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Thursday, October 31, 2013

@Lyriciss - Big Gold Chain (Official Music Video)


$urreal is a 4 man group with members from 4 corners of the country:  EmperorTay ( ATL) |Ajani (MD/BOS) | Corbin Butler (SoCal) | OC (DC).  We have been featured on several sites,blogs and shows through out the DMV. 

@UpTownTone - Philly Love Story produced by Judah

October 28, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA) - In the city of brotherly love, there's only one brotha that's showcasing Philadelphia from all sides. UpTown Tone delivers his first EP by way of iTunes titled Philly Love Story as he teams up with DC's most established entre-producer JUDAH on the beat. What starts off sounding like a walk through North Philly's Peace Park ends up being a call to supremacy for anyone with heart by an emcee who's range of expression reminds listeners of the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful elements of one of America's most historic cities. 

From the dramatic introduction to the reggae-influenced "Chic" to the submarine-slash-star-trek etched "Faded," it's easy to listen to all six tracks with ease. A great pairing between Tone and JUDAH with features from upcoming Da Fellaz Entertainment artist Malik,  Philly Love Story is part of a fairytale coming true for this artist who belongs to the city.


From a young age, UpTown Tone possessed the skills to be a true emcee, but after becoming restless with hip-hop he decided to take his craft to another level of intensity. In the beginning of 2012, the Philly artist began traveling to work with multiple producers as he prepared to record his first mixtape, the Bruce Wayne Chronicles. Most notably, UpTown Tone collaborated with North Carolina record producer Jerry Allen, Showdown and D.C. hip-hop producer Judah.
The summer of 2012 also marked the beginning of UpTown Tone performing at The Fire, a local concert venue in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. With an increasing buzz around his performances at The Fire, UpTown Tone’s fan based began to grow as he packed show after show with his own self-produced concert series UpTown Tone and Friends. The growing series of shows has garnered attention from artist in other cities such as NYC, Baltimore and Washington D.C. wanting to perform alongside UpTown Tone in Philly. The noted emcee continues to build momentum from previous performances which included invitations to perform at The Northern Liberties Fall Music Festival this past September, as well as The Fire’s Leithgow Oktoberfest.

@IamLX - Red Dye (Official Music Video)

@thisismarlow - Long Live (Official Video)

The Halloween Tape: Monster's Ball by ASR

@SuperNikeNando - SprdLv (Official Video)

TB - Rise to Riches (Official Mixtape)

Malachi Watson - Hella Band$ (Produced by Judah)

@BLUEfiveone - Paint the City BLUE (Official Music Video)

@Lyriciss - The Balance (LP)

Taz Money "OK" feat. T.A.G.

T.Lucas A3C recap video

Wale Supports Local Clothing Line @LookinSweetENT @Stevie_LookinSweet @Loso_LookinSweet

Wale Supports, The Gift of Football and Fashion

Typically when you think of a defensive lineman you don't associate anything stylish or fashionable with them. Usually what will you see is an oversized person with thighs that would never fit into a pair of European jeans and arms that are too big to ever purchase a slim fit shirt. Not De'Jon Wilson, defensive end for the University of Colorado, he's not the average lineman.
Born and raised in the southeast Washington, D.C. area, fashion was a big part of his upbringing. "Even though people where I'm from didn't have much, when they walked out that front door you would never know. Everybody wanted to be the freshest. Even on the field. So for me, football and fashion just seems to be instinctive."
Wilson, who seems to have an knack for sacking quarterbacks has recently found an knack for making your fashion decisions much easier as well. Wilson, CEO of LookinSweet Clothing Company alongside his partners Steve Murray-Sesay, who also played division 1 football, and Carlos Telfaire came up with the motto "if you aint LookinSweet, you lookin weak." Look Sweet or Look Weak, the choice seems really simple.
Wilson, who recently cracked the starting line up, has not only been getting noticed on the field, he's been getting noticed by a few celebrities as well for his clothing line. "Yea it's humbling knowing that my team designed a shirt inspired by Wale and I actually got to put it in his hands. He definitely didn't want to be lookin weak I guess! (lol) He just gave his blessing and was glad that we could create something that could represent so much more than the both of us. Think about it, I'm 20 years old, I come from southeast D.C., a place with one of the highest crime rates in the world, I play football for a division 1 public Ivy League school... for free. Wale's parents are immigrants, he was the first to make it out of the D.C. area as a mainstream rapper. And we stood side by side as young black entrepreneurs together as one... to support one another. That's LookinSweet. That's a gift. That's rare. That's a blessing."


Rob Horry Freestyle by @TreThreat [Soundcloud Link& MP3]

@JayVerze - Baltimore County Rapper Jay Verze Releases New Single Juicin' & Announces New L.T.M.D.S. Project

Jay Verze – Juicin’ (Prod. By Johnny Juliano)

Cello Figaro: "The Loner's Anthem II" (Prod. By Brandun Deshay)

"Cello Figaro is a 23 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello's style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist."

@KingpenSlim - Hold You Down ft. Marcus Canty (Official Video)

Cy Dream - Good Therapy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Awthentik - "Silence is Golden, Ignorance is Platinum"

Awthentik has been in the studio diligently working on his latest project and it is finally here! We want to thank you for all your support last year with the release of "Foreclosure" and all the post featured on your site. We wanted to extend a free exclusive download of Awthentik's new project  "Silence is Golden, Ignorance is Platinum" which was just released. Without the support of websites like yours, independent artist such as Awthentik would never exist.


