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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Leaves- Tabi Bonney (Produced by Judah)

The Carryout

New Music Video
Logic- "Stain In The Game"

Vintage Innovation - i am NOT my hair

I AM NOT MY HAIR from Vintage Innovation on Vimeo.

For a job interview, a friend of mine decided to cut off his dreads he had been growing for 4 LONG years. A job interview with ZERO guarantee that he would be hired. Yet, he still found a way to convince himself to go through with it. I tell ya.. It takes a certain level of faith to make a personal sacrifice just for the opportunity to compete on a even playing field in today's workforce.

With one less burden to bare...he continued on knowing there was a strong possibility that the color of his skin may put him at a slight disadvantage in the hiring process.

You don't take that sort of risk if you're unsure of yourself. Needless to say, he got the job!!!

Watch as Vintage Innovation documents this painful process in a segment we like to call "i am NOT my hair!!!"

Kj Hamilton "Love Leaves" 19 year old Unsigned Hype [via CollegeLoveEnt]


CollegeLoveEnt]. Here is "Love Leaves," from Kj Hamilton (www.twitter.com/_KjHamilton). This is the second single off of his EP Aspiring MC, Vol. I which is due to drop January 31st, 2011.

Although he's only 19, Kj Hamilton is a self-proclaimed revolutionary rapper, way ahead of his time. Born and raised in Georgia, this southern rapper has made his way up north, calling The Big Apple his new home. Still, he never forgets where he came from and holds nothing back as he shares his life experiences throughout the verses of his songs.Fascinated by the arts, music has always been his outlet. His passion is evident; his talent is undeniable. His biggest inspirations come from musical geniuses Kanye West and Andre 3000, while still praising the originators who paved the way. A fusion of the old and the new, along with Kj's own vision, results in a creative sound that's different from anything we have yet to hear. His determination proves that he's heading to the top, with no intentions of stopping until he gets there.

Petey Green featuring EA Ovay Brand New Track

J.Nolan- "How it Feels"

ThisLife - Thisis50 Interview With 'Skateboarder' Darren Harper "Everybody Can't Be a Skateboarder" [Speaks On Having His Own Shoe Line, His Backgroun

Redhead - "Spell It Out" (Produced by Versityle of Songbook Entertainment)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Love The Way You Lie (DMV Remix)

SE Slim - Axum [1-24-11].mov

Pics from Fab Awards

Over 200 of Washington’s nightlife elite gathered at Recess Lounge on Tuesday night to celebrate the winners of The Fab Awards. Sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, Joi-Marie McKenzie, editor-in-chief of The Fab Empire served as mistress of ceremonies as the site honored many who have successfully contributed to D.C.'s nightlife scene. DJ Heat, producer for the Big Tigger Morning Show, ensured guests were entertained with a variety of hits.

The Fab Awards also honored those was have curated nightlife for more than ten years with a Decade Award. Fisayo Esconsay, Mitch Mathis, Cheeky Sasso and Taz Wube were all honored for their contributions.

Notables such as Dean Smothers, owner of Love Nightclub, Jummy Olabanji, reporter and anchor for WKTR Newschannel 3, Anji Corley, radio personality for WPGC-FM 95.5, Victoria 'Shaqwana' Jones of the Russ Parr Morning Show on WKYS-FM 93.9 and Ron Harrison were in attendance.
Here are a few pics from the awards we are never invited to. I guess Judah and I aren't fab (boochie) enough. Sike nah I kid I kid. - Tiffany

Breezy J-"Undrafted"

@DJDublee-"12 O'clock Drop" mix series

Trailer for "Close." (2010)

Trailer for "Close." (2010) from Tahir Jetter on Vimeo.

Shawn Sky - "A STORY TOLD AT GATE 7" | Debut LP sponsored by Prolific Entertainment Group & S.N.O.B. Clothing

Kingpen Slim Ft. Tabi Bonney "By Your Side" Prod By Sakwe

Meche Korrect | "Market"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Carryout

Judah: Politicks vs. Relationships

(This pic has nothing to do with the topic but i just like it A LOT)

I often hear artist and producers talking about the music politics in the DC, MD & VA area and usually some situations are warranted but if you didn't know, the music business is ALL POLITICS or better yet as I like to call it "RELATIONSHIPS".

