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Friday, September 22, 2017

Judah Gives you..... ATCQ's Industry Rule #4080 Gets An Anime Adaptation w/ "The Indies" (2017) [@DJTonyDrake @BlueGeekMusic ]

In 1991, A Tribe Called Quest released 'The Low End Theory.' Though the RIAA certified platinum album boasted standout records like "Jazz (We've Got)", and "Scenario," it was the project's anti-label lead single "Check The Rhime" that took the LP to the next level by flagrantly calling out music executives for their unethical business practices. Unfortunately, 25 years later "record company people are still shady" and don't show any signs of turning over a new leaf.

Looking to showcase the harsh realities of the music and entertainment industry in a creative yet captivating way, Baltimore resident DJ Tony Drake is creating a 2D animated series appropriately titled "The Indies." The pilot episode, produced as a short, will give viewers a glimpse of what they can expect from the Anime & Hip-Hop infused cartoon ahead of its television debut, while proving to Hollywood it can be a major player alongside popular shows of the same caliber. An original Hip-Hop score, recorded at Grammy award winning House Studios DC, will accompany the short as well as all of the forthcoming episodes in the series, fueling each action sequence and setting the mood.

During a recent interview with AFROPUNK Tony shares, “I saw that there currently wasn't an animation that spoke directly to the Hip-Hop community without trying to exploit the culture. We've had shows like The Boondocks and Afro Samurai, but when those went off the air they left a huge void. We're now trying to fill that void with The Indies."

On August 28th, Tony launched a crowdfunding campaign in efforts to raise funds to complete and present the short to networks, production companies and potential investors in Los Angeles. In less than 24 hours, they raised over $4,000. You can support the cause and help him reach his goal of $50K by making a donation on the official KICKSTARTER page HERE.

Summary of The Indies: Set in a futuristic dystopian society, The Indies follows an up and coming rapper named Slick. Born into a well-to-do family living on Earth's Moon, he longs for the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a famous recording artist. With a burning desire to make his dreams come true by any means necessary, Slick has a chance meeting with DJ Chops, one of Hip-Hop's biggest DJs and record executives. Slick is offered what seems to be an amazing recording contract, which Slick hastily signs without reading the fine print. Slick soon finds out that not only did he sign up to pursue his dream of being a famous artist, but he also signed up for something much more sinister. You see, what Slick failed to realize is that not only are record labels home to some of the universe’s biggest music stars; they also serve as fronts for hitmen for hire services of nefarious crime lords. In order to free himself from his contract, Slick must now work with his new label mates to release his debut album while simultaneously executing dangerous hit jobs. Through these missions, the label mates will explore morality, loyalty, human nature, and discover who they really are at their core.

- The Indies: An Animated Short | Kickstarter Promo Video Link: https://youtu.be/Fn6LUcS-IF0

Judah Gives you..... Art, Beats and Lyrics Photo Recap

Legendary hip-hop producer and DJ, Mannie Fresh, shows off his skills on the one’s and two’s at the Art, Beats and Lyrics event in Washington D.C.  Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For information on Art, Beats and Lyrics please visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

An art installation by Aniekan Udofia is featured in the Art, Beats and Lyrics exhibition. Merging the affinity for urban art and hip-hop culture, Art, Beats and Lyrics is one of the largest traveling lifestyle experiences of its kind. For information on upcoming cities and dates, please visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo: Kat Goduco)

Art and hip-hop enthusiasts showed up as the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats and Lyrics national tour returned to Washington D.C. for the first time in five years. Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art, Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For more information on the tour, visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

In The Studio, an installation by Art, Beats and Lyrics curator Dubelyoo is featured in the traveling exhibition. Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art, Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For more information on the tour, visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

Judah Gives you......@Yella_Jesus - Walkin God [ @TomDelayBeats @AuddioViddeo and @YelraB ]

Yella Jesus is resurrected with his first full project "WalkinGod" on Manta Ray Records. On this 7 track project with all original music Yella Jesus meshes the dichotomy of the streets and the sanctuary and goes deep into the pains of loss and betrayal as well as glory and the ghetto while also bringing you to the cross. Production on Walkin God by @TomDelayBeats @AuddioViddeo and @YelraB. Listen, share, download and enjoy!!!