The charismatic lyrical hippie STEFisDOPE drops his first single #DOPESHXT off of his upcoming album The Ultra Velvet EP. Performing shows from coast to coast while repping his South Florida roots with DMV influences, STEFisDOPE has perfected his style of soulful finesse over old school samples and contemporary lyrics. #DOPESHXT is a smooth feel good track produced by BAZE that samples Al Green's legendary hit "Let's Stay Together".

#DOPESHXT on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stefisdope/dopeshxt

Acy - Stellar 2 mixtape

Redhead - "Furlough Bars"

Nuffsed (Formely Neff) -Versace And Gold Music Video

@dmvbigsteve @slim_fred - DEDICATION

@DavyDMV - 2089:The Mixtape

@interstatesnake - Water Whippin (Official Video) HD

@Mpr_aceboogie - Baltimore's Own Trey Boogie Releases His First SIngle "By My Lonely


Johny Locus - Point Blank

Upcoming DC Artist.....dropping his latest project Point Blank, looking for a opportunity to shine on a blog page... Listen to it & hopefully you enjoy.

E-One "Takeover"


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

@akingkalldpedro- The Two In One Story

@marquitacheron - HaahhMark Cards "The LoveTape"

HaahhMark Cards "The LoveTape" is all about paying homage and adding new original color, to some of Marquita Cheron's favorite melodies and rhythms, that capture some of love's deep expressions. She showcases her jazzy soulful vocals and arrangements with sophistication, a little sass and always much class! So sit back and enjoy the vibe as you take this musical journey with this Passionate Soulful Songstress.

@iamTravisDavon AKA Bossman Is Back

Tying in with the "Bossman" mindset, Travis Davon decided to start his own record label. Born out of years of hard work, "Get-N-Money.Com" embodies the determination and hustle behind Travis Davon's music. With a team of talented artists and producers, Travis is set to brand the movement know as Get-N-Money.Com.

KT - For What

@Lorbigbrova - GMD Dez- "Tryna Get Me one freestyle"

@cousinbubb - 100K

Breeze Casso & PM "Strap" Shot By @pyrextv

@dmvbigsteve @slim_fred - Bad Side

Check out Big Steve x Slim Fred new single called Bad Side (produced by Slim Fred).  The Warm Up Mixtape is dropping 11-12-13 so stay tuned.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

@DJHeatDC Launches New Hip-Hop Site, DumbRappersNeedTeaching.com

This site is inspired by my Twitter rants to artists on the music industry, and one of my favorite Notorious B.I.G. lines I quote when I go on these rants about the artists. We all know that rappers on the come-up definitely could use some teaching. So I decided to start a website where I can drop what is known as "jewels" to help educate the artists, alongside posting the latest hip-hop tracks and news.

This is only the beginning! I hope that you check www.DumbRappersNeedTeaching.com often as it starts to grow over the year into what I feel will be one of the top hip-hop sites in the world!

@Betta_Mo - #SantaCause Fundraiser

Well it is mainly an online campaign to raise awareness and funds for Safe Shores Dc (@SafeShoresDC) this is a children's advocacy center that helps sexually mistreated kids cope via therapy and art therapy. They also provide new outfits, school supplies, and snacks thanks greatly in part to our donations. Which we will be accepted thru the end of the year. 

This is the second year of #SantaCause last year WE raised $5,000 in a 4 month span. This year the goal is $10,000, which is very obtainable with everyone's cooperation. 
With already $1,000 in pledges from music artist and sports personnel. An a pledged $2,000 from the #SantaCause staff we are already 1/3 of the way there. 

To make a donation simply go to http://www.safeshores.org/ click DONATE NOW then hashtag #SantaCause on the DESIGNATE YOUR DONATION line. Thank you in advance.

 I personally challenge every DMV music artist to donate $100 seeing how this campaign started as an offset to the bad rap and negative, violent connotations associated with music in this area. Especially rap and go-go, news and media outlets have run with stories of clubs being shut down an it would be a beautiful thing to see the same buzz generated behind the great deeds spear headed by the DMV entertainment scene. With friends, family, and the community as a whole following suit. 

This is (Y)our charitable campaign. We need you to buy into because you're 'IN' too and by in, two things come into play. IN-volvement & IN-teraction.. this simply means participation by donating and/or sharing and RT-ing the information about #SantaCause. An I guess we can do 'EN' too, so EN-joy able EN-forcement... this is what we call #PositivePeerPressure making sure your friends are with US on this philanthropic mission. 

Just freestyled this acronym on twitter..

S.A.N.T.A. x 2 =  
S.elfless S.haring 
A.ttribute A.iding 
N.ouns N.eeded 
T.o T.urn 
A.round A.nything

C.A.U.S.E. x 2 =
 C.oncerned C.itizens 
A.lways A.ligned 
U.nder U.nified 
S.ituations S.incerely 
E.voking E.nhancement

@SuperNikeNando - The World is Yours

@TheKidQuest - The Bad Guy

Santiago - "Death Wish" Official Video

@IAMMAB - The Change (Feat. Saint Lui)

@defakt0 - “Friend or F.O.H.”

Box & Won is a collective of four emcees, some of whom double as beat-makers and producers.  The members are DeFakto, Nerd Ferguson, Prince G. and LR.  Each artist explored various solo aims prior to forming together in super-crew form in the central VA area and releasing the well-received BOX-OUT project.  They crew has performed at different venues in the commonwealth in a strategic manner as well.