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Monday, April 28, 2014

Havoc EP - @MacXVII, Songs about being a weirdo

Ghost Of Nefertiti Music Video | M.A.B. (@IAmMAB)

June Da Kid "Y'all Aint' Touching Me"

@sp1it - Yokes (Official Music Video)

Today Maryland Poet and author of ebook, “What Is Going On,” Split decided to debut his first solo EP entitled “Jokes 2014” by releasing the leading single / bonus track from Jokes 2014 entitled 19 which features Philadelphia's own Asaad. Jokes 2014 features 11 tracks combined with 202 quotables. The stellar lyricist makes a powerful impact with his humorously packaged project, which includes production from Nascent, MP The God, Paris Artelli and more. The tape takes you through a field of real life emotions that attack modern day society in the most ridiculous approach with lines such as “lets have sex where we first met...on the Internet” or for example the song entitled “TwoShorts” where the artist immediately spits on the compression and basketball shorts combination. Jokes 2014 speaks to the people as a whole to simply say - life is fun, when you’re living. Split challenges the listener to live without frowns and tepidness. With lyrics such as “When I die I hope I meet a necrophiliac” or “Y’all bad at conversation! You rappers never say shit!” It is clear to say that Split rattles the cages of your comfort zone and breaks the mold. Check out the single "19" with Asaad here and check out the full EP below via Soundcloud.

Baltimore based rapper @HunitStackz - "Give This To 50 Cent [Demotape]"


Devin White - "Dirty Minds" Album

@ListenToDre - "How I Fell In Love"

@Laelo202 - Freedom Ain't Free feat. X-Kal [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Ali Kulture Ft. Young Moe - Waiting For Sunshine [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

@lord_nauti - Jeph Anthony(Baltimore) - Sirens Of Heat

DMV Artist A Day drops New Visual - "Tryin' 2 Breathe"

DMV artist Nizz, drops bars over Lloyd Banks' "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" beat

Washington, D.C. Hip Hop Artist “Lightshow” To Be Represented By All In Entertainment

Washington, D.C., (April 23, 2014) - Larinzo Lambright-Williams, better known by his stage name, “Lightshow,” recently made the biggest step of his career by entering into an agreement to be represented by All In Entertainment.
Lightshow, a native to Southeast Washington, D.C., is a trendsetting hip hop entertainer in the D.C. metro area (commonly referred to as “the DMV”) and now plans to expand his extraordinary talents to national and international audiences.

Lightshow’s critically acclaimed mixtape, Life Sentence 2 was released in December 2013. The mixtape not only showcases his lyrical savvy, but also dramatically reflects the everyday struggles and dreams of many growing up in the inner city. Lightshow believes that the “Life Sentence” movement and its imagery are centered on the concept that individuals from every environment, background and lifestyle can become so committed to a purpose that it becomes their “life sentence” in an aspirational manner.

His most recent project, the fourth installment in a series of freestyle tracks, entitled Yellow Tape White Chalk 4, was released on April 20. Upon its release, and a true testament to Lightshow’s loyal fan base, the mixtape became a trending topic in Washington, D.C. on twitter under the hashtag YTWC4. The freestyle mixtape highlights Lightshow’s polished and elite lyricism and also displays his unique, high energy delivery.

“All In Entertainment is going to provide me with opportunities to get to the next level,” Lightshow said. "One thing I felt was trust in them, which is big where I come from. Jeff is all about making others around him shine and everyone supporting each other." added Lightshow. “They want me to know everything going on business wise. Real refreshing.”

“When I met Lightshow I immediately saw the “It” factor in him. You put a microphone in his hand, a stage and a crowd and he is a natural performer with marquee superstar potential,” said All In Entertainment President, Jeff Fried. “He is dedicated to his craft, whether he is recording a new hit single, shooting a video, or reading lines for film opportunities, Lightshow is a consummate professional.”

All In Entertainment is a sports and entertainment promotional firm founded by internationally renowned entertainment lawyer and entrepreneur Jeff Fried, NBA Superstar Monta Ellis, and 9-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Phil Ivey. The All In Entertainment Family humbly maintains a diverse client partner base (in the areas of the NBA, championship boxing, music, broadcast and hospitality) and is recognized for nurturing and developing young talent, both within and outside their artistic capabilities.

After being shot in an attempted robbery in July of 2012, Lightshow poured his all into his music. Just a few months later, his verse on Wale’s single “Georgetown Press” garnered rave reviews from the hip hop community and solidified Lightshow as one of the top young MCs in the game. Notably, Complex Magazine named him as one of the “25 New Rappers to Watch out For” and both XXL Magazine and The Source showcased his project, Life Sentence 2, citing him as one of the up and comers out of Washington, D.C.