Judah Gives you..............@KillaCassanova - See It [Video]

Monday, September 11, 2017

Judah Gives you..... @DBBantino @EdgarEstevess - Low [VIDEO]

DB Bantino is hitting his stride during a major year in his career. After working with hip-hop’s finest like French Montana, D.R.A.M, Bone Thugs, and Boosie Badazz, the singer/songwriter from Washington D.C. finally got his international shine when his single with Zoey Dollaz, “Bad Tings,” took over the national airwaves, and sparked a reggae remix of the single — straight out of the Caribbean — from Junior Reid. Now more than ever, DB is ready to cross the finish line to win on his own.

DB is doing the most to prepare us for his solo project 5 In The Valley. He linked with video director Edgar Esteves, who also crafted videos with G-Eazy, Russ, and G4$HI, for his first visual off the project, “Low.” Well before the threat of hurricane season, DB escaped to the islands to shield his new love from the public eye.

Look out for DB Bantino’s project 5 In The Valley coming soon, and watch the world premiere of his new video “Low” below. (Words by Tony Centeno)

Judah Gives you...... @larryharrisjr - Phat Kid Tendencies 2

Larry travelled to sf to write pkt2 and recorded it in Atlanta. It was mixed and mastered in miami by dj d-up, who is also from dc. the producer is an old friend that I played football with in hs at georgetown prep. His name is deep and he is one half of the nyc production duo 2 hungry bros. They produce for a slew of talented rappers including homeboy sandman. Deep sent me these beats while I was in miami, but I never got around to using them. I'm glad i did now. the beats are fire!

Pkt2 is a continuation of my story picking up where the first pkt left off. It is lyrical, has weight and is fun. I tell some stories, get political and look to the future. the reception so far has been warm!

Judah Gives you.......... Live -@junedakid @1203musicgroup1

"Live" featuring  poet Wordplayy (DMV), A.P Fres$h (DMV)and June Dakid(DMV By way of Toronto). The Song will be featured on the upcoming "Eleven 4 Eleven" compilation which will be released in October. June and A.P take turns speaking to loved ones who have passed on while Wordplayy gives an interesting perspective on social acceptance.

Judah Gives you.... @ralph__v - Visions

Baltimore rapper/producer Ralph V releases a new EP entitled Visions. The project is entirely produced by the rapper himself, and features smooth bangers all throughout the tape. On the tape Ralph discusses his life with confident flows and lifestyle raps. Please give this project a listen and share it. 

Judah Gives you......KingPen Slim's new single - What BIG Say

Friday, August 25, 2017

(NEW VIDEOS) @MuggsyMaloneDC - The Consistency Promo Trailer / Element Freestyle

Judah Gives you.......@smcitymusic - Apocalypto (Prod. By Cookin' Soul)

Coinciding with the solar eclipse sweeping across America today, SmCity drops his latest record, "Apocalypto" produced by the grammy-award winning duo Cookin' Soul. This is the first release from his forthcoming project, "Being Supreme" due out later this year.

Judah Gives you... @JDVBBS - Halsey X JDVBBS - Walls Could Talk (Remix)

JDVBBS adds his own feelings on a duet of Halsey's "Walls Could Talk" from her latest album, hopeless fountain kingdom. Originally produced by Lido, JDVBBS strips the track and responds with raw emotion.

JDVBBS continues to make waves both domestically and overseas with his diverse array of talents and catchy, upbeat tunes that span across a variety of genres. He's garnered over 500,000 plays in 100+ countries on his single, War Paint, through digital jukeboxes, internet radio and domestic FM radio, and streaming apps. He's been the Deli's Artist Of The Month, Touchtunes' Breakout Band Finalist and as high as #2 on Hype Machine's Popularity charts.

  About JDVBBS...

"I make Pop/R&B music with hip-hop sensibilities. Imagine Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot had a baby, Justin Timberlake was his godfather and Kanye West his high school bully. Onstage, I'm a one man band. I recreate my tracks on the fly, live looping bass lines, guitar riffs, beats, grooves and vocal harmonies. It’s production meets performance in a way that’s interactive, improvisational, and impressive AF."

Judah Gives you....@BrainRapp @PadillaSp - Protect Your Neck Single off Roller Coaster Album

Roller Coaster, the latest album from DMV emcee Brain Rapp, was inspired by the ups and downs of his personal life. A cancer diagnosis of a close family member, a falling out with a close friend, the spark of a new relationship, and continued success in his career, provided the fuel for much of the project. The twenty-five minute, seven track project produced by Steven Padilla, takes listeners on a ride, exploring the reality that life can be both up and down, good and bad, all at the same time.

