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Monday, April 19, 2010

Noraa - Mirage

Coming out of Maryland, 19 year old Hip-Hop artist Noraa is the newest addition to the up and coming DMV movement. Born in Philadelphia, Noraa’s family moved around a lot but soon settled in Howard County, Maryland. Growing up Noraa found him self with a family and group of friends who had a love for music. Soon enough he decided he would take his own try at the art, and create something others would enjoy. With years of practice and development as an artist, Noraa was able to create a style that he is comfortable with. His music has been described as smooth and laid back with truthful but poppy lyrics. The description of his music is truly a reflection of his personality. Noraa has once said, “Music should reflect who you, what you have been through, and how you feel. I believe life should be enjoyed to the fullest, so every experience I go through ends up being a positive. You truly get that feeling when you listen to my music”. With that mentality Noraa has been able to showcase his passion and work with many great artists such as Young Scrap, Future Sounds, and Zee of Pre Historic. Recently Noraa has released his first Instrumental mix tape titled “My Girls Ep”, with every track being named after a female. He is currently working on songs for his up and coming mix tape and new demo. Now with new projects, confidence, and a talented team to work with, Noraa is on a path to breakthrough.


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