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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Treize - Ain't Got Time


CALICO "Self Destruction" (Watch in HD)

TroyBoy - New Chapter feat. Highlife (Official Music Video)

Davy Fresh - "What You Say" (music video)

Mo Records present The Strggle Music Mixtape

Jay Verze - Feelin Like A Star (Feat. StarrZ) Inbox x

About Jay Verze:
Do You Remember that young guy in your freshman class that consistently made you laugh but you always knew that there was more to him then he actually let off; meet Jay Verze an unequivocally mature 16 year old artist from Baltimore, Maryland ready to share his story. Often times when you hear 16 year old and rapper in the same sentence you think that you are going to get a gimmick; with Jay Verze it is the complete opposite, you get the world from the perspective of a member of this seemingly out of control current generation. Follow him as he allows you to be empathetic and see what he sees, hear what he hears . . . listen to what he says.

DeadstockDev - I'm Not Good With Titles

Greenspan x Feevaleo - Glory

Vintage Innovation - "a little champagne..."

Fatz DaBigFella - "Ghetto" | The Board Administration

@JGRAHAMMUSIC - "The Inspiration" EP

24-year old Jazz trumpeter Johnny Graham releases a prequel EP to his forthcoming album 'The Inspiration". The album is a creative collection of R&B, hip-hop and traditional jazz influences.Graham performs on the album and live alongside The Groove, his collective of young musicians and singers.The release of the album comes just a week after his graduation from the University of Maryland-College Park’s full-time MBA program where he was a Dean’s Scholar. On working on the album while being a full-time student Graham says, "This is a very special time of transition in my life and for many people around me, I wanted to capture this moment musically.”  “The motive behind the sound of this project was to draw inspiration from all the places I would perform, the people I would meet and create a musical connection that reflected their energy.” The album’s release concert will be held Thursday May 31st at DC’s own Busboys and Poets, 14th & V Location. The album will be available on ITunes as well as through Graham’s website May 29th.

BOA: Black Cobain x Phil Ade "bees in the trap" in studio

SUNSET TERR Releases 'Dynomite'

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tabi Bonney "The Endless Summer" Review by The Pink Panther

Indie artist Tabi Bonney has delivered again with his new release “The Endless Summer” the follow up to “The Summer Years”. Tabi’s futuristic style is undeniably one of the things that set him apart from other artist. The thing is he’s underrated and overrated at the same damn time (If that makes any sense). He hasn’t been signed to a deal or maybe he prefers it that way. In all the record is not perfect, but it isn’t the worst, it’s a nice summer mixtape with a variety of beats to bob your head to. Let’s take a summer road trip while we pump this mixtape..drop your top..Let’s GO !!

 “On Jupiter feat. Itadi Bonney” the #1 track on the mixtape and rightfully so, it’s reggae
inspired beat takes me straight to an island, bikini, and frozen fruit drink in hand. Love it !!

Track #2 titled “Parachute” Tabi raps over a funky beat about a young lady that interests him. I love his line “Knock..knock..knock this girl is vicious”, Perfect song to describe Summer Love !

 Groupie Gridlock is reminiscent of Tabi’s “Put Em In The Pocket”, makes me want to quickly break out in a Turbo (from the 80’s movie Breakin’) inspired Break Dance. Go ahead and pull out the cardboard in the street for a neighborhood breakdance battle as you crank this

“Castle On A Cloud feat. Terri Walker”. Walker delivers a tranquilizing hook as Tabi raps about pursuing dreams hence the title “Castle On A Cloud”. My favorite line has to be “Someone told me don’t look back until you know you made it”.

The hook on track 5 “Feeling More feat Nicole Wray” is giving a Jackson 5 feel, Nicole’s voice is smooth as Tabi spits hot lyrics like “LA nights, NY lights, Things we like are overpriced” Couldn’t have said that better !!

“Senior Year” is a short cut with a retro beat. Now this is where Tabi lost me with his lyrics. The lyrics are all over the place no real correlation between anything.  You can bob your head but the lyrics make no sense.

Listening to “Cipher From The Cliff’ it is evident Producer Ski Beatz can make you like a song. Love the beat, the lyrics once again not so much.

“Winner’s Parade” featuring Nicole Wray is my second favorite song on the mixtape. Nicole sings the hook “you win them, you lose them, they hate you, they love you, you can’t win them all”. The beat is sick, I can definitely see people dancing to this in the club.

The Saturday Alridge Interlude has to be one of the most enjoyable things to listen to on the mixtape. Hilarious is the word to use to describe it. “if you got a song in your heart you better quiet that shit down”. I know I listened to this twenty times whiles crying laughing.

