every Tuesday at Lotus on 14th and K St NW called Ciroc Tuesday's, working out and putting my business structure in place!

JU: Been jive laying low, what u working on? Who u working with on your project? Artist, Producers etc...

KPS: The Five Dollar High has production from Rich Harrison, LionellDavis, Best Kept Secret, The Narcotics, Judah , Bu Bu, 8TrixProductions and more and it will feature Raheem Devaughn, Wale, Tabi Bonney, Oy Boyz, Tommy Smalls, DiBiase, Stimuli, Gina Rose and others. Its being hosted by P Cutta and DJ DNA.

JU: HipHopGame showing u love on the record u did wit Wale. How has that been?

KPS: Well the record is called I Am Hip Hop produced by Charli Brown andthe story on it is Wale asked me one day to send him some material that he can post for me on hhg, he did it (good lookin') and we been getting some calls from some big dogs as a result, so the exposure was good for me definetely. 

JU: How u feeling about the artist in the DMV and How u feeling bout the DMV movement?

KPS: DMV is cool, got a lot of different kinds of artists. Not gonna say I like em all, but I respect all the ones who are actually working,creating a buzz and contributing to the movement. Respect all, fear none, me being a real competitive dude, the success of some my peers is inspiring to say the least. 

JU: Its a new DC musically compared to the old days. What's ya take on it?

KPS: Anything that isn't growing is dying, for years DC rappers did it the same way and now we have people pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and as you can see we are being rewarded for that so I love it. We needed the change, its good for all involved, directly and indirectly. 

JU: What are you doing out here to stay "Recession Free"?

KPS: Buying houses in the down market and holding them for the upswing! Got a time share overseas, buying things that hold their value etc etc. Don't believe in spending money to be popular, I believe in spending money to be popular to make money off of being popular. 

JU: Where are some of the spots in the DMV u love to kick it at?

KPS: Right now, I'm loving them Ciroc Tuesday's down Lotus, we play Bethesda Strike on Monday's for the all night bowling, we run through Dream, slide down Flyyy when I'm feelin like being internationally accepted lol. K Street is always cool too, Lucky Strike or Bar Louie for the games pops off as well. 

JU: You trying to get signed or go independent? And why u chose the route u chose.

KPS: The game changes too fast to try and get signed, I thought I had a situation that I may or may not still have but waiting on it does me no good. So I'm trying to establish myself in the marketplace as an earner outside of the major system and we can re visit that possibility on a case by case basis.

JU: How u feel about the game right now?

KPS: Sales are down but its good for all the artists who actually MC, rappers are about to be on they head lol. Gotta bring more to the table then a jingle or they'll have ya ass on that milk carton feel me? Only the strong survive and only the elite have a chance today. This game is not for the meek, fly by nighters get a job! The consumers are smarter now and the music is too accessible. 

JU: Why isn't go go a hit nationally until someone from somewhere else does it.

KPS: Go go would be more nationally respected if the rappers of DMV were plain and simple, we haven't been able to have their back nationally cause we haven't had a presence, we'll see how that turns with the recent success of some of our hometown heroes.

JU: Any last words to the great people of the DMV and elsewhere?

KPS: DMV support the real! I'm coming with The Five Dollar High, check it out if you fuck with authenticity, www.myspace.com/kingpinslimdc for all updates and details, I'll see yall down Ciroc Tuesday's! If you come through as ask for Kingpin Slim, I'll buy you a drink, that's on everything. Stamp!