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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dimension Beats

Who is 17th Dimension Beats? He's from Clinton, MD. A rapper turned producer in 2006, he has handled beat making with such enormous passion. During the process of producing his former group Dead Poet's "In Loving Memory" in 2007, he left his home for Art Institute of Washington in Virginia, however things didn't last long and he ended up getting an associates degree at PG Community College. However 17th Dimension happens to thrive more on the artistic side of things rather than winning a popularity contest. He just wants to inspire anyone who's willing to give a listen. Most of his beats can be described as a mixed bag with influences such as go-go, the motown era, 80s party hip-hop and electro, 90s boom bap, and minimal elements of southern rap. He's currently working with Cinsere Logiq, Foreign English, JMS Hll, and Panama on their summer 2010 releases. He's had deals offered from 2 independent labels, however he chose to team with Soul Fusion Productions which is also a recording studio. With his first installment of beat tapes entitled the "Late Tape", he has gotten positive feedback and will also be returning in a slew of up and coming beat battles in D.C, Baltimore and Virginia.


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