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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Major Munae- The Capitol!

Click Here to Download:

Dope Hip Hip Show in the DMV on June 14th.




Click The Link To Download The DMV's 2008 twist on the 1994 Nas classic "Illmatic." 

Producers Overok, SlimKat78, J-$crilla, Judah, Oddisee, NFinit, Kev Brown, Best Kept Secret, Montana and Team Demo. 

Emcees: K-Beta, Y.U., Sketch, Ra Tha MC, Oddisee, Sim City, Kaimbr, Shaka, R.E.U.B. & Team Demolition

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 new joints from the homie Lyriciss!

A few new records from the homie Lyriciss. He rolls with my homie Nando Mcflyy. Definitely a strong artist! Check them out!

Lyriciss - Never

Lyriciss - The People Freestyle

Lyriciss - They Fakin

Lyriciss - Nike Boots Freestyle

NandoMcFlyy. f./Lyriciss - FlyMusic (Remix)

Thanks L.

Wale-Artist of The Week

Thanks H.E.R

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Need I say anything about this event!

Thanks Faraz................Thank you really! Thanks man! I appreciate it! Gracias!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New XO....Rid'n featuring WALE

New XO featuring Wale.

I heard this record a minute ago on the low............This joint crank and it's from a cool and loyal dude. XO is underrated and under appreciated as a emcee!

The flow takes me back to 96!

Click Here to Download

Thanks Modi..........WWW.DCtoBC.COM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

WALE-W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. Video

Thanks WDIR.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Northeast own Phelps High School getting facelift!

The legendary Phelps Vocational High School is getting a $63.8 million dollar facelift. It is said to a futuristic look with computer-controlled window shades and watering system. ( Damn it make me want to go back to school.......sike nah). We all know the D and M schools are in bad shape. VA is doing fine I heard...LOL but this is a good look.

You want fast food huh?

Car crashes into a checkers restaurant!

Drive thru...................................

To see footage go to:


I rode by this joint over the holiday weekend and man they was still serving customers. It was  funny as hell.

Look what I found..................

I was going through some disc and I found a lot of old hot records I did with some DMV artist back in my mixtape days. It had to be around 2000-2006. Some artist are still at it and some are well.........milk cartoned! I actually put it together a while ago but never put it out because "Who the Hell is JUDAH" to have a "Best of JUDAH" but now............................I'm Mr. In High Demand! Stamp............hahahahahahahaha

1. N80 Days-F Da Industry
2. Blackjuice-Freestyle
3. Babs-Hardtimes (Produced by JUDAH)
4. Snook- Well, Well, Well (Produced by JUDAH)
5. 2 Face The Don- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
6. N80 days- Too Funny Joint
7. The View Ent. - Time is Money (Produced by JUDAH)
8. Hansum- See You Again
9. Adversary- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
10. AWOL- Freestyle
11. Nile Nu Man- Love You (Produced by JUDAH)
12. Born Unique- Born Unique
13. Chain Gang- Oh Sometimes (R.I.P. TROY) (Produced by JUDAH)
14. N80 Days- Black Book (Produced by JUDAH)
15. Goodie- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
16. Gangsta Goz- Freestyle
17. N80 Days- Freestyle
18. Goodie-Pac Joint
19. Mike Lova- Freestyle (Produced by JUDAH)
20. Realife- Freestyle
21. Irenna-Freestyle
22. Outro

Download Here:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New record from Chop Shop featuring the DMVs own Kevin Ross.

Cool record! Kevin is a ill vocalist and I know slim will get signed one day!

Download here:

For info on Kevin Ross visit his Managers @

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Record from R&B Group Hundred Mill

DC duo Hundred Mill consist of Sinister (1st verse) and Major Munae
new single for DC "Grindin Outta Control" produced By Flawless Ent.

Download and let the DMV know what you think about it:

Monday, May 19, 2008

New record from Gladiator produced by JUDAH!

A few words form Gladiator...........

