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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Group from the DMV.......BKS!

Glad to see youngings forming and organizing. Check them out and see if you like what they offer.

I Got U ft. K Mac produced by Konvict Music

Pretty decent record. Not your typical 808, chant type joint. Hahaha
Get Here:

Marky performing at Club Bounce.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

StartOfTheLine, DCtoBC & KNOWxONE present: The DMV mixtape | zshare

Halftime Remix -- RatheMC
I Really Luv Ur Girl -- Wale
If Only You Believe -- Third World Klick
It Ain't Hard to Tell -- R.E.U.B.
KidzWithGunz (Remix) -- NandoMcFlyy. feat. Mouse
Memory Lane -- Oddisee
On My Way Home -- NandoMcFlyy.
Rid'n (Remix) -- X.O. feat. Wale
State of Mind -- K-Beta
Stolen -- X.O.
The Artistic Integrity -- Wale
The Bomb -- Southeast Slim feat. Wale
This One's for the Money -- Marky
Waiting on the World to Change -- R.E.U.B.

Get it Here


Yougin stay grinding via myspace......now he got a mixtape poppin!


Monday, July 28, 2008

More Commonwealth Party Pics.......

Scooty & Khary
You know we gotta have a cup pic! haha
Look at her face.....She was serious as a mug!
Still going!
Trouble & ME! Jesus..........

D.C. Commonwealth Party.....

The Boss....Not the C.O. Rick Ross Type tho
Party People!
Lolli pop Action!
Zay, Me and Infinite

Sunday, July 27, 2008

D. Omen...

Alittle Background info: August 31, 1988, God sent another virtuoso to earth. Born in New Jerusalem, Damien "D. Omen" lived a nomadic life with his single parent mother, relocating from different areas of New York and New Jersey, eventually landing in the MD/DC metropolitan area, also known today as "The D.M.V.". D. Omen gained recognition from his peers at school, hip-hop & poetry venues, as well as various competitions through out the area. Most notabe for his witty and thought provoking lyricism that consists of high-caliber punchlines and views of political, domestic or international affairs. D. Omen has one completed project under his belt, titled "Brimstone: The Rise Of Damien" which featured a slew of artists and producers D. Omen has respected or admired. Still progressing with his style, becoming more innovative and diverse than in previous releases; The Class Clown [his second project] D. Omen hopes to ultimately capture the ears of music lovers everywhere.

* Its a cool record called "On The Grind" so...

Get it Here:

Check him out Here:

Young I from that good ol Southeast give you "Due Time" video.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top Notch- AFter the Go Go...... Video

Vote for Tabi!

MTV needs your help determining which videos get nominated for Best Hip Hop Video! Fortunately I have 2 videos in this category. Make sure you vote for Tabi Bonney with either Beat Rock or Cool and Fly. Go to www.mtv.com


I'm on page 5 and 6 right now.

Voting ends this Wednesday July 30th!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This might be a dope event!

Wale featuring Southeast Slim on Madden 09!

The Madden NFL 09 video game due August 12th from Electronic Arts includes a number of hip hop artists on the soundtrack:

Busta Rhymes f/Linkin Park - We Made It
Gym Class Heroes - I'm Home
Izza Kizza - Millionaire
Kardinal Offishall f/Lindo P - Burnt
Kidz In The Hall - Blackout
Tyga - Diamond Life
Wale f/Southeast Slim - Breakdown
Young Dre The Truth f/Good Charlotte - Workin'

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is he really going to make a damn difference?

What usually happens when a athlete is trading to our sports team

They party and get injured! Ibiza is going to have a field day with him!

Coo "Disco" Dan.....I thought he was D***

A legend in the city........

Thanks Heat

Lady Redz-My Pain

Me and shawty wop go back to when she was in a group but now she's solo and well.....check the vid out!

Thanks Heat!

Marky Footage!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not DMV related but this may effect some of you Lil Wayne followers....

Some Crips in South Central Corner Lil Wayne and Baby on a side street and ask him to talk that Blood ish and...........

Raheem..... Text Message Vid!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ain't Heard It From Me-Rhymefest featuring WALE!

New record from Rhymefest featuring WALE! 

Let yall be the judge!

Tae Barz feat. Day Day-Shawty Can We Video!

It's going down!

"Put it up" from a new artist named ILIM

Here's a new record from a Silver Spring representer named ILIM. It's a cool record. Youngin got potential. Keep it moving homie!

This single is off his up-comming Mixtape A Change In The Game  Vol.1, The Concept you can learn more about him at myspace.com/ilimsoul or iliveinmusic.com.

The pic took forever so visit his myspace for a visual.

Get it Here:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Freestyle from RAtheMC..............What Else

They don't make records like this anymore!

