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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye Bye............. Clinton Portis

Nothing really to say except this couldn't happen soon enough!


ACY - BLACK CHUCKS from Vintage Innovation on Vimeo.

"SideLine Hatin" by Davy Fresh

Seph Ade: Love Acoustically (Full Album)

"Make it out this Ghetto" by Grade A Material

Laelo Hood Ft Mina Leon Not Afraid

LOUDER! (A Tribute to J Dilla) - Sean Armstrong and E Major

Click to download from Bandcamp

Already being called “a must download” (Gowhere/Chicago Now), this 7 track EP/mixtape features Sean Armstrong (aka DJ Face of 9th Wonder’s True School DJ’s) and our own E Major trading verses over production by the late, great J Dilla. The duo of Major and Armstrong wanted to release the tribute to the producer in February since it is frequently referred to as Dilla Month, being that it is the month Dilla was both born in and died in. Here’s the description from the Bandcamp page:

“We put this project together in the name of J Dilla because we believe that he was truly one the best artists to ever work in Hip Hop. Dilla has touched many lives with his music and continues to in his absence. He’s inspired a whole generation of musicians and this is our way of honoring him.. through music.

-E Major and Sean Armstrong”

Faraz - Biya (Come on)

Tae Barz ft. Darren B "Coming Home " (DirtyMoney Cover)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DMV ARTIST: DJ Whoo Kid x RadioPlanet.tv present... Ti'Jean - Love & Rebellion: The Mixtape ...COMING 3.1.11!!!

Ti'Jean Sets Off Love & Rebellion with DJ Whoo Kid, March 1
New Video "Black America" Flips Eminem Classic
Debut Single "Everything's Illuminated" on Mixtape
Washington, DC -- In today's music scene it is increasingly common to hear different genres coming together to create pop hits, as so many young artists are exposed to more options than their creative predecessors. As a songwriter, musician and lyricist, Ti'Jean represents modern day multi-faceted artists that are changing the face of music for their generation.
On March 1, 2011, Ti'Jean will release Love & Rebellion: The Mixtape, presented by DJ Whoo Kid and RadioPlanet.tv, offering music fans a fresh perspective with his unique "Hip Rock" sound. Brooklyn-born and DC-raised, Ti'Jean abides by his Hip Rock lifestyle, which he describes as a hybrid of the influences around him, whether from film, various genres of music, art, fashion and everyday experiences. He embodies Hip Hop, and generates his own brand of fusion sonically in the studio.

The title Love & Rebellion represents passion, pain, art and expression on various levels, and as Ti'Jean describes, they are the two most attractive traits in human history.
"Both love and rebellion begin with us, the musicians, poets and writers - from Shakespeare or Pablo Neruda to NWA. We start sh*t!" Ti'Jean says. "Why do you think we have fight songs and national anthems? It hypes us up, gets us ready for love or rebellion. This mixtape is the start of the music world getting to understand me, and who I am as an artist."
Undoubtedly, Ti'Jean finds value in everything around him, and appreciates the incredible musical history of his current home in the Washington, DC area.
"When you combine so many styles and genres, it's interesting what comes out," Ti'Jean explains. "The major thing this city did for me was teach me to never reject any type of music. Not that I love it all, but I listen to it all. DC is a lot like New York City, in that there are people from all over the world here, and this area basically brings the world to the person."

Given his well-rounded tastes, Ti'Jean tapped in to the infinite talent pool online to find select tracks from the likes of Kajmir Royale (Colorado), The Teqnitionz (California), Sir Thomas (Texas), Royal Audio Tunes (Germany), Camron Reams (Colorado), Epik the Dawn (California) and Born to Win (Virginia). He notes that while each song on the project touches him, it's the track "Everything's Illuminated" produced by The Teqnitionz that hits home the most.

"'Everything's Illuminated' best describes the moment that I'm currently in," Ti'Jean explains. "It basically the start of the whole journey, and it's special because it's the first song I recorded for the mixtape. It really set the direction for the rest of the project. It's very personal and honest."

