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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

@Jabari - #25 @Trillectro Music Festival - Jabari's Words With Friends

@DoReMeMovement - Nonchalant Ace ft. Hulio & Fountain [Prod. Carey Fountain]

DoReMe is a collective of creative outcasts from around the world that all happened to meet in the unlikely city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Over the course of their experimental collaboration, the team grew very close becoming much more like family.  With members from Wetumpka, Alabama; Israel; Woodbridge, Virginia; Germany and Florida; this group of multi-talented Rappers/Producers/Singer-
songwriters all come together to create music that aims to provoke emotion and inspire one to explore their own beliefs and attain a clear vision of what one truthfully desires.  DoReMe does not believe in boundaries in music and refuse to conform to any standards placed upon the music they choose to create, staying true to their team mantra "Fuck Them, Do You."  By helping aid people in realizing the beauty and power each person has within themselves, DoReMe believes they can help to inspire people to be better than the person they were yesterday through eliminating the illusion of freedom our society jades us with.  As the team begins to emerge in the hip-hop game, they aim to stay true to themselves placing more importance on the reasoning behind why they create music instead of getting consumed by the material aspects of the industry so many artists fall victim too.

CuzOH - The One (Produced By Street Level)

@NiaKeturah - Subherbia Sweets


@KingKan - Drop It - Produced by Dennis Blaze

Diamond District Announces "March On Washington" | Plus first single "First Step"

Deron -Rolex

Macguyver - SummerBreak Vol.2 "Back 2 School"


@DutchDeville - HUSSLE LP

@Nizztown - Hot Niggas (freestyle)

@DonovanSBP - 100 Freestyle Prod By. Thieta

@DaYunginWAZE - "The World is a Ghetto"

This song is about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri and in the World at this time. It goes out to anyone who has ever been affected by police. It comes from the heart and the mind and is sure to strike a chord with many folks who are upset and angry about how police and authority are treating us. Northern Virginia MC Willie WAZE spits over a classic Geto Boy's instrumental with the same name to get his point across and does in a manner that is reminiscent of the legendary rapper Scarface. As a person with a heart and a listener with an ear, you will be sure to FEEL this track.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

@Trillectro this WEEKEND in D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gold grills and glow sticks will take over the nation's capital once again when the Trillectro Music Festival returns on August 23. Over the last two years, the hip hop and electronic music festival has solidified its place as a DC staple event, and has become the premiere destination in the city for tastemakers, artists, and vendors wanting to put their creativity on display. This year's high energy, all­ages affair takes place at the historic RFK Stadium Festival Grounds.

With the perfect mix of internationally recognized superstars and solid emerging talent, Trillectro will have something for everybody. Headliners Big Sean and Baauer will be supported by acts such as Migos, SZA, Goldlink, TWRK, and much more.

For tickets and more information, go to trillectro.com. General admission and VIP options available.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trillectro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trillectro
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/trillectro


TRILLECTRO is a portmanteau of "trill" (popularized by southern hip­hop legend Bun B, meaning "authentic" in hip­hop circles) and "electro" (short for "electronic"), embodying the festival's credo. Though hip­hop and electronic music may bring to mind separate, distinct experiences, trillectro is the sweet spot where cultures converge. The third annual Trillectro Music Festival continues where the historical inaugural event left off, bridging the culture gap between various music genres.

@EzkoBarz - AFROdite feat. Selinax

Ezko has just released his newest single, "AFROdite", as a prerequisite to his upcoming project, Coming of Age.  Born in Cameroon, Ezko is a Washington DC-area (DMV) hip-hop artist with strong artistic values and a passion for creative evolution.  Ezko's previous 2014 releases, "Struggle Raps", "What You Make It" and "Temple of Mind", have already received exceptional acclaim and recognition throughout the blog-o-sphere.  Ezko delivers powerful anthems reminiscent of 90's hardcore, with philosophic elements that have become so common in the lyrical content of today's "Beast Coast" hip-hop.  He owns his style to the fullest, with little need to cite artistic influences.

@DorothyMilone "King Me Now" Official Music Video

Royalty runs through the veins of the female pop group Dorothy Milone!
Or at least you will think so, after viewing their highly anticipated music video for the single “King Me Now”. 
This multiethnic pop group lures you into what appears to be an innocent road trip that leads to a modern day house of horrors.  The “King Me Now” music video was shot at the Bates Motel in Pennsylvania.  Little did the girls realize there was an actual paranormal activity that went completely unnoticed during the video shoot.  Look at the video closely and see if you recognize a supernatural occurrence.
Bow down fellas, Dorothy Milone isn’t your everyday singing group.  Listen to their vocals, admire their beauty, and talk to them on the Dorothy Milone Radio Show.
This group is sure to be recognized and crowned with girl groups from the past that have served as their inspiration!!

Official 2014 @TRILLECTRO Mixtape, RARELECTRO Collaboration

Sunday, August 17, 2014

BEATS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEST Coastin $55.00

I'm Not Just Anybody $55.00

DRAMA $55.00