"What Else" freestyle from RA...............

Thanks............OVEROK for the cuts on the beatswww.overok.blogspot.com

Exploit Here:

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Welcome to D.C. show!

The "Welcome to D.C." show should have been called the "It's all Love Show". Tabi performed and killed  it and then at the end of Wale's performance he brought out Studio 43/SRC Universal and DMV native Marky for a quick performance of his banger Thug Passion

A good night in the city!

Trouble Funk-Mister Magic

For you youngins out there!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Major Move.....................

D.C.'s own Wale has blown up the past couple of months partly thanks to his recent signing to Interscope and partly due to his underground appeal and strong online presence. L-R-G, always on the cusp of hip-hop and street wear fashion has scooped up Wale as a recent sponsor which includes the basic appearances with the L-R-G Clothing and various print ads. 
These ads are in XXL, Vibe, The source and all other hip hop related publications.

Thanks to ME (Judah)!

Remeber were you seen it first. (I think) HAHAHA

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Look what I found..................

I was going through some disc and I found a lot of old hot records I did with some DMV artist back in my mixtape days. It had to be around 2000-2006. Some artist are still at it and some are well.........milk cartoned! I actually put it together a while ago but never put it out because "Who the Hell is JUDAH" to have a "Best of JUDAH" but now............................I'm Mr. In High Demand! Stamp............hahahahahahahaha

1. N80 Days-F Da Industry
2. Blackjuice-Freestyle
3. Babs-Hardtimes (Produced by JUDAH)
4. Snook- Well, Well, Well (Produced by JUDAH)
5. 2 Face The Don- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
6. N80 days- Too Funny Joint
7. The View Ent. - Time is Money (Produced by JUDAH)
8. Hansum- See You Again
9. Adversary- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
10. AWOL- Freestyle
11. Nile Nu Man- Love You (Produced by JUDAH)
12. Born Unique- Born Unique
13. Chain Gang- Oh Sometimes (R.I.P. TROY) (Produced by JUDAH)
14. N80 Days- Black Book (Produced by JUDAH)
15. Goodie- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
16. Gangsta Goz- Freestyle
17. N80 Days- Freestyle
18. Goodie-Pac Joint
19. Mike Lova- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
20. Realife- Freestyle
21. Irenna-Freestyle
22. Outro

Download Here:

Friday, July 11, 2008

DMV's own Tony Thompson getting busy this weekend!

Tony "The Tiger" Thompson will try to rough the crown from one of the Klitschko brothers Saturday night on HBO over in Germany...Check out this article on Tony if you don't know much about him...Good Luck Tony!

Oh and he fights in regular sneakers..........
Dunks to be exact!


New project from DMV artist G5 Clive

My man modi over at www.dctobc.com sent me this to listen to and I can honestly say it's worth the listen.

1. Do My Thang (Intro)
2. Summa of 88
3. Wat You Want?!?!
4. Nun Like Dis ft. Arafat Yates
5. Ooh Ahh
6. Tweeters ‘n Cones ft. Arafat Yates & Scoopay
7. DateLine: 1988 (PSA)
8. Top of Da Globe ft. 4th Letter
9. House for Love (Interlude)
10. Este Casa ft. J-Da Rula
11. Blew Berry Sky
12. Clientele Kidz 1.0 ft. J-Da Rula
13. Channel 88 (Skit)
14. Cinderellas (88 Slippers Remix) ft. Lord Fuego
15. Love Mite
16. Kick It ‘n Shit ft. Miss Jillz
17. Yall Kno Da Deal ft. DJ Vic Mase & D-Hawk
18. Soopa PHunk
19. All Street Meters ft. J-Da Rula
20. Cocaine, Scarface
21. Murakami Baby (Outro)

Download Here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

THE DMV's Top Ten List!

The good folks over at the www.dalockerroom.blogspot.com put together a list of the hottest artist/groups in the DMV check it out. I try to stay away from this type of stuff because I work with most of these artist and groups so I'm glad someone else did it.

This list is based on recent sales and radio play, street buzz, label status and body of work. Artist must have released product, had a radio single or created buzzworthy news within the last 12 months. Also, I define the DMV as DC, PG/Montgomery/Charles (basically anything thats doesn't border Baltimore) and Northern VA. (sorry Chris Brown, Trey Songz and The Clipse). I will be posting an all time list in the upcoming weeks.

So without further adieu...I present to you my list of the "Top Ten Urban Artist/Groups In The DMV".