The lead video for Love & Rebellion is the stirring "Black America," a play on Eminem's epic hit "White America." Masked 'presidents' convene with Ti'Jean in a stark, dimly lit room at the nation's capital, accentuating the forceful lyrical message. The young visionary explains that people will understand his spin on the lyrics when they experience the video.
"Eminem's work on that song is powerful," Ti'Jean attests. "When I heard it for the first time years ago, I never thought I'd remake it...but I listened to it a few months ago and was inspired to flip it. I wanted to describe the current state of Black America in my eyes, unique to my voice, but also staying true to the spirit of the original version. The vibe and the direction I take in creating my videos is cinematic and raw. I always try to create a storyline, like the soundtrack to a short film. Even without sound, you will understand."
As Ti'Jean sets his sights on more projects for 2011 and beyond, he feels confident that fans will relate to the ferocity of his spirit and true love for what he does. With this artist, there are no alter-egos needed.

"I'm not afraid to try new things - there is no comfort zone for me as long as I'm true to myself," explains Ti'Jean. "The person and the artist are the same. It's a risk of course, but high risk equals high reward. Music is something that I will always live and die for. My reward is when people appreciate my art, period."


Mina Leon - Fly (Prod by Certified)

DC Hot Ones - Beach Dreams (prod. Best Kept Secret)

Mark Milly's "Memory Loss, Again?"

Henny - Ready to Roll (prod. by - Black Diamond)

BlueX2 - Loving You

BlueX2 - Loving You from Davy DMV on Vimeo.


Jae Aye, GR, Saliano Black and Mel-Michelle performing live at Alley Katz in Richmond, Virginia

Pro'Verb - AIDIR Photography Shoot (Behind The Scenes)

TreyDaGreat - Flight 2D (Official Video)

B.E feat Yung E of Likeblood video shoot

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raekwon Listening Session/Performance Video for the upcoming "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" album at the DTLR Listening Lounge in Washington, DC (filmed 2/21/2

Listening Session for Raekwon's "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" Album - Washington, DC: February 21, 2011 from Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) on Vimeo.

The Carryout

Dugee F. Buller-Drip Dry

J.Nolan- "Loose Files" Mixtape

LOVE Nightclub is holding an open call for the following positions, and we want YOU to join us!

This is a special opportunity for talented individuals in the District
of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia areas to join the echelon of

Tomorrow LOVE Nightclub is holding an open call for the following
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6:00 PM
Tuesday Feb 22nd & Wednesday Feb 23nd at LOVE Nightclub
1350 Okie Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

This isn't just a job but a true career! Only ambitious people with a
desire to work hard will be rewarded!
This is an amazing chance to learn the nightlife industry like never
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The following positions are available. Before heading to the meeting,
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We are looking for ambitious PROMOTERS to create events and
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Must have a strong network of business and professional contacts, and
overall a strong financial clientele

If interested respond to this ad describing your past experience,
include a resume if applicable, and come up with three event ideas or
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Those selected will be fairly and immensely compensated.

(VIP Host)

Are you a social networker? Do you have a large network of friends
that love to party? How would you like to be paid just to bring them
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LOVE is seeking VIP Hosts with great personalities to
increase bottle service patronage to our venue.

Bottle service is an exclusive service in our establishment where
customers have their own section at a designated table. Servers bring
bottles to the table based on minimums set by the venue.

The goal for VIP HOSTS will be to facilitate the connection between
the patron and the venue, from inviting the guests, helping them
choose a section, and using impeccable hospitality skills to make a
memorable experience.

Respond to ad with interest including a resume and why you would be
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Sexy people we have a job for you! Come MODEL for us!

LOVE is seeking fly people with a handle on style to look
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Nightly compensation of $50-$100 and more could be yours

Respond to ad with interest including resume and any relevant past
modeling work. A picture is optional, but helpful.


The opportunity awaits you, change your future today!

