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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Judah Gives you...... @Shyne_on_meDC - Skeletons (Halloween Single)

In preparation of his upcoming project 'Barmonies: The Long Fall', Shyne On Me presents his latest Funk infused single "Skeletons". Appropriately released on Halloween Day, the tone of the track takes listeners on a spiritual journey while still incorporating "spooky" yet soulful vibes. A creative display of Shyne On Me's transparent approach to music ministry, finding freedom in exposing his innermost struggles and "skeletons" in his closet.

Judah Gives you.....@FATTREL - Bodak Yellow (Gleesh - Mix)

Determined to do things differently, following a year-long hiatus, Fat Trel returns with his second audio contribution since being released from jail. Adding a verse to Cardi B’s Billboard Chart topping single “Bodak Yellow,” the D.C. native details getting back to business despite post-incarceration obstacles like probation and reintegration.

Judah Gives you......... @iworkmusic ASAP Rockie (Explicit)

Judah Gives you........ @stunnalorenzana - Hop In & Out The Whip Official [Video]

Check out the video premiere for "Hop In & Out The Whip" featuring Mak Cash of Loud Cru directed by 1Reaction Media & Latin Allstar Ent. Follow Stunna & Mak as they go out around the town and get it. You can purchase the debut independent album "The Silver City Surfer" at http://www.stunnalorenzana.com/music or https://itun.es/us/klO4ib.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Judah Gives you....... @LivelleCollins - The Vanguarde Craft & Creative x New Balance 900v4 x Howard Homecoming [RECAP]

Last weekend during Howard University's annual Homecoming, The Vanguarde Craft and Creative alongside new DC fave, Diet Starts Monday, curated a two-day pop up / all day party for the launch of the New Balance 900v4 Mid. It's been a long time coming for The District, that's boasted a cult following of New Balance since the 80's - coining the slogan "900s or Better" - to get the deserved recognition from New Balance however, The VCC made it happen in true historic fashion, and history it was in Washington, DC.

Guests were gifted swag of the new NB 900v4 Mid as well as 990 Lows, NB gear and custom Diet Starts Monday Merch, food by DSM and drinks by Courvoisier while Wale, Brittany Sky, Austin Millz, SpeakerFoxxx etc.. kept the vibes going over the two days. 

Thanks for the recap but no actual invite to cover the event. #Loveislove

Judah Gives you............... @tolumide "Your Arms"

Washington, D.C. October 29, 2017 –  TolumiDE will launch a digital campaign on October 30th to raise funds for new album and support IamWanda nonprofit for women and girls.

The campaign will be hosted through Indiegogo, the largest global crowdfunding platform, and will feature a LIVE listening event (Date and Venue TBA). Funds raised will support production and promotion of EP acoustic album Mama Sunshine and highly anticipated, a full-length Album Suya Soul. While the campaign will fund the new album, the “stretch” goal is to raise funds for nonprofit IamWANDA.

IamWANDA, a non-profit organization established by Tambra Raye Stevenson which stands for Women and Girls Advancing in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Agriculture. In memory of TolumiDE’s mother and in celebration of all mothers who radiate with super sunshine "Mama Sunshine", she has chosen to support the organization. TolumiDE explains:
“I’m inspired by Tambra’s passion for education and advocacy for healthy living with good nutrition. Her project is especially dear to my heart because my mother studied dietetics and agriculture and I’m certain that she would equally have as much passion to support this wonderful cause.
Exclusive perks will be released to attendees of the Listening Brunch, but by donating online to the Indiegogo campaign you can take advantage of the many “perks” offered by TolumiDE. Perks include:

  • Signed CD + Where’s WANDA Book
  • Album + Digital Version
  • Lyric Booklet and Karaoke Album
  • Exclusive T-Shirt + Bag
  • Original Song written just for YOU
  • LIVE Performance at Your Event

Get your limited edition perks and help play a role in women empowerment! The more you help fund, the more you get. help fund online Here

Judah Gives You ............. @AREOHDMUSIC - Left at the light prod. by Nguyen Duyanh