  1. Raheem DeVaughn (major label artist, large fanbase, radio/video play, catalog)

  2. Wale (signed to arguably the best major for rap (Interscope), large fanbase, street/industry buzz, radio play, featured with several major label artist)

  3. J. Holiday (major label artist, hit single, album sales)

  4. Mambo Sauce (two certified hit singles in last year on Billboard charts, radio/video play, large fanbase)

  5. Tabi Bonney (two hit singles in last year, radio/video play, large fanbase)

  6. Chuck Brown (DC legend, released album last year with Chucky Thompson, radio play, large fanbase)

  7. Marky (major label artist, managed by Kenny Burns (industry vet), recently released solid mixtape)

  8. The Committee (two hit singles in last year, radio play, streetbuzz)

  9. The Oy Boyz (large fanbase, streetbuzz, strong mixtape catalog, recognized outside of DC by national artist)

  10. TNT (Top Notch Teamsters)-(large fanbase, streetbuzz, strong catalog of songs/albums)
Honorable Mention: Backyard, Familiar Faces, Gerreddi, SE Slim, Ms. Kim, UCB, Whitefolkz, Don Juan, TCB, Da Mayor, 20 Bello, B.A., Kingpin Slim

I will be re-publishing this list periodically so if you think you were wrongfully left off, make sure you keep Da Locker Room on your radar. Send us your upcoming events, projects, news, etc. and post your myspace page in the comments section so people can hear your music. We will also post some of your items you send...So until next time...Holla! (Stay tuned for the Best Go-Go Bands of All-Time list and several other DMV top list!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Raheem Jewel That you probably didnt know about!

My Soul Ain't for Sale- Raheem Devaughn

Unlike some blogs I really listen to the music I post and follow the artist. I just don't post it because it was emailed to me.......but I am a lover of music and hip hop and this cut is deep on DJ JAZZY JEFF album- The Return of the Magnificent.


If you a blogger and you take this give credit or I'm apply pressure! STAMP!

Raheem.....Customer Remix featuring Robyn Janelle

Customer Remix featuring Robyn Janelle and yeah she's from the DMV!

Exploit here:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mardi Gras taking shoots at.....................well you'll see!

I actually had this record a minute ago and didnt really pay attention to it but now the visual is out and about................well you'll see!

Thanks DJ HEAT!

Remember these days DMV?

Damn........$1.09 for regular! Jesus those were the days.

"They" are robbing us and its like we don't even care!

New mixtape from Tae Barz

Youngin Keeps music out in the DMV streets. Here's is latest offering!

Click here to pump!

Thanks KT

Monday, July 7, 2008

Be Proud DMV!

MAMBO SAUCE....WELCOME TO D.C. VIDEO Directed by Tabi Bonney!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kid Cudi and RAtheMC producer by A-Trak.....

New record from my first artist RAthe MC on my STRANGE MUSIC label. Enjoy you bammas.......................

Kid Cudi + RAtheMC x A-Trak= Herion.....Shoot it up and get hooked.


Click Here To Exploit:

This just might be interesting!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rock Bottom-Summer in the City

This vid will have you realize why the DMV is a wonderful place to party. The women are the best and the clubs....well its what you make it! But the women are the best!!!

Thanks...... Vages!

DC Boyz-32 featuring Wale

32 is legend on the go-go scene and now he's spreading his wings in the hip hop world

Thanks to the unknown person that sent it to me!

One of the first!

This just appeared in my inbox  and I actually forgot this was even recorded in my old studio.

Thanks Ddotfilms.

Damn Martin was funny! The DMV's own!

Another sale for all those not hurting from the recession!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bout time someone throws a damn cookout!

Cookouts are rare these day!

Reintroducing the world to TNT.... Top Notch Teamstas

These dudes have a rep and history in the DMV as long as Bob Johnson's money and their re-energized and refocused and delivered you their Studio 43 jump off "After The Go Go".


New Mixtape for the 4th of JULY from Lyriciss! Enjoy...

1. The Awakening
2. I'm Back
3. They Fakin (Produced by Swaggar)
4. Marky Drop
5. Long Paper Short Gangsta (w./Problem Child & Cadi Mac) (Produced by Swaggar)
6. Welcome To The Middle East (Produced by F Major)
7. Nike Boots
8. DJ Torkaveli Drop
9. A Milli Freestyle (f./Lil Bay Newt)
10. You & Me (Produced by Kingsmen Productions)
11. The Hope
12. Magnum Dollar$ Drop
13. FlyMusic (Remix) (w./NandoMcFlyy.)
14. The People
15. Sweet Dreams (w./H-Tips)
16. Never
17. N-Tense Drop
18. The District (Produced by VBM)
19. Forget Me (f./IenStyne & Akon)
20. Outro



Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another GO-GO type Record from a non DMV artist!

New record from Fantasia

Another Dope Vid from Urbanflavorz


New Brydgang Video featuring the DMV's own Chink Santana!

But hell I almost forgot he was from the DMV!