Stream the project's lead single, "Protect Your Neck." a warning shot to anyone hoping to halt or slow Brain's progress, on Soundcloud below and purchase Roller Coaster in its entirety via iTunes here. 

Judah Gives you...... @JayTheHomie @MikeyyySoL - "PLAYGROUND"

How does one cap off an absolutely phenomenal summer of music, with the level of originality & creativity on display via new & old artists alike? Take 5 of VA's most talented, under-turned-on the radar musicians and put them on a single track, and let the magic shape itself. With some assistance from Noah Kenton, Vin Atlas & 4-ill, the latest gem from dynamic duo RoesShamBeaux (consisting of MC JayTheHomie and producer Mikey Sol) serves as a victory lap for the pair, after the success of the wildly-popular summer anthem 'Tequila Toes,' which was released earlier this summer.

'Playground' is a powerful ode to the unknown and unspoken - a message made even more powerful once the backbone of the track takes center focus. With a peering eye on every artist featured, all 5 creatives manage to take the song to a new level via their own individuality, while simultaneously combining their greatest strengths and accomplishing perhaps the most impressive feat of all - coming together as one. Emotions as vast as the ocean are blended; from hope to sorrow, depression to joy; and back again - yet the track is wholly transparent in its meaning and intent, it walks the thin line between pure and tainted - something everyone who listens will be able to relate with.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Judah Gives you.... @withjmulla - Look Face [VIDEO]

JMulla returns with the visuals to his latest single Look Face. The video directed by Lucas Ried brings the tune to life and shows JMulla expressing his lyrics with the fusion of Nigerian Lingo and American bounce. Giving fans that raw AfroRap/AfrpTrap music. Serving as a reporter in the common Nigerian hood Jmulla presents to you "LOOK FACE" Look Face is now available on iTunes and all media platforms. Make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up.

Judah Gives you...... @CarolynMalachi - Sky [Official Video]

Judah Gives you..... @lacedberriez - All I Know [VIDEO]

"Laced Berriez is an artist originating from the N.E. quadrant of D.C. who fuses Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop influences to create an original, prolific sound. 'All I Know' is a @iamrealbliss produced record that tells a story of struggle, sacrifice, and triumph. Laced Berriez tells you what it is like to be weighed down by the world, while ultimately learning from it all in this @troofforever directed video. "

Friday, August 18, 2017


With all eyes on the Washington D.C. metro area’s budding music scene, rising artist Lambo sees his big break just over the horizon. So of the city’s soil that his birth certificate reads District of Columbia General Hospital, the 24-year-old wordsmith was born in 1992, the second youngest of six children, and raised in neighboring Capitol Heights, Maryland, on the D.C. borderline. It was there that his mother and father, along with his older siblings, exposed him to a myriad of musical genres and sounds from numerous eras.
From his older brothers’ love for Tupac, Scarface, and The Notorious B.I.G. to his parents emphatically playing early Motown acts like The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye, along with D.C.’s homegrown genre Go-Go, throughout the house, Lambo pulls from an extensive frame of reference when creating his music. For many, the challenge would be embodying these influences and the DMV’s soul without sounding dated or like a caricature of artists from previous eras. Not an easy feat. And yet Lambo manages to do so seamlessly due to his natural penchant for lyricism and melody displayed on songs like “Amen.”
Lambo writes lyrics with a perspective much wiser than his years – a testament to his tribulations and blessings. When mentioning the former, no single event has affected his life like the untimely death of his older brother, which left him shell-shocked at the tender age of seven-years-old.
Losing someone so close lit a fire in Lambo, ultimately causing him to approach each day with a higher level of urgency, considering that any day can be your last.
In come the blessings. The timeliest being Lambo’s greatest gift: his daughter. Born in 2016, just as his career began to ascend, she’s given him laser-focus – a reason to stay grounded through the madness that comes with fame and stardom. Like life, music is about balance. With the omnipresence of the Internet, quick, microwaveable product has supplanted for songs of substance. Fortunately, the proverbial cream always rises to the top, making the game look rather appetizing for Lambo.

Judah Gives you......... Cool "DISCO" Dan Memorial Celebration

As you may know, we are gathering to celebrate the life of one of my close friends, Cool "Disco" Dan on Saturday at 9:30 Club. I would be very grateful if you could share this within your business and social networks. I hope to see you there yourself.