Jahrod Coates (also known as are.oh.d) is a singer/songwriter from the DMV area. He was born in San Diego, CA and raised in PG County, MD a small county right outside Washington, D.C. where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years. Jahrod started singing at the young age of 1. “I’ve been singing ever since I could talk,” are.oh.d expressed, “Singing is all I know, I can't and won’t do nothing else but sing. Whenever I get the chance I sing!” He spent most of his childhood singing in the church choir and various groups. “Mom’s made sure I was in church." It wasn't until the age of 21 when Jahrod wrote his very first song entitled, “Steady Switchin.” From there, he continued his music career writing, producing, and recording. His newest track "Left at the Light" is the first single from his upcoming EP entitled "Innuendos" set to release later this year. The track is about replenishing his relationship that has fallen by the wayside over the past years. It starts off as him leaving his girlfriend because of his wrongdoings. But as the song progresses he realizes the love he has for her overpowers his faults and decides to come back and make it right.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Judah Gives you...... Nino Yayo - New Phone [VIDEO]

Judah Gives you..... Wordsmith - Fill the Space [VIDEO]

Judah Gives you....@StunnaLorenzana - Silver City Indigo Feat. Gabbedon [VIDEO]

Judah Gives you..... @FootwerkBand - Retrograde [VIDEO] @QuinelleHolder

"Retrograde," the title track single from Footwerk’s forthcoming EP, is the result of a spontaneous trip to Black Rock Desert's annual Burning Man celebration in Nevada. Just before hitting the road from his hometown of DC, the band's lead vocalist, Kyle meets a gypsy princess who would accompany him on a cross-country tour bus ride in search of the adult carnival. While in route, the pair were joined by members of the unnamed traveler's hippie tribe. Upon arriving at the dream-like destination, the gorgeous gypsy kept Kyle mellow in the chaos of chasing art cars hosted by Skrillex or Diplo and awkward conversations in group showers. The pursuit of the elusive wanderer culminated at the ritual burning of 'the man', where she told Kyle, "Mercury is in Retrograde" while raving about the universe. It was that night, he wrote "Retrograde" for his free-spirited love interests.

Judah Gives you.... @iworkmusic New Phone, Who Dis (You Think I'm More Famous Than I Am)

Judah Gives you...... @TLonthecomeup - LOOT

Friday, September 22, 2017

Judah Gives you..... ATCQ's Industry Rule #4080 Gets An Anime Adaptation w/ "The Indies" (2017) [@DJTonyDrake @BlueGeekMusic ]

In 1991, A Tribe Called Quest released 'The Low End Theory.' Though the RIAA certified platinum album boasted standout records like "Jazz (We've Got)", and "Scenario," it was the project's anti-label lead single "Check The Rhime" that took the LP to the next level by flagrantly calling out music executives for their unethical business practices. Unfortunately, 25 years later "record company people are still shady" and don't show any signs of turning over a new leaf.

Looking to showcase the harsh realities of the music and entertainment industry in a creative yet captivating way, Baltimore resident DJ Tony Drake is creating a 2D animated series appropriately titled "The Indies." The pilot episode, produced as a short, will give viewers a glimpse of what they can expect from the Anime & Hip-Hop infused cartoon ahead of its television debut, while proving to Hollywood it can be a major player alongside popular shows of the same caliber. An original Hip-Hop score, recorded at Grammy award winning House Studios DC, will accompany the short as well as all of the forthcoming episodes in the series, fueling each action sequence and setting the mood.

During a recent interview with AFROPUNK Tony shares, “I saw that there currently wasn't an animation that spoke directly to the Hip-Hop community without trying to exploit the culture. We've had shows like The Boondocks and Afro Samurai, but when those went off the air they left a huge void. We're now trying to fill that void with The Indies."

On August 28th, Tony launched a crowdfunding campaign in efforts to raise funds to complete and present the short to networks, production companies and potential investors in Los Angeles. In less than 24 hours, they raised over $4,000. You can support the cause and help him reach his goal of $50K by making a donation on the official KICKSTARTER page HERE.

Summary of The Indies: Set in a futuristic dystopian society, The Indies follows an up and coming rapper named Slick. Born into a well-to-do family living on Earth's Moon, he longs for the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a famous recording artist. With a burning desire to make his dreams come true by any means necessary, Slick has a chance meeting with DJ Chops, one of Hip-Hop's biggest DJs and record executives. Slick is offered what seems to be an amazing recording contract, which Slick hastily signs without reading the fine print. Slick soon finds out that not only did he sign up to pursue his dream of being a famous artist, but he also signed up for something much more sinister. You see, what Slick failed to realize is that not only are record labels home to some of the universe’s biggest music stars; they also serve as fronts for hitmen for hire services of nefarious crime lords. In order to free himself from his contract, Slick must now work with his new label mates to release his debut album while simultaneously executing dangerous hit jobs. Through these missions, the label mates will explore morality, loyalty, human nature, and discover who they really are at their core.