Off top I'm a loyal dude to my fam and close friends.  I never sell anyone out who is not tryna play me!  I'm also a hard ass worker, I grind cuz!  Sometimes I grind so hard I can be annoying, and my peeps be saying I'm like Kobe Bryant LOL!  But I'll be that.  You gotta work extra hard to get what you want in any aspect of life!  I'm dedicated to my music 100%.  I'm always thinking of a new song, new concept, or ways to network and promote my sounds.  So I'm even at work if there's no beat on or I aint got a pad nearby.  I just get on that Jay-Z shit and memorize, but I write sometimes too. 
On a little bit more of a personal note, I was born in NYC and lived in the Bronx for 10 years.  I lived in VA ever since then (almost 17 years).  So if anyone asked me where I'm from I say VA, if they want more detail I get into the NY part.  I lived in the projects in NYC and the hood in VA.  So I seen gangsta shit from both aspects, city and country.  It's really all the same just a lot more population in NY.  I had friends shot there, I had friends shot here.  I had peeps go to prison there, I got peeps in prison here.  Cops is dirty there and they're dirty here!  I used to hustle a lil bit, untill I found out I could make more money using my hustling skills selling quality legal things.  I'm hood but I'm smart as well and always looking for ways to make more cash!  Also this way I aint gotta worry 'bout the cops as much, but you're never safe from the pigs!
I take my music seriously!  I don't just have one or two styles I have many.  I flow all kinds of different ways.  You may here me on one track and then here me on another and not even know it's the same person rapping.  I do a little bit of it all.  I touch on a whole variety of subjects from street life, to married life, to being a father, to personal topics, to what's going on in 'round the world, to party shit, and much more.  And, all experiences I rap about are real.  Some people can rap but they faker then silicon.  Some is real but they can't really rap.  I'm one of those rare cats that is real and I put it down on the mic (if I could say that without being arrogent LOL).  But when you put it all the together I'm a stand up dude, I'M REALLY A GROWN ASS MAN!  I aint got to prove my hood stripes to no one.  Just respect me and I'll do the same!  If not we gonna have problems period.

Click here to download:

New single from the DMV's own Young Rob! SWAG ON 1000!

 Pretty cool song! Even though everybody and their grandma is talking about "swag" this is a typical industry song. The quality is dope and format is dope and youngin can flow so it's worth a listen.

Click here to download!

Thanks Mr. Parker!

New joint from JUDAH....................



Inner Loop Presents....................

Chop It Up Weekend

The Past, Present and Future of Hip Hop Production.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May 29th-31st

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Events and Locations:

Illmatic Remix Party

5.29.08 | The Rock and Roll Hotel | $20

In the past few years producers and artists alike have remixed songs and entire albums, we here at Inner Loop Records will do something that has never been done; remix an entire album and perform it live. This party will feature some of DC’s hottest producers and artists working together to remix a classic album song for song. 
The first 200 people will receive the entire CD!

Producers: Best Kept Secret, Judah, Oddisee, Kev Brown, J-Scrilla, Overok, Nfinit, Team Demo, SlimKat and Montana.

DJ: Alizay (WKYS 93.9)

Sponsored by: Commonwealth


Dynamic Producer Battle

5.30.08 | Club Five | $15

Dynamic Producer, Roland and Inner Loop Records link up to crown the next up and coming producer in the DC area. 16 producers will go head to head, and will be judged by a panel of industry representatives.

1st Place

• Roland Juno G Keyboard w/ SRX Xpansion Card (lists around $1494).
• $300
• Private beat session with Shady Records recording artist Bobby Creekwater.
• 10 Free hours of studio time along with press package and 10 CD’s from District Entertainment.
• Gift Certificate from SOM Records
• Will be apart of the June Beatdown along with featured producers Moss and Digga
• Ultimate pass to the Dynamic Producer Conference in NY which includes private beat playing sessions with established artists for possible placements

2nd Place

• $100
• Studio time from Skyline Music Studios
• Gift Certificate to SOM Records


Bink! - Produced for artists such as Jay-Z, Freeway and Beanie Sigel
P-Stew - WKYS 93.9 Radio personality
Bobby Creekwater - Shady Records Recording artist

Submission Information:

ALL producers must submit $30 (See Paypal link in blog entitled "ATTN: Producers") and email 3 beats to beatbattledc@gmail.com. If you by any chance cannot email or pay via the internet, call (202) 489-4054. Submission does not guarantee you will be in the battle; we are only picking 16 of the best!