On “Hang Glide” Tabi raps average lyrics over a nice galactic beat. Tabi has really nice cuts but his lyrics are way too basic for a listener to take his skill seriously. Another song with a dope beat and mediocre lyrics.

On “Not Like Me” Tabi’s execution is like listening to my 12 year old and his friends decide they want to take a shot at feestyling. I can’t relate to a song that seems to be delivered by somebody possibly high off mushrooms. Tabi what are you saying?
The beat for “The Couch Cypher” and “Not Like Me” sounds the same. Tabi is joined by Dee-1 and Murs who’s delivery was more enjoyable than Tabi’s . By this song he has started to sound  the exact same on each track.

Tabi attempts to deliver a track that is a little bit more gutter with his lyrics than his previous tracks, even using curse words, still not impressed  with his word play. Dope beat , and that’s all that’s dope about “”New Job”.

“Big Dreams” is a song that seems to be promoting somebody acquiring their big dreams. It’s a great start for motivation. He gets an “A” for effort for the encouragement and “D” for delivery.

“Fly By” feat. Curren$y has a real fly beat. The greatest thing about this song is the feature by Curren$y. Tabi disappoints yet again with his elementary lyrics.

Overall the mixtape has tracks with great production. Tabi’s lyrics seems as though he isn’t trying real hard and I think maybe he should change his approach a little. He seems to have the ability to put out great rap songs, but is cool with appealing with to just his underground followers. He’s not getting any younger and I’m not convinced that he could put a out a blowout record like his DMV rap brother Wale. Nice mixtape to listen to for the beats.

ABOUT THE PINK PANTHER: The Pink Panther hails from Washington D.C. She is a FAN of music especially DMV music. She is NOT an rapper or ex-rapper, model, publicist or manager. She is simply a fan and BUYER of music. She will be doing reviews on www.forthedmvonly.com from time to time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black Cobain at Mansion Allure Va for Pusha T Birthday Bash

FullyAuto - Focused (Official Video)

AVENUE MAJOR (New Mixtape)

Avenue Major is an up and coming rapper coming
from from the Capitol currently releasing his debut mixtape "Intent 2 Distribute". He
Is also frontman for MCM ARMY as well as Big Business Recording Artist. His
Focus translates everyday situations throughout his songs, creating
a nice buzz in the streets. He is building  strong momentum for
success with an even stronger work ethic. Which is defintely making
him a new sound for DC rap with the younger generation and defintely
 one to look out for this year.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The People's Verdict + The Gold Is Mine [Videos] @oddisee

E-One "Windmill"

Cool Chris Cooley

Kelow "Uptwnz Finest" (Official Video)

Edley Shine REFIX Service Pack. "Crew Love, Another Round, and Party" Reggae Remixes Prod By JButtah

2012 DMV Divas BetaRaz DVD Final Preview / DVD out on 6/5/12

Fuck The Fame! by.Dime$ Inbox x



Taz Money | The Intro [Video]

@tabiBonney... The Endless Summer

Matth Damon "Gold Gloves"

Cousin Bubb "Beez in the Trap"

New Visuals - CKF Films X Chi Chi Monet "No Bully"


Topdolla Sweizy x Vedo - "Free Mason" #NoTaxSeason

Valléo - "POWER by Any Means"


Deron - "Swipe Life"

YOUNG-i - Someone (freestyle)

Marco Releases FULL Version of "The Vent" (featuring Valleo) HERE!

Dat Boy B aka Bizzy B da Boss- "I Don't Like" Flow(Chief Keef)


Raw Facts - We In This Bitch [Remix]

MORGAN - "Fresh Air"

Quardaboyz - Blue Jeans

Judah in the studio withing with 10 Year Old Prodigy Robert Hackett


I Got This [Official Video]

MIXTAPE : Brad Tanner - Puking In Nice Cars

Smash Ft. Alley Boy - Goons (Official Video) @410smash @AlleyBoyDTE

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The VMD  Hip-Hop Concert Series is a monthly gathering in Northern Virginia that  aims to promote awareness and appreciation for Hip-Hop culture in the  Washington, DC metropolitan area.  The concert series will feature  performancesfrom a unique roster of the highest-caliber Hip-Hop artists  inthe region. 

In  addition, the “Capitol City Cypha” hosted by DC radio personality P-Stew  will take place between performances to showcase the best freestyle  rappers in the area.  This event establishes an environment for fans and  participants of Hip-Hop culture to become better acquainted and explore  the diversity of the local marketplace, as well as, to advertise and/or  sell related products and/or services.
          On Monday, May 21st, the VMD Hip-Hop Concert Series will kick-off at Club One in Alexandria, Virginia with performances by Sean Born, Illa Ghee, Lyriciss, Boobe, Tese Fever and Born Unique.  Tickets are now available for a discounted $8 and can be pre-ordered at www.dmvlife.com. For all inquiries, please email J-Scrilla at thescrillionaire@gmail.com.