Cool “Disco” Dan Memorial Celebration
August 19, 2017
Service at 11:30am SHARP
9:30 Club * 815 V St NW • Washington, DC 20001

Judah Gives you....... Styme - On My Life ft. JRod

DC rapper Styme is currently gearing up to release his debut album Congratulations. As he prepares for the project’s release, he lets go of a new single. He links up with JRod for this cut titled “On My Life.”

Friday, August 11, 2017

Judah Gives you...... @Shyne_on_meDC - "Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped EP"

'Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped' is a project celebrating Shyne On Me' s full deliverance through submitting his life whole- heartedly to Christ! After 10 years of struggling with addictions and personal demons such as alcoholism, drug abuse, depression etc., the artist comes clean about his fight and triumph in a series of transparent tracks giving glory to God for helping him overcome these obstacles. With his signature and unique soulful sound and witty lyricism he captures the listener's attention as well as their hearts this time around with his unconcealed testimony. This versatile 6- track EP is sure to musically grasp listeners through his distinct display of artistry as well as offer hope to those in search of true joy, peace and happiness!


It's been almost a year since MadeIntheDMV  hosted a music event and WE ARE BACK this Friday along with Reebok for the Reebok Classic Freestyle at Ubiq in Georgetown DC.The Reebok Classic Freestyle event will be the ultimate shopping experience featuring one-on-one DJ & Rap battles, catered food & drinks ,Reebok giveaways and chance to win Jay-Z concert tickets . The Reebok Classic Freestyle events will include special guest judges DJ Money (Wale's Official DJ /EBM) , Noisey writer Lawrence Burney, 300ent Tate Kobang,Quinelle Holder (Publicist for Desiigner , GSHI ), Malik The Drummer ,Queen P , food by Diet Starts Monday Chef Red Beard ,and more . The Reebok Freestyle event will take place UBIQ 3124 M Street Northwest Washington, DC 20007 starting at 6pm. For more information  visit www.madeinthedmv,com or RSVP HERE 

Watch Reebok x MadeInTheDMV  https://youtu.be/IwNvTv9jrD0

Judah Gives you.... [VIDEO] DJ Flexx - Bring The Congos Back feat. Mr. Major & @TonyRedz247 (produced by. JS aka The Best)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Judah Gives you................. Jay Millz on the Cover of Working Mother Magazine & Featured Article

"DC community program owner Jay Mills has a different anxiety: managing her time. She runs the Green Life, where moms line up to take courses like Cooking with Cannabis 101, Pot & Policy: Know Your Rights and Marketing Your Cannabis Business—she’s not selling edibles, so her legal risk is lower. While the mother of a 4-year- old son says running her own company allows her the flexibility to create her own schedule (dream!), she points out that “when you’re the boss, you don’t call in, you call off.”


Judah Gives you....... @ullnevanohiphop, @napalmdef "86 Draft"

This track is an homage to the legendary Bias, who died before he could share his talents in the NBAUllNevaNo writes most of his raps at his night job, while Jumbled gets up early in the morning to make beats. This duo came together due to their mutual love of raw raps and Boom-Bap beats; tired of releasing random singles, they teamed up for a 7-song EP (due out early September 2017.) They first worked together on a track on Jumbled's solo album [I wish it was longer], which came out last year."

Judah Gives you....... @Mannywellz - "WATERMELON"

With 19 dates left to go in support of Jidenna's 'Long Live The Chef Tour,' Maryland mainstay Mannywellz playfully addresses stereotypes on “Watermelon,” the follow-up to his well-received single “Wrong Place.” Last heard assisting BK mainstay Stro on “Holy Vibe,” the song is a change of pace for the DMV native and will live on his forthcoming SoulFro project.

Judah Gives you...... @Parkway703 @ashyprophet - "LIE FOR"

After deciding to "Hold Up" on releasing music, resulting in a 7-month hiatus, Parkway returns with the follow up to "Selfish."Produced by Ashy Prophet, "Lie For" picks up where the DMV rap authority last left off; detailing his personal and musical growth. 

Stream the brutely honest audio contribution from the well-dressed wordsmith after the jump and purchase it on iTunes here.

