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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Super Nike Nando - Overcome

@ZimCartelLiving - All My B*tches Luv Me

The Zim leaks his latest track "All My B*tches Luv Me" for your listening pleasure. The DMV artist reflects on why he gets so much love from the opposite sex. He proposes a couple of reason on the song why the ladies love him so much. "All My B*tches Luv Me " can be found on The Zim's upcoming project Invada available online Summer 2016. Be on the look out for music video for "Got Damn" is coming soon.

@ChinaTown_Ace - "Cant Go Out Like That" (Official Music Video)

'Bad Habits' by @SulleeJ85

@yazumusic - "Self"

After releasing a steady stream of music under various aliases, the chameleonic Silver Spring, Maryland-based producer returns with a gritty yet soulful batch of to-the-point, boom-bap hiphop.  
Expect hard snares and kicks, samples...and that's pretty much it!

StayTight ENT Writer DB Bantino and Producer Shai land new song with Chris Brown and His OHB group

@terracottablue - 57

Of course tributes to one my biggest musical influences have been pouring in these past few days.  I just wanted to dedicate this dance-funk track to him as well as my first ever crush Vanity ("The Last Dragon" did it for me!).  Both passed away at the way-too-young age of 57...

@Sketch_McGuiney - Ferris Bueller feat. DJ Ragz (Music Video)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

@CarolynMalachi - Blowing Smoke

Super Nike Nando - "TheCarryOut4: Prequel" [Mixtape]

It's been 5 years since SNN dropped his last effort from TCO series and we are here today to present you the Prequel for what is soon to come...

On this project Nando isn't doing your normal run of the mill nursery rhyme raps that only limit to drugs, bitches, money &"trappin" but goes deep into his own personal story of what it is to be a male in the millennial generation. From friends who disappear, relationships that have faded, even to music outlets no longer supporting his music, Nando has never been afraid to express to us what is on his mind. With that being said, take a listen to his latest effort "TheCarryOut4: Prequel" EXCLUSIVELY Presented By Audiomack.

New @dopeSMOOTHIES! – 1UP (DEEZ DAZE) (Prod. @ShaqP)

@Oddisee - Born Before Yesterday (Free Download)

@AfricanChisom - "REAL." (New Single) | 'Melo' EP Drops Today


@theabstracttilt @KingThelonious - Arnolds Rooftop (2016)

Monday, April 18, 2016

@PHGLife - Game 5

In commemoration of the 2016 playoffs, eMeX visits his favorite post-season memory with the release of “Game 5”. Much like Michael Jeffrey Jordan’s famous 1997 Flu Game, “Game 5” depicts eMeX’s will to persist through adversity while seizing the moment. eMeX spins his metaphors around MJ’s classic in-game highlights such as hitting the go-ahead three-pointer, to finishing with 38 points to secure the Bulls victory, all while focusing on the main goal - propelling his PHG team to victory.

@FRiiiND - Slash

Monday, April 11, 2016

@2000Cooleyva @_iamdscott Preps Us For 4/20 On “Ganja Sunsets” (2016)

@ARSampe - MAKE-O-VER [EP] @KyshaMerritt

@ChinaTown_Ace - News or Something (AVA Remix)