Langston Sessoms

Marketing Director
          Inner Loop Media Group
          (917) 974-0872

Friday, May 18, 2012

@Rabbitd1 - 3 to 3 EP Review

DC's newest female voice Rabbit formally know as "Phat Rabbit" has released her first D1 project. Honestly, I don't think people knew what to expect from this stripper turned rapper except  the producer that signed her (Rico Love) and Rabbit herself but since the word spread that she was retiring from DC's  strip club (Stadium) and diving full time into the  artist world you know people were talking.
Before Rabbit got signed I tried to get her in the studio to cut a record I had for a female artist that I later sold to Universal for a female artist of theirs (AB) . The stars never aligned and we never made it happened but I heard a few records and knew she was coming from a place where most female rappers weren't coming from. She sounded like a down right hustler!!!! Granted most strippers are hustlers, I actually see and hear it in her rapping.

When you talk to most people they could care less about female artist and rightfully so (No Disrespect) but you kind of want to hear what Rabbit is going to say. I said it before and I will say it again.....I can think of 5 female artist from DC, MD and VA that rap better than Rabbit, and are better "Artist" than Rabbit, and been doing it longer than Rabbit BUT it's obvious they don't have the "HUSTLE" and "MENTALITY" that Rabbit has. It is inevitable that Rabbit will navigate thru the b.s. in this RAP industry.

I was happy to see how fast Rico Love and D1 pushed the button on her and got her EP out there (Signed in Feb, EP out in MAY), unlike the situation with Lola Monroe and Taylor Gang. I also applaud the 6 song EP oppose to a full mixtape. The cover is creative and the videos leading up the the release were typical but just enough to peak the interest. (NOW I'M MAD I NEVER BEEN TO STADIUM!!!)

Rabbit honestly impressed me with her flow, delivery, and overall attitude on this project. Her voice got annoying by song 3 but that's fixable and tolerable if you really trying to hear what she rapping about. It would be a different issue if she couldn't rap at all AND her voice was annoying and that's not the case. The production on the EP was solid for a first release.

As I listen to this project I can hear that she is definitely making a serious effort to be a good artist. I hear hunger, I hear determination, and I also hear the room for growth. Granted she is in a different space than a artist with NO deal or big time producer behind them but she sounds hungry and excited to it show off.

Here we go.....................

TRACK 1. This bare bones produced record hits you awkwardly when Rabbit begins rapping but as you listen you find your head nodding to the flow. It takes time to get used to her voice. I like the use of the sampled hook. Well Done! I can't say Rabbit set the tone with the record because other records on the EP are better but it serves its purpose as #1 track.

TRACK 2. This record features another D1 artist (Young Chris) from Young Gunz fame. This record isn't bad at all and Rabbit holds her own with Chris. The beat is somewhat irritating but it serves its purpose.

TRACK 3. I like this record. It's refreshing to hear Rabbit hit a less annoying vocal tone on the hook (which I like). S/O to her for that! Listening to this record I hear how clever she can get with her rhymes. That's DOPE!

TRACK 4. Rabbit is consistent on this record. She explains how she "Levitates" over others. She actually could start something with the term "Levitate". I'm not mad at this record at all and it is placed in the perfect sequence on the EP....right in the middle.

TRACK 5. This was the first single off the EP and it features MD's own Wale. I was interested in seeing what the two would do together but In my opinion I don't think the beat helped this collab reach it's full potential. I like the sampled hook and verses were decent at best. I still love to see artist from the same area that are in "signed" situations doing work together. Respect for that!

TRACK 6. This record has somewhat of a storyline to it. I'm seeing a different side of Rabbit on this record. I like the hook a lot. I actually feel her and believe her when she asks "What if I F**ked Up?". She delivered on this record with content and flow. Well Executed!!!

Let's be clear....I'm not saying Rabbit has arrived and bout to kill the rap game RIGHT NOW but I am saying that this is better than what I expected AND she has room to grow and become better. The talent is there! I am also very proud that she reps the area in almost everything that she does and that's to be applauded.


S/O to PINKY!!!!! Long Live Me-Hee-Coo

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toga Toga-Fan Album Response

DMV Heavyweights Jump On the Remake to Kanye West's Newest Beat!