Judah Gives you........ @lamboanlo - "On My Way"

With all eyes on the Washington D.C. metro area’s budding music scene, rising artist Lambo sees his big break just over the horizon. The 24-year old wordsmith was born in 1992 and raised in neighboring Capitol Heights, Maryland, on  the D.C. borderline. It was there that his mother and father, along with his older siblings, exposed him to a myriad of musical genres and sounds from numerous eras.
From his older brothers’ love for Tupac, Scarface, and The Notorious B.I.G. to his parents emphatically playing early Motown acts like The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye, along with D.C.’s homegrown genre Go-Go, throughout the house, Lambo pulls from an extensive frame of reference when creating his music. For many, the challenge would be embodying these influences and the DMV’s soul without sounding dated or like a caricature of artists from previous eras. No easy feat. And yet, Lambo manages to do so seamlessly due to his natural penchant for lyricism and melody; which is exemplified by his new single “On May Way.”
Rostrum Records has an undeniable ear for talent.  After all, they introduced us to Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller (among others) and now they are back with an artist that is poised for similar success.

There are some songs that are just so catchy that you can’t fight them.  They manage to make everyone’s head nod.  The best of them have you singling along before you stop listening.  Premiered today by Mass Appeal, Lambo’s “On My Way” is that type of tune.
Like life, music is about balance. With the omnipresence of the internet, quick, microwaveable product has supplanted songs of substance. Fortunately, the proverbial cream always rises to the top, making the game look rather appetizing for Lambo; no question this rising star is on his way!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Judah Gives you....The Return of DCMumboSauce.com @DjheatDC

Back in 2007 I started a blog dedicated to showcasing upcoming music talent in the DMV. I named it DCMumboSauce.com, in honor of the area's distinct flavor and thus me highlighting our musical flavor. The site gained a wonderful following, and major publications like Complex and The Washington Post even linked back to it when doing stories on DMV music. We were one of the first sites to post music from a then unknown GoldLink, and did early interviews with Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy and more. In 2014 I stepped away from running the site because my heart simply wasn't in it, and I was also going through a turning point in my life. Fast forward to 2017, and I've had a change of heart like The Game! I am pleased to announced the all new DCMumboSauce.com !! 

Helping to kick off the website are two exclusive interviews! One is with Dew Baby, who many of you may have heard alongside Fat Trel and Wale on the song "Loyalty" from Wale's Festivus mixtape. But did you know that the song was not Wale's? Dew Baby gets very real when talking about that situation. It's rare for Dew Baby to do interviews, so I am glad he took the time out to talk to me: http://dcmumbosauce.com/dew-baby-gets-candid-dj-heat-music-ebm-situation-slutty-boyz/

The other interview is with DJ Anonymous, who is building a brand in the area that I would like to say is the DMV version of Roc Nation. Don't believe me? Check it for yourself: http://dcmumbosauce.com/dctop20/

One of my main reasons for bringing the site back is that I noticed a lack of coverage, and also a gap in coverage when it comes to all aspects of the DMV music scene. There are more than just trap rappers in this area, but they seem to get the most coverage by the local music "media" (yes, I use that term loosely lol. To my REAL journalist friends, this does not include you lol). Also, the ugly practice of local artists paying for interviews and website posts is still going strong here. And there are also a lot of people that have stories that need to be heard (the next interview I am unveiling this week will definitely tug at your heart strings). I plan on giving my area the proper shine that it deserves. No politics. No payola. Strictly DMV music culture.

I hope that you check out the site! Be sure to follow DCMumboSauce on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. We have a tweet from today that is going viral. :) If you or any DMV based artists that you know would like to submit music, hit up dcmumbosauce@gmail.com.  And as always, thank you for always supporting me in all that I do! Have a blessed week!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Judah Gives you........ JDVBBS X RDGLDGRN - Karnival (Remix)

JDVBBS teams up with fellow Reston, VA natives RDGLDGRN and puts adds his own island flavor to bring the Karnival remix to life. Combining coastal atmosphere with their Capoeira rendition from the band's NPR TinyDesk concert, JDVBBS creates the perfect track to accompany a party on the beach.

Judah Gives you...... 1203 Music Group Presents "Authentic"

"Authentic" Featuring Sixxxfive, June Dakid, A.P Fres$h and WeworkinT (All From The DMV)is a straight up smash hit. The song features production from Cash Money AP who lays down a hard hitting beat along with a melodic background. you can hear the MC's taking turns while dropping bars about living life and being true to one's self.

Judah Gives you ....... June Dakid - Ain't Going Nowhere [VIDEO]

June Dakid returns with the last official release from his "Still Living" album. "Ain't Going Nowhere" is June's take on the struggles of being in a relationship with a jealous women while also showing a different side of his artistry.. The song was produced by YS on the Track, the video was shot by Sacred Legacy Productions and Muva Passion is a DMV based model that plays the girlfriend.