Streetz Magazine Producers Workshop

5.31.08 | Guitar Center (Seven Corners) | Free

To finish off the third day Streetz Mag, Inner Loop Records and Guitar Center host an all age’s event geared towards education. The event will feature tutorials on producing, djing, and engineering. There will also be a panel of representatives speaking on their experiences of the ups and downs of the recording industry.

Tutorials by:

• MPC Tutorial (Keyboard Room) – Judah (www.judahbeats.com)
• DJ Tutorial (DJ Room) – DJ Nfinit (www.mysapce.com/djnfinit)
• Crate Digging Tutorial (DJ Room) – J-Scrilla (www.myspace.com/gunsnbutter)
• Engineering Tutorial (Studio Room) – Tynez (www.derecording.com)

Industry Panel:

• Producer - Bink! (Has produced for artists such as Jay Z, Freeway, and Amerie)
• Print Media - Chris Bryant (Publisher for Streetz Magazine)
• Publisher - Jason Kibble (ASCAP)
• Radio - DJ Dub (XM Radio DJ)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All Events Sponsored by:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Inner Loop Records is a lifestyle based entertainment company focused on providing platforms for musical creativity and strategic musical exposure. Utilizing a grassroots game plan centering on events, email marketing, retail positioning, national and regional music industry relationships and image, Inner Loop Records is both a product, service and a lifestyle. It begins with “The Beatdown,” a monthly musical showcase highlighting the geniuses behind the boards popularly referred to as producers. This event wrangles all urban inspired music aficionados to one central location for a quick bask in self-revelry and closes the lifestyle gap existing in major to medium sized markets.

Based in Washington, DC Inner Loop Records understands lifestyles specifically that of the urban collective mindset. We allude to a state of mind due to the convergence of cultures and cross-pollination that music genres have perfected. Exposed now is a lucrative market that appeals to all consumers of music and music related events. The flux of street wear lifestyle, where style mores associated with hip-hop, punk, skateboarding, gothic and motorcycle culture have bonded creating this unilateral taste bespeaking the target consumer’s worldlier outlook on life. It is this shift that sits at the crux of our stratagem to create platforms that are attractive to a more diverse audience of nightlife frequenters, potential advertiser/sponsors, regional and national record label representatives and the international music making community.

At the helm of this endeavor sit a triumvirate (J-Scrilla, Overok and Nfinit) of musical creators who have been producing for major and independent artists separately for years. With a shared vision coupled with real world experience and innovation, Inner Loop Records is well-equipped for the global music scene. Understand that Inner Loop Records is looking far beyond the recorded music industry and well into an all-around media future including new media/internet properties and all other facets of the ever-evolving media industry.

Thanks Overok!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Interview with Dopeville for District Fresh.

District Fresh Series - Dopeville Clothing from ABB VIDEO on Vimeo.

Music from Dymond City Rydaz................

Dymond City Rydaz (a rap/producer/songwritter duo from PG Maryland) are currently working under their mentor, Super producer Chris Styles (of Dangerous LLC) whose famous for working with 50 Cent and others.  They have a youngin coming out of the DMV name Kendall Elijah.

Judah's 2 cents:

I checked out the mixtape and overall I was a little disappointed. The production was not up to par and the recording quality was unbearable at times. The mixtape concept was well thought out but poorly executed. On a positive side a stand out track is "For The Money". Another aspect of the mixtape I did like was the various styles of hip hop they used.

Download and add your 2 cents to the comment section!

Click here to Get it:

The Evolution of the New Balance in DMV culture!

I was in the city noticed how the love affair with New Balance is still going strong in the DMV. Back in the day to get a pair of 996's put you on another level. Even though i dont rock NB anymore nor do I know what joints the youngins are wearing today. I found a few pics of the early NB's us getting "older" heads used to rock.

The ones that started it all off the 996's

The 992's
The 999's
The 1300's
The 1500's

* What were you favorite pair of NB's? Please leave comment!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ward 5 is going hard!

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. on Thursday called for a crime emergency to quell a spate of shootings and homicides in his Northeast Washington neighborhoods, an initiative the police chief has resisted because she says it’s too costly and burdensome to her troops.

But Thomas said the violence — 10 homicides in Ward 5 since January — requires extreme measures.

“It’s a drastic measure, but these are drastic times,” Thomas said. “We have to do this.”