Example: Artist "X" is buzzing and is associated with some "in the know" team/people in the city. Even though, IN YOUR OPINION he/she may not be as talented as other artist or yourself, Artist "X" is going to get a show first, a feature first, a spin first, get a beat first, because his/her team is "in the know" and has relationships with key people in the city (DJ's, Producers, Promoters etc...). That's not POLITICS that's RELATIONSHIPS.

With that being said if you roll with a people/team that has NO RELATIONSHIPS, don't blame it on POLITICS, blame your TEAM or lack there of, blame your MANAGER, blame your C.E.O, blame your PRODUCER.

Music will only get you so far, you have to have relationships with people, talk to people (Face to Face) etc... You can't rely on twitter or facebook to say you have a relationship with someone.

Hopefully this will help you'll understand what's politics and what's not!

I personally don't believe in music politics on a local level especially when there's no money involved and honestly there's only probably 1% of artist and producers making money locally. Everything happening in this area is about WHO YOU KNOW and WHO YOU HAVE RELATIONSHIPS with!

JUSTIN W Gone Til November

Landova Dappa f/ Jimm25 - Zoo Music (prod-L.Dappa)

DMV Rappers Tray Chaney, De-U.c.e. Double, & J Tha Kid "Some Winners" featured on allhiphop.com

Hassani Kwess-"The Bang (Examination Of The What)"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Now Introducing, Dreamers Music Group!

The label consists of 5 artists that all attend the prestigious Duke Ellington School of The Arts. Dreamers Music Group aims to attract Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Latin, and Poetry fans. There is at least one artist in the label that you will fall in love with once you hear him/her. Not one person is alike, yet everyone blends perfectly with each other.
Sean Hamilton (C.E.O., FOUNDER, PRESIDENT)

[Sean Hamilton]

The label came into existence March 15, 2010. Sean Hamilton (Majors in Theater at Duke Ellington) is a very ambitious and money hungry person. Sean Combs Hamilton’s life revolves around entertainment and making money, so there’s no surprise when he thought of an idea to make a music label based around a school of artistic students. There was alot of questioning going on about making a label, but once taking a Music Business class in school and learning about the music industry from a very important person in the industry, he gained the confidence to carry on with the label. He had the idea, now he had to get the talent…
Felix Patterson II (Rapper/Lyricist)

[Felix Patterson ]

The first person Sean met to talk about the label was Felix Patterson II (Majors in Instrumental at Duke Ellington). It was his first year at Duke Ellington H.S., but he already got a following with his rapping. He accepted the offer by Sean and immediately entered the studio. Many people compare him to Drake and J. Cole by the way he inflicts his voice at times but he strives to drift away from the comparisons and get his own original persona that will be just as loved and accepted by fans. He is constantly working on a new project and with the debut of his first official mixtape, Happy For No Reason debuted August 9th started his career as well as the Dreamer’s dynasty.

M.A.B. (Poet/M.C./Song-Writer)

Sean met with M.A.B. (hey that’s me lol) soon after getting confirmation from Felix that he would join the group. Marcus Antonio Blanco (Majors in Literary Media & Communications at Duke Ellington) took the same music business class with Sean Hamilton and studies marketing and promoting in his department, so not only would he help with producing the music, but he also helps Sean with the marketing and promotion of the work that Dreamers Music Group came out with. He is a rapper, but came to Duke Ellington to broaden his lyrical skills and study more poetry and make a career in poetry. He was good friends with Felix before joining the team and already recorded a few collabs before Dreamers. Not only does he want to record the ordinary hip hop song, but he wants to incorperate more poetry and story telling in his flow and songs. He’s compared lyrically alot to a Gil Scott Heron and Nas. He speaks alot about the youth and new generation of people and speaks as the voice for them. One of his poems were featured on B.E.T. during Black History Month. He is also known around the school for his music and poetry and just like Felix, is constantly writing and working on his craft.