Judah Gives you..... @dabigfella @AnwanBigGGlover @GARVEYTHECHOSEN #TrapHouse

Judah Gives you...... @troofforever - Sing to ya [VIDEO]

Here is the official music Video release of TROOFFOREVER's new single "Sing to ya" from his TBT 2 project released earlier this year. Available on soundcloud right now.

Judah Gives you....... @Jay_Wyse - "Back 2 The Basics"

Jay Wyse returns with the backing of fellow Baltimore artists YG Teck & FMG Dez. Take a listen as they collectively take you, "Back 2 The Basics". Attached below is the soundcloud link.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Judah Gives You.... @TL_301 - Sicko

Judah Gives You........ Davy Fresh - Every Dark Night...

Every Dark Night... would be Davy Fresh's statement to hip hop that he can hold his own. With in house producer, The Product taking full control of production adding classic samples and lamenting it with its hip hop feel helps take Davy into a realm where he lets his audience into his story more than ever. The album has features from FKMG label mate, MioTiga, who make every appearance memorable as Davy Fresh, MIoTiga, and The Product make FKMG collaborations sound magical. This is album is a representation of what it means to dream and hope to inspire other dreamers and creatives.

Judah Gives You....... @PoeMack -All Hell VIDEO

"All Hell" is the newest video single from Rawsole Records artist Poe Mack. This raw boom bap cut was produced, recorded, and mixed by Mack himself from his "All Me" album available on RawsoleRecords.com , ITunes and all major digital outlets.

Judah Gives you......@seslim202 @emp_sie @emp_split VICES MIXTAPE

HQR is pleased to present to you Vice$ a compilation album by Southeast Slim and EMP Live. Vice$ is the second compilation album of 2017 written and performed by Southeast Slim and EMP Live (The first 2017 album was $outh $ide $ociety); ten original tracks inspired by the worldly things that we find ourselves drawn to aka our Vice$.

Judah Gives you........ @Shyne_on_meDC - "Smile More" VIDEO

Shyne On Me delivers a heartfelt track displaying transparency in the struggles he's faced on his journey through life on his latest single "Smile More". The artist sheds light on his dealings with low self-esteem issues, drug abuse, generational curses etc, and attributes his deliverance from these dark factors to his new found relationship with Jesus Christ. This is his first installment released from his upcoming project, the 'Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped EP' due to release in August 2017!

Judah Gives you........@iamSubstantial - Follow The Master (Prod. The Other Guys) [Music Video]

While on tour in Germany, Substantial took time out to film a new music video for The Other Guys-produced single, "Follow The Master". 7" vinyl is still available for this single and the whole album can now be copped on vinyl as well!
The Past Is Always Present In The Future vinyl details: Pressed on all black wax, this Double LP has been remastered exclusively for vinyl. Only 500 copies available, 50 of which have been autographed by Substantial. Pre-order yours now to get it on June 30th.

Judah Gives you......June Dakid (DMV) - The Influence (Tupac Tribute)

Judah Gives you.....Why Mumbo Sauce Is the Key to D.C.'s Subculture | Food Grails

Friday, June 16, 2017

Judah Gives you...... @SuperKelow - Yeah (pro by @jnatbeats)

Last heard on the intro of Goldlink & Shy Glizzy's "Crew" visual, Kelow Latesha returns with the DMV slang-heavy cut "Yeah." Serving as the debut leak off the PG County - Maryland native's forthcoming Flight Attendant project, the monotone release follow's her Lil Uzi Vert assisted "Finna" remix and was produced by JNATBEATS (responsible for DJ Drama's Billboard-topping single "Wishing" featuring Chris BrownSkeme & LyQuin).

With a stellar Trillectro performance, over half-a-million streams on Soundcloud, and a nod from COMPLEX as "One To Watch" on her resume, it's obvious the XXL: The Break alumnus is well on her way to hip-hop greatness. Stream "Yeah" below and be sure to read her feature in i-D Magazine's 2017 Spring Issue! 


Also, be sure to catch her live in Baltimore @ The Crown for their Pride Month Edition of Queer-ology on June 17th!

Judah gives you .......... @TheRealStyme - Wind It Prod. SlickBoyBeats

Already making major waves in the D.C. area and beyond, recording artist Styme just released another single in anticipation of his upcoming studio album "Congratulations." "Give Me Dem Racks", his first single off the album, was so well received that he decided to give fans another record, this one for all the beautiful, untamed ladies that we love so much. It's titled "Wind it", a feel-good island jam that’ll keep anyone from sitting still. Give this new track a spin and let us know what you think. 