Police spokeswoman Traci Hughes said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier won’t call for a crime emergency, but has been in regular contact with Thomas to try to close the recent shooting cases. The police commander for the Fifth District, which encompasses most of Ward 5, has plans in place and is readying for the summer months.

“There are already officers, there’s already increased presence,” Hughes said.

Crime in the Fifth District is down by about 7 percent this year, according to police statistics.

A crime emergency allows the District to quickly suspend officers’ schedules and order them to work overtime shifts. Former D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey employed the strategy in 2006 after the city witnessed 14 homicides in 13 days.

During the five-month emergency that year, violent crime declined by more than 19 percent, and overall crime was down more than 14 percent citywide, Thomas said. Spikes in both homicides and robberies were also reversed.

Officers worked six-day weeks, clocking more than a quarter-million hours in overtime, police officials said, and costing the District tens of millions of dollars.

Union officials complained the long work weeks burned out the officers.

Lanier has vowed to avoid crime emergencies. She has sought innovative and less expensive ways to fight crime, including increasing foot patrols and ordering All Hands on Deck initiatives that flood the streets with all 3,900 uniformed officers five weekends out of the year. Last month, she unveiled a plan to ask residents to let police search their homes for weapons, but has since acknowledged that the initiative was mistakenly rolled out after she received numerous complaints from residents and civil libertarians.

Homicides last year increased by 12 from 2006, but the figure marked the second-fewest in nearly three decades.

As of Thursday, homicides in 2008 remained 18 percent fewer than last year.

*At the time of this article it was 10 homicides now they up to like 17 or 18.

Thanks.... Washington Post Writer

Request Sheila..........................


W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. video previews............DOPE!

Thanks Hefection.....www.herfection.com

Tuesday, May 13, 2008







"Even though I'm rapping now, I bang on the MP still because Fruity Loops and Reasons just don't give me the feel" 

To all those young producers thats coming up and only make beats on software...... Experience the real........MPC thingy!  LOL

I have no beef with youngins that use software because of obvious reasons($$$$$) but try hardware sometimes and your appreciation for production will be multiplied by 100%.

May 30th DMV...................Wale new mixtape!

DMVs own Young Marly performing with Jim Jones...

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's just Cooomedy!

Stand Up Saturday @ The Nest
featuring: Michael Blackson(Def Comedy Jam, Next Friday)
along with some of the funniest comedians DC has to offer

Doors open @ 9pm with comedy show starting @ 9:30
Afterparty begins immediately after!
Ladies $10 B4 10pm
Fellas $15 B4 10pm

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New video from Benji called....... N***** be Hatin!

Dope song and pretty dope video. Gadget stay doing some sick indie vids..................

New Ankh Amen Ra

This is a must listen to! Ankh Amen Ra gets in on conspiracies and the presidency YesWeCan- Produced by J-$crilla, Mixed by MudNoc, Recorded by Judah, Inspired by U.S.A.

Get it here:

Wale Interview on Rhapsody......................

Friday, May 9, 2008

For those that don't know Darren Harper...... well!

A quick revisit to some vid of the DMV's own Pro Skateboarder Darren Harper

LMNO & KEv BROWN-Who's That (Video)

Dope record! Took me a while to get used to LMNOs flow but I'm all in now!




Thursday, May 8, 2008

Judah you a genius.......... Hold on.. I am JUDAH!


SEXY LADY BASH...............GEESH!

The Sexy Lady Bash
Cafe Asia | MAY 10th 

featuring, the Ty-Chi Boxing {girl fight!!!} & the HOTTEST Female contest. 

Ladies,... come out and show DC "why you're HOT" and you could win $500 [cash prize or more] 

Its definitely SEXY but, its also a PARTY so come out & shut it down!! 

Tell.A.Friend and attend The Sexy Lady Bash, May 10th @ Cafe Asia | 1720 I ST NW DC 

DRESS = Sexy.Grown.Impressing {will be strictly enforced} 

Shuddafukup.com | 

Stussy Store Update!

I am happy to let all know that, the soft opening of the long awaited Stussy DC Chapter Store will be Saturday the 23rd!!! We would like to invite EVERYONE to come through and get the real Stussy experience! There is a GREAT selection of clothing and accesories from the S/S08 collection for men and women, as well as the Deluxe line and artist series. There will be some other NICE pieces in stock as well im not going to mention, but you'll have to come by and see!!! Also, upon the opening, customers will get FREE goodies along with there purchases.