Polo Rogers - Small Market [Official Video]

Mardy Milli New Music Video "One Man Army"


Greenspan x Feevaleo- I Declare War

Cross D'mone - 'We Appreciate'

CALICO "Hip Hop Ain't Dead" (Watch in HD)

EVENT: VMD Hip Hop Concert Series feat. Illa Ghee, Sean Born, Boobe, Lyriciss, Tese Fever and Born Unique

The VMD Hip-Hop Concert Series is a monthly gathering in Northern Virginia that aims to promote awareness and appreciation for Hip-Hop culture in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The concert series will feature performancesfrom a unique roster of the highest-caliber Hip-Hop artists inthe region.
In addition, the “Capitol City Cypha” hosted by DC radio personality P-Stew will take place between performances to showcase the best freestyle rappers in the area. This event establishes an environment for fans and participants of Hip-Hop culture to become better acquainted and explore the diversity of the local marketplace, as well as, to advertise and/or sell related products and/or services.

On Monday, May 21st, the VMD Hip-Hop Concert Series will kick-off at Club One in Alexandria, Virginia with performances by Sean Born, Illa Ghee, Lyriciss, Boobe, Tese Fever and Born Unique. Tickets are now available for a discounted $8 and can be pre-ordered at www.dmvlife.com. For all inquiries, please email J-Scrilla at thescrillionaire@gmail.com.
Langston Sessoms
Marketing Director
Inner Loop Media Group
(917) 974-0872

Neff: TakeOff tour performance

Friday, May 11, 2012

@iCanRhyme-The Art of Rhyming Mixtape

There are NO hardcore rappers in DC NONE. There a trap rappers,
conscious emcees, skilled lyricist but no one with hard hitting punch
lines and a don’t care attitude. That is the perception of the Hip Hop
game in the DMV.For the longest time it seemed that no one in DC
Metropolitan area wanted to be “that guy”. This all changed with the
release of Ta The Rhymer’s debut mixtape “The Art of Rhyming”. Ta The
Rhymer (aka Tali McFly) makes no bones about being strictly a hardcore
lyricist with songs like his debut single “Bong” where addresses the
fact the no one “goes in” anymore. Each song delivers verse after
verse of aggression with lines that’ll have you thinking “Did he just
say that?”

    Mixed and mastered by label mate and executive producer Jay Biggz
(with two original tracks produced by HP) “The Art of Rhyming” does
not sound like your average mixtape. Forgoing the “rhyme over what
ever songs hot” format the project flows more like an album than a
mixtape with the focus more on live instruments and soul samples over
808s and synthesized sounds. This project is a breath of fresh air to
a city craving aggressive rap lyrics over quality instrumentals.


Da Big Fella feat. Hard Workin, Come Up Shawdy, Streetz, Dandki, Topdolla Sweizy - NE Champions VIDEO

Harmony Muzik - Gen X ft. Uptown XO VIDEO

Marly DuMarz-"Marly Musical"

Well I was brought up on my fathers’ side, in a Jamaican house, but in Alexandria, Va. Sacramento on Route One Richmond Highway, to be exact. My grandparents are the primary parents I’d like to believe, given that my parents had to get that money for me. I’d say that in my dads’ teens, he starting djing at public events through out the dmv, just locally nothing too big. But he use to keep the table set in the basement, and while he was at work I’d search and explore. I found a lot, I learned a lot. Not to mention growing up with a mother as lively, animated, and is as passionately in love with Good, soulful music as any other. Going back and forth between those two houses gave me a lot of different aspects and angles to view life through music.
My favorite rapper coming up was Andre 3000 of Outkast since the time I snuck into my uncles’ bedroom when he was not around, and stole the Stankonia CD. Truthfully, ever since then, I always wanted to rap or sing, make music whatever. I mean of course there were other legendary artists and bands that would influence me; like Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Mos Def, Common, Tupac, Biggie, Pun, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Ludacris, The Roots, Missy Elliot, ect… The list Can go on.

Steph Castro - "They Love It" | GetRightMusic.com | DonutsandMilk | The Come Up Radio Inbox

Can I Kick it? The Beats & Sneaks Battle

Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at Stadium Club, 8pm

Hosted by Judah, with DJ Mim on the 1s & 2s, 8 Producers will compete to see who is the King of the Beats! Celebrity Judges will be Rich Harrison, Chucky Thompson & Chink Santana (Grammy Nominated & Winners).


Cash Prize

Studio Time (at Judah's Studio)
Feature on ForTheDMVOnly.com
Interview with "Elite Morning Mix" on WEDC Radio
+ More!
The deadline to enter will be Sat, May 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Please send ONE beat to music@candicenicolepr.com. You must be 21+ to enter.
*Please note if chosen to be one of the 8 to compete there will be a $25 participation fee*


Sky High- Stunna Lorenzana

DopeTV : Kevin Sinatra x Judah - They Call Me Mr.Tibbs E.P. (Part 1 & Part 2))

All I Need - Deadstockdev

'Ain't That Peculiar' Oddisee Remix

Boogie Madison - Azul

Dev Dapree - Got Too (Official Video)

Marro feat. Kon Sci of Minds One & Poe Mack