Judah Gives you.....Davy Fresh - "Unfinished" (feat. MioTiga)

This is Davy Fresh's single "Unfinished" accompanied by singer/songwriter, MioTiga for Davy's upcoming album, Every Dark Night...The song is produced by DJ Krisis and the music video was directed and shot by Saladin Ali. Every Dark Night... is set to hit stores on June 23, 2017. The visual was released exclusively first on One Love Massive's site. You can check the article out below. 

Judah Gives you..... @2JaysLeft- Righttt (Prod:2Jaysleft)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Judah Gives You..... Prime - Transformation [Mixtape]

Judah Gives You..... Roe Summerz X Edley Shine African Girls (Ethiopian Girl) Visual Audio

Judah Gives you...... @youngsirdmv - Bad N Boujee/Exchange

DMV based hip hop artist, Young Sir, has a new double video recently released.  Off of his "PhivAyum" freestyle mixtape project--he made visuals for the fan favorites from the project, "Bad and Boujee" and "Exchange."  We are hoping you support the  vids on your blog.  I've included links to the new music vids, the mixtape, Young Sir website, social media info and the press release. 

Judah Gives you......... @2ficmusic - Reasons

Judah Gives you....... DB Bantino "GOT IT" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Judah Gives you......... @JammaWun- Out of Sight VIDEO

JUDAH Gives you..... @ScrapDiBiase - Disrespecful

Judah Gives you...... Mr. Major - Where Did You Go / Number 1 feat. Phil JaXon (produced by. JS aka The Best)

Judah Gives you..... @KnowDeron - Lie To Me

Judah Gives you....... @YAZUmusic - Versus

Judah Gives you....... @CarolynMalachi: Summer Cool VIDEO

Judah Gives you........ @DeuceCaliber - Juice

Judah Gives you.... @StunnaLorenzana- The Silver City Surfer

Sunday, May 14, 2017

JUDAH Gives you ........ LEAN VIDEO @Stelothegod @SirNijelHimself

LAWS, consisting of Hampton Roads natives Stelo & Sir Nijel Himself, deliver their official debut in the form of the Breant Hearn-filmed visual for "Lean." The video interpretation of the dynamic duo's Frelli Parks-produced track highlights the pairs raw lyricism, aggressive energy and catchy lyrics, allowing the song to effortlessly be brought to life on the small screen.

Peep the gritty clip below and be sure to look out for the single via iTunes later this month. LW75 coming soon!

Judah Gives you....... @HBTheEngineer (Feat.WillThaRapper)-Thuggin (Offical Video)

Judah Gives you....... Davy Fresh - "JAY Z" (music video)

This is the music visual to Davy Fresh's single, "JAY Z" produced by The Product. The music visual which was released exclusively on DCTOP20 is now available on YouTube. The video was shot by Saladin Ali, who captures Davy Fresh on a average day in Northeast DC. The single is featured on Davy Fresh's upcoming album, Evey Dark Night... which is due in stores this June. Stream this single out now on Soundcloud.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

JUDAH Gives you......Young Goldie - MASK OFF (Freestyle)

JUDAH Gives you...... Extortion- @SmoochieBlanco (prod. by Novej)

JUDAH Gives you..... @jwillbaby - I Do /Dance for me


Judah Gives you.... @JayIDK signs partnership with Adult Swim. via DCTOP20

A huge “Congratulations” goes out to Maryland’s very own Jay IDK. Billboard announced that the native rapper recently decided to partner with Adult Swim. The spitter and the Cartoon Network programming group plan to create “visual content in conjunction with the release of his upcoming album.”

Monday, April 24, 2017

Judah Gives you....... Judah X @Shyne_on_meDC - SUNDAY SERVICE E.P.