- The Indies: An Animated Short | Kickstarter Promo Video Link: https://youtu.be/Fn6LUcS-IF0

Judah Gives you..... Art, Beats and Lyrics Photo Recap

Legendary hip-hop producer and DJ, Mannie Fresh, shows off his skills on the one’s and two’s at the Art, Beats and Lyrics event in Washington D.C.  Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For information on Art, Beats and Lyrics please visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

An art installation by Aniekan Udofia is featured in the Art, Beats and Lyrics exhibition. Merging the affinity for urban art and hip-hop culture, Art, Beats and Lyrics is one of the largest traveling lifestyle experiences of its kind. For information on upcoming cities and dates, please visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo: Kat Goduco)

Art and hip-hop enthusiasts showed up as the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Art, Beats and Lyrics national tour returned to Washington D.C. for the first time in five years. Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art, Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For more information on the tour, visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

In The Studio, an installation by Art, Beats and Lyrics curator Dubelyoo is featured in the traveling exhibition. Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Art, Beats and Lyrics showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. For more information on the tour, visit www.JackHoneyABL.com. (Photo by Kat Goduco/AB+L)

Judah Gives you......@Yella_Jesus - Walkin God [ @TomDelayBeats @AuddioViddeo and @YelraB ]

Yella Jesus is resurrected with his first full project "WalkinGod" on Manta Ray Records. On this 7 track project with all original music Yella Jesus meshes the dichotomy of the streets and the sanctuary and goes deep into the pains of loss and betrayal as well as glory and the ghetto while also bringing you to the cross. Production on Walkin God by @TomDelayBeats @AuddioViddeo and @YelraB. Listen, share, download and enjoy!!!



Judah Gives you..............@KillaCassanova - See It [Video]

Monday, September 11, 2017

Judah Gives you..... @DBBantino @EdgarEstevess - Low [VIDEO]

DB Bantino is hitting his stride during a major year in his career. After working with hip-hop’s finest like French Montana, D.R.A.M, Bone Thugs, and Boosie Badazz, the singer/songwriter from Washington D.C. finally got his international shine when his single with Zoey Dollaz, “Bad Tings,” took over the national airwaves, and sparked a reggae remix of the single — straight out of the Caribbean — from Junior Reid. Now more than ever, DB is ready to cross the finish line to win on his own.

DB is doing the most to prepare us for his solo project 5 In The Valley. He linked with video director Edgar Esteves, who also crafted videos with G-Eazy, Russ, and G4$HI, for his first visual off the project, “Low.” Well before the threat of hurricane season, DB escaped to the islands to shield his new love from the public eye.

Look out for DB Bantino’s project 5 In The Valley coming soon, and watch the world premiere of his new video “Low” below. (Words by Tony Centeno)

Judah Gives you...... @larryharrisjr - Phat Kid Tendencies 2

Larry travelled to sf to write pkt2 and recorded it in Atlanta. It was mixed and mastered in miami by dj d-up, who is also from dc. the producer is an old friend that I played football with in hs at georgetown prep. His name is deep and he is one half of the nyc production duo 2 hungry bros. They produce for a slew of talented rappers including homeboy sandman. Deep sent me these beats while I was in miami, but I never got around to using them. I'm glad i did now. the beats are fire!

Pkt2 is a continuation of my story picking up where the first pkt left off. It is lyrical, has weight and is fun. I tell some stories, get political and look to the future. the reception so far has been warm!

Judah Gives you.......... Live -@junedakid @1203musicgroup1

"Live" featuring  poet Wordplayy (DMV), A.P Fres$h (DMV)and June Dakid(DMV By way of Toronto). The Song will be featured on the upcoming "Eleven 4 Eleven" compilation which will be released in October. June and A.P take turns speaking to loved ones who have passed on while Wordplayy gives an interesting perspective on social acceptance.