$50+ purchases get a free 100% Medicom Stussy Be@rbrick

$100+ purchases get a free Stussy tee.

Stussy DC Chapter Store

1781 Florida Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20009

(two doors down from Commonwealth DC) 

edit: store hours: 11am-8pm

Cant wait to see you there!!!

p.s. For all of you who downplayed the opening of this establishment early on, will be made believers!!!imageimage

Crucial Commonwealth Sale!


DJs, recording artists, and activists are being called on to rally in Washington DC this summer at the "Million DJ March," in an attempt to shed light on issues affecting DJs.

The three day event - which will be held on August 28 -30 - will find DJs raising their voices for better compensation, security, recognition for contributions to the music industry and an organized union for professional DJs, as they march from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument.

DJ Green Lantern is the face of the event, while A. Shaw, a long-time sponsor of Justo's Mixtape Awards, is heading up the whole thing. "DJ's do not get fully recognized for the work they do," Shaw said in a statement. "Label and major businesses who reap the rewards of default publicity need to pay attention and give more recognition and financial compensation to DJs for the promotion they provide, without which music sales would surely suffer."

Sometimes, DJs even face legal repercussions for that promotion, a practice the rally will also address."[DJs are] often harassed and legally penalized for their promotional efforts even when those efforts have been solicited directly by the labels and artists themselves: an arrangement that is known about throughout the industry but kept 'on the low," the press release reads."I am calling upon the industry to show support for an event to unify deejays and help create future economic safety for those that have chosen this art form as a career," Shaw said.

Sponsors and attendees will be treated to artist performances, speeches by music industry leaders and founding DJs.

For more info go to

From the good people @ DCtoBC.com

I created this muxtape with the hope of increasing the friendly competition amongst the artists in the dmv. whatever it is, if it's hot, it'll make the muxtape. biased? probably. but my ear is good, and if you like good music, you'll appreciate the choices. it's like a battle of the bands: best 12 tracks (in no ranking or particular order) every month get recognition, while those who didn't make it work harder so next time, they get on it.

If you want the entire reason for me creating the joint, DCtoBC.com. the post is up, and i'ma leave it up for a bit so people can understand why i'm doing it, besides the fact that i like seeing our area succeed.

Let me know if you like. guys, please spread the word, forward this e-mail to other DMV hip hop bloggers, or whoever you think would be interested. do whatever. the movement can be huge. i would love to see this thing on every myspace, facebook, and blog in the DMV. and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot. i appreciate it. and if you need any songs, holler at me. and huge shout out to 2 dope boyz...they get music so damn early. good grief. and shout out to those who are grinding out those final exams right now. my bad for hitting everybody up in the early AM, but i'm just tryna make something happen.

- modi


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What if this happened on the Green Line?

JESUS...............This is too funny!


 FOR INFO CALL 3014405522 or 3013951013

New Record from MINA produced by TEFLON 'NEW DAY"

My homie TEFLON (www.myspace.com/27deep) sent me a new record he produced for a artist named MINA and it's called "New Day". It a pretty dope record in my opinion. It's not no 808 pop rock S***! Sike nah its a dope record. Download.........

My homie Teflon is taking full advantage of this blog...........

Venting Part 1. SCUM BALL ALERT!

So I was rapping to my man (who will remain anonymous) and he said something about a studio on Georgia Ave named Listen Vision. I immediately got a little angry!!!!!!!! 

Over the years people have been coming through my studio talking about this lames. It has been reported many times that their business practices haven't been that good. I have a personal experience with the owner of the studio "DJ BOOM", he has stolen one of my beats in the past.

One of my beats was on a famous instrumental mixtape and a artist took it to listen vision to record it. A few months later I called Listen Vision to get some beats for a project i was working on and DJ BOOM sent me a CD with some beats on it and guess what.....................The beat that was on the instrumental CD and that the guy had took to Listen Vision to record was on the CD. THE SAME DAMN BEAT just some extra cuttin (DJ BOOM is famous for that bamma A$$ S***).

Needless to say I wanted to apply pressure but I was urged to let it go because of various reasons. But.........................the conversation I had with my homie yesterday just made me realize that they still doing dirty stuff over there. 