Judah Gives you...... @redheadpg - "Red Carpet" (feat. Breana Marin) [Music Video]

Judah Gives you....... @2jaysleft - RIGHTT (Prod: Produca P)

Judah Gives you....... @1203musicgroup1 And @junedakid - What You Want

Judah Give you..... @BuckyMalone703 - Mission (Prod By:ICYTWAT) Official Video (Dir By:Felipe Brothers Productions)

Judah Gives you.... @misserikkaj - Dream Lover [Chisum x Erikka J]

Judah Gives you... @StunnaLorenzana - Stunna Vision Episode 3

Judah Gives you...... @dopeSMOOTHIES - WAVERUNNERS [ALBUM]

Following the release of the visual for "S.D.S.," PG County representer dopeSMOOTHIES unloads WAVERUNNER. Appropriately titled, the versatile wordsmith effortlessly glides through the HDBi-produced sea of sounds - while touching on the topics of love, lust, inequality and insecurity. Incorporating pop culture favorites like Ice Cube's FRIDAY and Street Fighter, the 9-track body of work proves to be not only well rounded sonically but culturally. 

Stream WAVERUNNER below and purchase it via iTunes here. Please include the video for "S.D.S," if you decided to support the project on your platform!



Judah Gives you..... @KingPen Slim | Santorini Greece Freestyle |

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Judah Gives you.... @JusPaul202 x @@cannibalmusic - 13 Album

Collaborative album between singer Jus Paul and producer Kid Cannibal, the two merge funky rhythms and bubbly beats with pop and R&B sensibilities
Stream or download the entire album from your favorite service here:

Listen Here:

Judah Gives you.... MGNTK. 30 OZ (REWORK) prod by [w] @ullnevanohiphop @waynejvalentine

Judah Gives you... @YungLysol - FLOWER '17

"MD, DMV, Rapping like ya'll need me...I could tell you bout this work but you would not believe me" Yancy E presents his first full-length project…"Flower 17”. The eclectic, storytelling raps, laid over heavy blended 808s and punchy trip-hop drums, are complemented with warped voice melodies and harmonizing. Creating a whimsical and colorful set of textures The “rap Thundercat" Yancy E gives all his confident and carefree energy with 14 tracks in 53 minutes on "Flower ’17".


Judah Gives you........ @drewisfamous @adrianstresow @CruzAnthony95- FEELINME.

17 year old Roanoke, VA, rapper Drew Famous links up with 18 year old
Dallas, TX, artist Adrian Stresow for the Anthony Cruz (credits: John
Givez, MURS) produced single "FEELINME." This is Drew's third single
of 2017. The single was mixed by Adrian Stresow and the artwork was
done by Kevin Hackett.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

@fameishiphop - Used To (Feat. 12TilDee) (Official Video)

Judah Gives you..... @GRINDPAZE @super_miles - Bored Games Ft. Dolomite

Judah Gives you...... @Wordsmith - The Promise

Judah Gives you...... Davy Fresh D.R.U.G.S. (feat. The Product)

Judah Gives you.... @RPCFPOkumu - Shaq-Fu Ft. Doug Funnie (prod. Shortfatty)[EXPLICIT]

Judah Gives you.... @BigFlock187 x Rico Nasty -They Won't Believe You

On Thursday March 30,2017 Maryland Rapper Big Flock was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison for possession of narcotics and firearms . A break from the 20 years he was originally facing.Big Flock's original arrest stemmed from a music video that was released(not of his own), which lead to his house being search where they found drugs and guns.
Flock stood before the court reading a heartbreaking letter apologizing for wasting every one's time , accepting responsibility and apologizing to his daughter the person he loves the most. The US Attorney General suggested that all young drug dealers read Flock Letter to The Youth and said he had read a lot of letters but Flock's was different,however he could not give Flock special treatment because he had such a big platform ; including that the government was even aware of all the RTs&Likes that Flock has received on the letter and wanted to use this as a example to young folks. 
Big Flock is in very good spirits and will continue to release music , videos, including his recent  collaboration track They Won't Believe You with upcoming female emcee Rico Nasty who is most notable for her record "Hey Arnold" ft Lil Yatchy and was recently featured on The Fast Furious Soundtrack . The record is produced by MK and will be featured on Big Flock's upcoming project "Sonny 2" .

Friday, March 31, 2017

Judah Gives you...... @KingpenSlim - Disconnected VIDEO

Having been called the "best overall indie to mainstream project put out by a D.C. Based rapper to date" by Brightest Young Things, KingPen Slim returns with more visuals off his highly impressive album, Life After Doubt. Like the videos for Thank God, Bad Guy and D'mons before it, this visual is once again shot by Jay Gregory and features a lead role played by Kacey Williams of the popular band, Black Alley. Fitting the concept of the song perfectly, the visual finds Slim tryin to get his girl's attention after she changes her number on him. #Sadderday. Watch the visual for "Disconnected" now and stream Life After Doubt (Deluxe) on all digital retailers.