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Friday, April 9, 2010

Anti-Alumni [New DMV Rap Group] + MUSIC VIDEO

Anti-Alumni; the Four-Man hip hop group from the DMV with all the raw attitude and impressive lyrics missing in today’s new hip hop scene. When you first hear the name Anti-Alumni, you may think to yourself “high school drop outs” or “no good rebels” but, in fact, that is not their message at all. Anti-Alumni means to be The Opposite of Your Class, finding ways to separate yourself from the rest of those you may be categorized with. Using that as their foundation for creativity, Anti-Alumni main focus is to raise the bar, for every bar. With all the passion in the world, and witty lyricism, these young guys keep their music fresh, smart, and still provide us with the hard street flavor.

1 comment:

DoC BaTTLE said...

They all sound like somebody that's in the industy
and this is the 1,222,796,026 swag song I've heard since the first one..... Not for me