Lightshow has a major album release slated for summer 2014. Look for big things to come from Lightshow as the All In Entertainment team launches the DMV’s emerging young talent to new heights.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

@Shyne_on_meDC - Soul of The City Mixtape

Zo Black Da Rappa - Blackout Freestyle

Zo Black Da Rappa, born November 21st 1988, is an up and coming MC for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area with the talent and hunger to conquer hip-hop, as we know. Fresh from Silver Spring Maryland, Zo Black has dreams of becoming a prominent figure in rap. Influenced by artist such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss, and DMX, Zo has developed a unique and versatile style that sets him apart from everyone in ball field. His debut mixtape #WTFIZB, which released March 2014, is sure to be a breakthrough release that will give the listeners everything they've been waiting for. You can catch him on YouTube with one of his Freestyle releases or performing throughout the city at local events. Keep an ear open for this lyricist for he is sure to please your listening desire.

@NiaKeturah - crafting pixels ARTWORK

Nia recently took a quiet break from making soundwaves, too distracted by all the gorgeous oceans my peers were crafting. In the interim she decided to make some pixels instead. What she developed is displayed above. 5 illustrations of people, ideas, and concepts which directly affected my evolution as an artist. Do you dig them? Holla back at me.
After a few requests, I thought it may be a blessed act to open up a humble little web shop. All of the above prints are available on premium photo paper in limited quantities, signed and numbered.
They can be viewed and purchased here:


New True Prospeks album, Dutch Masters!

@Greenspan410 - "Wine & Cheese" ft. Ellis x Rome Cee

@Laelo202 - Freedom Ain't Free featuring X-Kal

@Blimpofbbmg, @Cedofbbmg - OG Bobby Johnson Remix

Monday, April 21, 2014


The 17-year old rhyme sayer NAPPY NAPPA releases his 1st complete project ever titled BMCNN (Black Market Cartel Nappy Nappa) on new Indie Label DOPE SINCE '88. BMCNN is a contemporary tale about a Black youth growing up in the Southeast area of Washington, D.C., dealing with the every day trials & tribulations while trying to figure life out own his own. If you take some time to listen to NAPPA, you'll see that he isn't just some misguided youth with access to a studio. He's a thinking young man trying to make something of himself, or for lack of a better term, "EAT" which also happens to be the name of his 1st single. Take a listen to BMCNN & stay tuned for more work from NAPPY NAPPA & the DOPE SINCE '88 Record Label.


M.C.B. The Label presents the 4th solo mixtape from southeast DCs own Flight entitled "Columbia Music". With tracks like "Aiming With Presicion" & "Trust" flight shows you the other side of the district that you dont get to see.


@SunlessMusic @zach_silva - SUNLESS

Vhedot - Rain (Official Video) Shot by @SlumpedTVfilms

@FlyRebelSociety - "Rearview" (Prod. by Flash Beats)

@babysharn - Face Ass

@_mOtIvE - Popular Demand Feat. @Intalek & @Outlandishmeeze


Monday, April 14, 2014

A.o.K & T.I.M - "Alcatraz" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

@TiJeanOnline "Fast/Slow" feat. Pusha T

@ImTy_96 -The Bullshit Nights (Official Video)

(@momoneymellzy) (@trebeats33) - Breathe Video

Silence. (@silenceunltd) - Trophies

Vin - Dear Summer

@KaiDezzy @DopeIsJuan - Strip (Official Music Video)

God's Morning Foundation's first community festival to be held Saturday, April 26, 2014

STUNNA LORENZANA’S Silver City Lights LP Trailer

@ryanapostle - Reep-- "Fear of Being Broke"

@seslim202 - Greater Southeast (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

@VictoriusVXE @EddieBlack95 - "EAT THE CAKE" Video

@Yung_Gleesh - "Gleechie" Music Video (NEW)

@CHRISSY_VASQUEZ - Golden Reaper

@OfficialVhedot - #DOPE (In-Studio Performance) Shot by @Slump

@DugeeLFE - GDLU

Let It All Go - Ali Kulture ft. Hassan Jamal (prod. by Espee) | Official Video

@YoungYellow47 - #DraftDay Remix!

Diablo Flamez -"The World"

@itsvisto - How That Pxxxy Taste (Remix) ft. Raheem DeVaughn [CLEAN]

DMV artist Dat Boy B new single called "Chasing Dreams" produced by Nard&B

Rickie Jacobs - Homerun Freestyle.

Ziplock Domo - Tired [Official Video]

Elektric Hangover produced AmBuSh Music

@iamTravisDavon - - Eyes Wide Open (Official)

KakeKrew Meke bday up Capitale

@FlyTerryMak - Heaven Or Hell