Useful info for those trying to get in the music biz.....

Music industry: five alternative business models

by Steve O'Hear, editor
October 11th, 2007 | Posted in Audio |  29 Comments

Music industry: five alternative business modelsThe record industry is in dire trouble and the major record companies know it. According to the IFPI’s most recent figures, “physical” music sales were down 11% to $17.5bn in 2006, and, blaming piracy — both CD copying and online file-sharing — the IFPI says that overall music sales have fallen for the seventh year running.

However, none of this was unpredicted, and in post-Napster 2003, Steve Jobs appeared to offer the recording industry a way into the future, through the iTunes Music Store. People didn’t want to steal music, argued Jobs, and if paid-for downloads could compete on price and convenience, then many of those illegal file traders would be converted back into paying customers. As a result, Jobs insisted on the unbundling of albums; instead all tracks would be offered for purchase individually, at the same price — 99c — whether they be a new release, top 40 hit, or an older and more obscure song. To which the majors reluctantly complied, and would later learn to regret.

Fast-forward again to 2007, and although paid-for downloads are on the increase, they aren’t rising nearly fast enough to make up for the loss in revenue from falling CD sales. By Jobs’ own admission, on average only three percent of music on an iPod originates from the iTunes Music Store. As if to rub salt in the wound, iPod sales accounted for nearly half of Apple’s total revenuefor 2006.

Instead of recognizing that the record industry’s aging business model, even with the intervention of Jobs, is a broken one and in desperate need of a fix, the response has largely been litigation coupled with the introduction of technology, in the form of DRM, designed to enforce copy protection, which, ultimately, just inconveniences paying customers.

If the iTunes model isn’t the answer, and business can’t go on as usual, then what is? Here are five alternative models for selling music, many of which are actually being tested by artists, entrepreneurs, and even the major record labels themselves.


If music is becoming ubiquitous, through illegal file-sharing, supported by mass storage MP3 players, then why not just give it away? The “free” model doesn’t mean not making money from music. Instead, the tracks themselves are treated as a loss leader, designed to promote the artist and drive sales of other associated products, such as concert tickets and merchandise.


JamendoJamendo is a web service that embraces the “free” model by helping artists to distribute their music for free, under a Creative Commons license, on peer-to-peer filesharing networks such as BitTorrent or eMule. Jamendo users can also discuss and rate tracks, as well as make a donation directly to the artists whose music they’re fans of. Additionally, Jamendo has an ad-revenue scheme for artists who set-up-shop on the site.


Prince gave his most recent album away for free, or more accurately, a British Sunday newspaper did. How much he got paid by the newspaper we don’t know, but Prince claimed the deal was primarily about getting his music into the hands of as many people as possible and to help promote his upcoming UK tour. It was later reported that all of Prince’s UK dates had sold out almost as soon as they went on sale. However, the move didn’t go down so well with the recording industry. The UK arm of Sony BMG withdrew from Prince’s global deal, refusing to distribute the album to UK stores. Retail store, HMV, was equally unimpressed, with chief executive Simon Fox describing the arrangement as “absolute madness.”


SpiralFrogLaunched last month, SpiralFrog lets users download music for free, in return for viewing advertising (see our full review). In addition to viewing ads while searching for and downloading music, the service requires users to log in to the site and view ads at least once every 30 days, or the downloaded music for the account becomes disabled. SpiralFrog is built on a revenue-sharing agreement with participating labels, and currently offers a catalog of 800,000 songs and 3,500 music videos.

Pay what you want


RadioheadSimilar to “free”, the “pay what you want” model came into the public eye most recently when Radiohead released their new album, In Rainbows, with a voluntary price tag. Fans can choose what to pay for the album, including nothing at all.

Jane Siberry

The artist, Jane Siberry, makes a similar offer to fans, with the difference that they can choose what they’d like to pay, after they’ve already downloaded and listened to the album first.


MagnatuneMagnatune is an online music service which has built much of its business around the “pay what you want” model. Albums carry a low minimum price, with fans able to decide how much more to pay after that. In an email, I asked Magnatune founder, John Buckman, how fans, artists and record labels have responded to the “pay what you want” model.