Fill out application at http://www.dmvevents.net/jobs.html

Love Night Club
(202) 596.2126

AA.RASH - DMV Flow (Music Video)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nike Nando - Love Day [Album]

5 years in the making..I've been trying to reach this goal since 2006 when I built a studio in my bedroom with the dream of taking my music to a place that could help people who suffer from abuse & depression. Who would have known that those records I wrote in my Grandmother's freezing cold basement that I had to live in I would even be THIS close to my dream...

When I dropped out of school I made a vow to myself that I would take this music serious to create a better life for my family...

With that being said, I present to you "Love Day" my DEBUT album. 100%, 100% REAL...This is ME. Not me trying to be like anyone else. I just want the listener to take in what I am saying and understand that whatever background you come from if it's good or bad we all go through a struggle.

Songs like, "Might Take Forever", "The Love" & "Almost" are telling you what has happened to me in a year's span...pay close attention to what I'm saying. I'm not just making these words up. This stuff has actually happened to me or a friend of mine..

Long story short, I would like you to listen, download, blog, or tell your friends about this project. It's my baby. ALL ORIGINAL material nothing short of a solid original project. One of the best projects to come out of my area or at all this year 1st quarter.


DMV stars to perform at SXSW

DMV TV - Studio Audience Request-

DMV TV is a showcase production created by Underground Independent Artists for the World Wide Supporters that love them. We feature 5 of the most talented Lyricists & Singers backed by DC's Premiere Live Sound Specialists "Sound of the City" and hosted by the lovely feMCs of the DMV.

Each and Every Wednesday we will Broadcast in HD LIVE 9:30 - 10:30 via Ustream for the World to tune into the underground music scene of the DC Area.
We NEED Your Support!! Join our studio audience, and witness the Revolution in Real Life.

#DMVTV airs Wednesday 3/9 9:30 -10:30 feat: @RaTheMC x @UptownXO x @AllProAllDay x @KingSwagg202 x @IamMaurice

EPISODE 2 - March 16th -
Alison Carney
Maria J -The Poster Girl-
Jai Blazin

EPISODE 3 - March 23rd -
La Vie
Gordo Brega
Harmony Muzik
Lady Dy

EPISODE 4 - March 30th -
AB the Pro
Ihsan Bilal
The Official Cedes

Blackmen Magazine Event

M.I.L.- Turn It Up Ft. Markie Mark

The Indie Life: Concert Series ft. Black Milk [video brought to you by 'theSWEATSHOP']

The Indie Life: Concert Series ft. Black Milk [video brought to you by 'theSWEATSHOP'] from theSWEATSHOP on Vimeo.

Kevy Kayo-The Neptunes (Mixtape)

DMV rap band Cap City Blue - "Customs Claims Baggage"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Carryout

Friday Night Coolin (Promo)

Uno Hype - Pieces

Tangie the Great-"All Types Of Love"


Here's a new project from 24 year old EmoPopRock sensation; Tangie the Great. With help from local giants such as Phil Ade (of 368 Music Group), Fat Trel (of Wale's The Board of Administration label), Whitefolkz (of Topp Dogg Hill), and more "All Types Of Love" is making a lot of noise in the streets of the DMV. Already gaining over 3500 downloads on day two, this debut mixtape speak for itself. Already attracting the attention of reporters from the Washington Post and Laurel Gazette and making it on 93.9 WKYS top MC list, it is evident that Tangie the Great is here to stay. Tangie offers a refreshing new sound that this area is not used to, but is in need of.


Lega-c x JMistro "Pulling On Her Heartstrings" EP

Wasteland Mob (We Aint Right - Freestyle)



Listen To My Demo

Born December,1 1993 Alex Marbley aka illesDC in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Gain high influence to rap in 2006 becuase of artist such has Nas Lupe Fiasco Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie Small. First Mixtape was released in 2010 Listen To My Demo. Im a 17 year old rapper out of Maryland just trying to get exposure online for my song ITs illes which is off my upcoming mixtape ressurection.

Soulfully, Me -Diamonds From Sierra Leone

Bananas x Travis Porter x Valleo

Dime$-My Skin Is Black

Brandon Bueller feat. Ju-Ju-Up and Away (Prod. by Best Kept Secret Mixed by T.R.U.S.T.!)