rMell x Avion- "Kazuya Chronicles EP"

Dutch Capital "Capital Murder" Mixtape

Rickie Jacobs ft. John Regan-So Far So Good (prod. Trey Michaels)

Nike Nando - Who Is Nike Nando EPK/DOCUMENTARY (VIDEO)

The NU Revolution Camp (Wordsmith, Kontact, Black Knight & Whitefolkz) - Another Day (Produced by Lucki Handz of Radio Maschine)

The NU Revolution Camp
(Wordsmith, Kontact, Black Knight & Whitefolkz)


3RD Release from the upcoming Mixtape
Online February 7th, 2011


High Society/M.O.R.A.L. Music producer/artist A.J. Throwback

Dmv Rapper FRU new single-Satisfaction Guaranteed featured on hiphopdx.com

Thursday, January 20, 2011

REPORT: DC One Of Nation's 'Rudest Cities'

WASHINGTON (WUSA/AP) -- Pushed on the Metro? Honked at when driving in Dupont Circle? Lousy service at a Capitol Hill restaurant?

Travel & Leisure magazine's annual survey of America's Favorite Cities rated the nation's capital the fifth rudest city in the nation. Nearby Baltimore came in at number seven.

The magazine asked readers to rate 35 cities on 54 different features including affordable hotels, great restaurants and the personality of the locals.

Los Angeles topped the list of rude cities, followed by New York.

Travel and Leisure Magazine writes this about DC:

Our nation's capital ranks No. 1 for monuments, and if you want a sense of how the locals will take to you, imagine hugging the Lincoln Memorial. The locals here are a brainy crowd–they rank No. 4 for intelligence–but as President Truman supposedly once said, if you want a friend in this town, get a dog.

Ward 5 group steamed over D.C. strip club - Washington Times

Lyriciss - Superbad (prod. D. Man)


J.Nolan- "Corazon"

Soulful! - Mind Right feat. XO | Mumbo Sauce & Drumbreaks

DMV Ramar

http://usershare.net/p9biw9akpmyl/Ace Hood Hustle Hard Ramar Remix.mp3.html

PHZ-Sicks - Point Em Out ft Young Scolla & Seanny Greggs

Mr. Forbes - I'm So High (W/ Lyrics)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Message from Judah!

What up yall? I rarely say anything on here but I guess its overdue..........

I was just thinking, How many major out of town blogs/website post yall stuff?


So i say this to say HELP PROMOTE www.forthedmvonly.com




Shawn Sky - Good Friday Remix


Shawn Sky is an up & coming artist from northern Virginia with a bright future ahead of him. Outside of the box meets OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. As his following continues to grow, Shawn Sky looks like a promising "Leader of The New School." He has a uncanny ability to captivate his audience without fabricating his life. Shawn Sky has dedicated himself to making great relevant music that will last forever; hence the “Sky” in his name.

"The Way You Are" Video from Maryland Artist Ike Da Kid feat. Seph Ade

"The Way You Are" Ike Da Kid feat. Seph Ade from Ike Obioha on Vimeo.

Ike Da kid presents the video to his first single "The Way You Are'' which Features Maryland R&b artist Seph Ade. His first Mixtape “Coming To America”, which dropped November 30th has been well received and creating a buzz in the DMV area due to its eclectic sound. Since the single was featured on your dope blog, we present you the Visuals to the Leading song dedicated to beautiful women in the area.

Ndelible- Mammoth Mixtape

streamed or downloaded for free here.

Just wanted to let you know my group, Ndelible, released our new mixtape today. It's been getting great reviews and features our interpretations of songs from Kanye West, The Roots, Dave Matthews Band, and more. We'd love to get your thoughts on it. I know you prefer zshare links but unfortunately the upload function isn't working there for us. We have it up for free download and stream at www.ndelible.com