“New visitors to Magnatune see the “we are not evil” slogan and justifiably remain skeptical. The “how much do you want to pay?” question they get when they click the “buy” button is so shocking, so different than any traditional business, that it usually puts a smile on their face and makes them True Believers in the Magnatune Way.

Labels think it’s insane.

Artists often think it’s a bad idea *before* they’ve been signed to Magnatune but when they see that on average they will earn more money with this scheme than setting an $8 fixed price (on average, $8.21), and that fans will be able to express their strong positive feelings by optionally paying more (even, a lot more).”

Buckman also says that even when users choose only to pay $5, they tend to spend more overall, buying several albums at once.

Pay by popularity


AmieStreet logoAmieStreet, of which Amazon is a recent investor, is a social market place for artists to connect with fans and promote and sell their music. The site has pioneered a “pay by popularity” model, whereby transparent market forces dictate the price of music. All tracks on AmieStreet start off free, then the more the track gets downloaded, the more the price increases in increments, all the way up to the industry standard of 98c. This is in complete contrast to iTunes, whereby all tracks are priced the same, irrespective of how popular or obscure they are — something which the major labels are desperate to change.


Legendary music producer, Rick Rubin, recently told the New York Times that subscription services are the way forward.

“You’d pay, say, $19.95 a month, and the music will come anywhere you’d like. In this new world, there will be a virtual library that will be accessible from your car, from your cellphone, from your computer, from your television. Anywhere. The iPod will be obsolete, but there would be a Walkman-like device you could plug into speakers at home. You’ll say, ‘Today I want to listen to … Simon and Garfunkel,’ and there they are. The service can have demos, bootlegs, concerts, whatever context the artist wants to put out. And once that model is put into place, the industry will grow 10 times the size it is now.”

However, despite what Rubin says, services such as Rhapsody haven’t reached mass adoption, as it’s not clear that people are ready to “rent” their music. Another reason might be that we haven’t yet reached ubiquitous Internet access. When all of our music can “live in the clouds”, accessible at any time, owning it outright may no longer be that important.

A music tax

It’s an old idea and one that UMG was rumored to be pushing most recently: some sort of music tax, possibly collected via your Internet Service Provider. The idea is to charge the customers of ISPs and cellphone carriers a flat-rate fee as part of their data service plan, in exchange for the right to download and share the major record labels’ music over an ISP’s network. That way, filesharing is decriminalized and the recording industry is guaranteed revenue.

Other forms of music tax could include a tax on digital audio players, similar to how some countries tax blank CDs, or direct taxation through government.

All three variations would require the different parties — including all five major labels and government — to agree to work together, something which is very unlikely to happen. Additionally, if a file-sharing tax makes up the majority of the music industry’s revenue, it’s hard to see what incentive there would be for the major record labels, with their huge back-catalogs, to continue to invest in new artists.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Raheem Devaughn-Try Again

Kokayi-Know Us Mayne

Jive refreshing song...........................

Kokayi has been on the scene for a minute and it's good to see him still pushing and making some fresh music and vid. You have to know "music" to appreciate this joint! So let's learn!

Some vids from Nando Mcflyy in NY @ Deadstock

From the good people @ ELLESHARP PR...Something for Mothers Day

Contact ELLE so you can find out how to some delicious desserts for Mothers Day!

Good afternoon-
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My recommendations/favs:
Lemon Drop
Strawberry Seduction
Peach Allure
Pineapple Flirt
Banana Flirt
I heard the Original Cocktail Dream was good, but I didn't get to taste those... :-( Whatever you order, save me 4! (LOL)


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Friday, May 2, 2008

DMV by Benjizzle

Pretty cool song! Youngin stay in my ear with some promo so here you go DMV. Let him know what you think. Download and leave a comment.


2 Face Ya Wild Boy is BACCCCCCCCCK!

Many wanted to know where the hell 2 Face Ya Wild Boy Been............Well he's good and making music. Here's a gift!

Wussup- featuring Rhymefest and Jadakiss

Get it Here:

The Roots ft. Wale & Chrisette Michele-Rising Up on Letterman!

Thanks Nah Right!

Few pics from Jazz and Diamond District Premier!

A.B, Me and Marky
Judah & Danialle
Kenny Burns............
Packed house..........................
Marky, K.B. & A.B
Me reading the Press Book............

Thanks Me.