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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oddisee- People Hear What They See Review

 Arguably one of the top 10 producers coming from out of the DMV, Oddisee is back with a brand new collection of music for his fans. I like when producers put out albums but not when they're not rapping on them...... but i actually like this album. It took me some time to get used to Oddisee's flow but I'm tuned in now. With this album Oddisee proved he's well rounded musically and definitely can hold his own as a rapping producer. I like the topics he touch on and the soundscape which he used to spit his rhymes. Check out the review below.

1. Ready To Rock- Solid Intro

2. Do It All- I like the vibe on this record. The record features the Diamond District members YU and XO.  XO murdered his verse. The production was solid.
3.  That Real - This is a smooth record. The sample is not a hidden jewel but flipped well enough to make it sound refreshing.  The breakdown on the record is simply dope! Oddisee lyrics were on point for the concept of the record. The synth play on the end of the record was Kanye like.
4. Let It Go- Oddisee took a noticeable sample and made it groove out. The hook is dope and has a great message. I felt great when ***singer**** says you ll be fine.
5. American Greed- This reminds me of something that could’ve been on The Diamond District album. Maybe its just the drum break that made me think that?! The beat knocks especially when the 808 and claps hit in. The American Greed concept is dope but I personally thought the hooks wasn’t up to par with the beat and the verses. Solid record nonetheless.
6.  The Need Superficial- This is a funky record. This reminds me of the blackbryds…..Rock Creek park. Pure funk. I like this record a lot
7.  Way In Way Out - Probably the weakest record on this entire project. It just sounded out of place.
8.  Maybes- This is good record. The mental vibe this record puts one in is a great one. The hook is money and the guitar solo is something lost in most music today. Well put together!
9. Anothers Grind-  Oddisee showed you on this record  he simply doesn't care what YOUR doing...he's worried about his own grind.
10. Set You Free- Oddisee spitting some conspiracy s*** on this one. The beat supports the topic and the energy well. I really like the content Oddisee is spitting on this record. Them drums were on point!!!!
11. You Know Who You Are- Another record with a recognizable sample but reworked to make it sound fresh. Oddisee spits about working smarter and not harder. Oddisee also explains to you why he doesn’t answer emails, text messages etc….so now you cant take it personal. I think everybody trying to make it in music can take something away from this record.

12. Think of Things-  Arguably the best record on the entire album. This strikes a chord in anyone trying to make it. We all know someone similar to the people Oddisee is talking about on this record. The music for the record is flawless. The hook is simple and straight to the point. Oddisee thoroughly  depicts these situations in his rhymes. Well done!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

G-Nice new video "Live & Learn" Full HD from my upcoming mixtape 'Lobby Muzik'

Born Dec. 27, 1985 as Gregory Starks first-born to a single mother; G iz2 Nice is as about as original as they come. Born & raised in St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland; I have always had my own agenda since the days of a pre-teen. I still remember early mornings on the weekend waking up to ma and grandma playin da oldies. So I've always had a love for music I got my first rap 'tape' of my very own at 9 yrs old. I will never forget it was the single of 'Mind Playin Tricks On Me' by Scarface/Geto Boyz I learned every word in 3 days. To this date Scarface is still 1 of my favorite and most inflluential artists in the game. I represent South Shores Ent. its a family business which is everything to me. I take alot of pride in being me if u ask me keepin it real simply means being yourself. My originality comes from the oppurtunities I had as a teenager being a country boy from a small town I'm well-traveled. Music is my life from a fan and an artist perspective.

"REAL LIVE" by Kalibur - Go-Go / Hip Hop (Inspired by Chuck Brown) Inbox x

Likeblood/Briker Boyz LIVE @ @TheStadiumClub @HOTRIZZLE1 #OUTONBAIL Mixtape Release Party

yU "I Believe (Oddisee Remix)"

After commanding attention on Diamond District’s In The Ruff and his own Before Taxes project, last year’s The Earn continued cementing yU the 78er as a substantive and skilled lyricist with something to say. Recently, his DMV brethren Oddissee remixed “I Believe”, one of the standout cuts from The Earn. Mello Music Group is proud to share the results with you.
Though the original took a more soulful route, Oddissee version is straight up and down unadulterated hip-hop. He blesses the track with a new chorus, reinforcing the song’s motif on belief and playing the mello sidekick to yU’s live verses. The drum-and-horn combination is an homage to the foundation—producers like Large Professor, DJ Premiere and Diamond D—that classic sound that bubbled from the Eastern seaboard decades ago. yU sounds right at home, too. The grit in his delivery seems to come through so clear, almost as if the listener is on a nameless block in D.C. and yU is inches away from your face, spittin’ about how “the passion dictates the pace,” and showing it.
Continuing to rep for the DMV individually and as a unit, yU and Oddissee embody the relentless dedication and grind they reference so often.

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In an era where every other day upstart emcee’s proclaim themselves as
“next big thing”, Reston, Virginia emcee Isang (born gov’t name Isang
Udokwere) has emerged as a real heir to the throne. Isang first hit
the DMV (DC, MD, VA) scene in 2009 with his, D.O.I.: The Mixtape
(Death of Ignorance) featured on www.forthedmvonly.com and got a buzz
going in the DMV. He is back featuring his lead single “Clutch”.
Released to radio and online, the James Daniels-produced banger is the
lead single from The Reason, and sets the stage for what will be
Isang’s most ambitious album to date.


Nike Nando - Vol. 2 (That Pack )


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