Big Sean Live at Sonar 12.11.10

Roll Up by S.o.S & Rob Acosta

SHATiFF "I AM DC" SECC/WoodSide ReMix feat. Taz Money & Lil L

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

368 Music Group is a Good Indie label IMO

As i was riding and listening to DJ Analyze do his rush hour mix and i heard a artist named Da Phuture (*Spelling) and then come to find out that another artist on Raheem's label 36b Music Group. Out of all the labels or those that call themselves "labels" i honestly respect their approach to this music s***. As a independent its tough to get heard but they are definitely getting their records to radio to expand their audience.

Da Phuture is the second artist to get burn and from 368 (Phil Ade to be first). Some indie artist and labels say "F*** Radio" and yeah that's cool but if you can get it on radio.....why not? Ok ok ok I know and we know its about relationships but the record your pushing has to actually be GOOD ENOUGH for radio. And the record by the Phuture is format ready and good enough for the radio/mix show.

The internet is only going to take you so far and as i know the radio can open you up to SO MANY MORE listeners you couldn't reach via internet.

GOOD indie labels are far and few in between and 368 is a GOOD one. Some other indie labels in the area, haven't and couldn't get their artist on the radio if they were tried paying (PAYOLA). But those labels will remain nameless because well......we are going to keep this post CLEAN!

I look at it like this if i dealt with a indie label and the indie label and we are NOT selling records (Which a lot of "DMV power house" (LOL) indie labels aren't) AT LEAST get my record on the radio....S***!!!!!

A quick testament....During the summer I was pushing my record Sundresses and Sandals and attending numerous radio meetings i realized that you actually have to have a GOOD-GREAT record for them to add to mix show. My record went up against Juvenile, Plies and Nipsy Hustle which i may add none of their records made the mix show list but mine did. No Money, No B.S. just a GREAT song (IMO) that made sense and was mixable with the format.

If you don't believe me check it out below


So my whole point for this post is to show respect to 368 and show that if you have a plan and make a good record you can get mix show spins. DC radio is supporting local artist more now than ever and id like to think i played a part in that with my record (Sundresses and Sandals) and of course Wale spins and others like artist like Phil Ade and Bear Witness. ****May i add we RULED the DMV summer with our records!!!!!!

And...I know a lot of you angry a$$ idiots are going to say "well he got raheem behind him" yeah that true but honestly Raheem doesn't have enough influence to get a unsigned artist into rotation....you have to have a good record combined with the co sign.

Carolyn Malachi on MyFoxDC (WTTG Fox 5)

Carolyn Malachi on myfoxdc: MyFoxDC.com

OVER 21 - "DREAM" (Directed by Jay Dexter)

Video: Jae Aye - Training Freestyle (Addresses Wiz Khalifa and other new rappers)



Match Made in Heaven: Wale signs with Rick Ross


Congrats to Wale for signing with Ross. In today pseudo industry if you severe ties with a label and one of the hottest rappers in the game wouldnt mind signing you.............sign the damn papers. A situation is a situation period!!!

The whole funny thing about this is when wale was in the studio before his "signed" days he used to clown Ross for wearing fake j's and jewelry and now Ross is his BAWSE! Oh the irony of this rap s***!

Congrats nonetheless!


CRASHprez - Diecisiete.

Lyriciss - Get It [prod. David E. Beats]


June G. - A Sucka Nigga (A Tribe Called Quest Remix)


Oddisee, Toine & Kenn Starr Cipher Beat By Soulful!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nike Nando - Love Day [THE OFFICIAL VIDEO]

NEW 2011 I.F. LEAK


This new track is from the two guys that brought you the "Light The
Fumes" mixtape with Judah
The mixtape featured appearances from Rapper Big Pooh of the group
Little Brother, Skyzoo & production from Judah, !llmind & Besk Kept
Secret. Here is I.F.'s new track off of their untitled second mixtape,
the track is titled "Fact or Fiction" (unfinished):