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Monday, May 27, 2013

@CayanofCapLife - Thermometer (Official Video)

DaveyB - Fullmetal Alchemist ft. Dre

"Nizz "Body Party" (remix)"

Witty Rock "Morning Breath" EP

Witty Rock a member of the Baltimore Collective 9bmc. The West Baltimore native , Rock is preparing for the release of his  upcoming EP "Morning Breath".  9bmc are a group of coming Artist who rap, produce, and make our own videos; all of which been featured on varies blogs/sites such as OnSmash, WSHH, Lily Mercer, YouHeardDatNew and many more.

@JFKrateZ_360z - S.L.A.N.G. (Speak Like A New Generation)

@RoyMurci - "$WING$ET"

Davy Fresh - Friendly Neighborhood Dope Man

Another leak from Davy Fresh's upcoming project #LifeAfterFresh which will be a follow up to his 2012 release #FreshLife. The song is titled "Friendly Neighborhood Dope Man" is produced by the production duo LimoBros who have produced a few hit records Davy Fresh from his previous The Art Gallery mixtape. Download this song for free now before it hits iTunes and other stores on June 26, 2013. Exclusive free download on Google Play May 30, 2013.

era hardaway // numbers

Dmv's Lil Bill - Vegas Life (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

XXL Magazine lists @HunitStackz in "DMV rappers you need to know" article

See the XXL article here: 

@bornundadogz @junedakid - "Party And BS" featuring June Da Kid


@I_am_Cheyne @MatthewThorsen - Spirit of 94 (Featuring Mod Sun)

dynomite diggz new mixtape

JABB - Testify (Official Video)

Folkz - "550" (Official Music Video)

BIO:  Folkz, Washington, D.C. native son and artist formerly known as Whitefolkz, has performed all over the world, working with a wide range of musicians from Snoop Dogg to Field Mob.  2-Time DMV Award winning Best Male Rapper and Mixtape Of The Year, Folkz has made a name for himself locally as well as nationally. An expert jazz guitarist, what sets Folkz aside from other hip hop artists is his ability to incorporate his guitar in all of his songs and performances.

VIDEO WRITE-UP: The newest video from the Topp Dogg Hill recording artist has many unusual elements, from the Blind Melon bridge at the end of the song to the dissonant live guitar (played by Folkz) throughout the song. The subject matter ranges from Folkz's love for his city to his affinity for "Dopeboy Talk," while constantly maintaining an other-worldly feel to the record. This song is a perfect example of Folkz's eccentric side and an ode to the diverse sounds you will be hearing on his upcoming "Slumdogg Trillionaire" project. Enjoy the video & get song mp3 here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

@Money_Bagz - Strange Things" Official Video Trailer

@Intalek Ecstasy (Video)

@LouieMillz @NewRichBrave - "The Way You Are"

Freeway Rick Ross in DC this weekend

@Eldeezio -DWI

Kai Dezzy - U.O.E.N.O (Freestyle)

@DarrenHanible - The PriXXtape


Live To Die Big Records -GUMA

Live To Die Big Records recently leaked a track of their upcoming EP featuring High & Mighty's artist DP.  Based out of Virginia Beach, VA both groups are on the rise and many more collaborations are soon to come. I attached the single and the cover art. Also be on the look out for LTDB : L Escobosa & Shaxn Cassaday upcoming EP - "Rap Gods Vol. 1 : Prodigies"

Poe Mack - Tragedy or Triumph prod. by D.R.U.G.S. Beats - video by Dan Lewin

T'ambre Ft Rich "Best Time of your Life"(Visual by @pyrextv)


"I Need More" Feature Fredo Santana

@ThadReid Freestyle on The Bum Rush Show

Introducing The Hip Hop Collective From The DMV Known As The Fly Rebel Society @Lega_c @RydaBlak @CellyTaughtHer TeeJay @T_DoubleE @godlymC

Wordsmith - Blue Collar Poet (Produced by JS aka The Best)


"Crack" @MaxBeKillinIt FT. FATTREL

ROTSC frontman @MaxBeKillinIt releases his first single "Crack" from his highly anticipated mixtape "Fatal Attraction" which is set to drop later this year. Max links up with DC's #1 Fat Fool and Slutty Boyz frontman, Fat Trel, to create a powerful record that will have everyone in the DMV from Telegraph to Benning Road wanting more.

YOUNG-i - Now That We Get It feat. Mr Mook & Lefty

@TheStaticDC - The Band Room: Episode 1

@Matic808 - Where The Cheese At

DeUce Double ft. E One & MLG - I Said

@lightshow10thpl - I Promise Video

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Look Up" Dugee F Buller x Hand$um Robb x Masi GWOMO

Cello Figaro #YeezyRant (video)

Cello Figaro is a 22 y.o. hip-hop artist and producer based in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally from the Midwest, Minneapolis to be exact, Cello’s style is thoughtful and clever with a heavy focus on musicality due to his background as a classically trained cellist. Most recently Cello’s talents have taken him to Toronto, ON for the NXNE festival (SXSW’s sister festival) where they compared his sound to the likes of Kanye West and Childish Gambino. Now Cello Figaro is back with the release of his latest project “Cellar Door”.


era hardaway - #batch3 [beat tape]

New Video Matty Da Kidd - "Rollin"

"Birth of A Hero" by J.L. Bentley

Friday, May 10, 2013

@IAmPoet87 - Heartless

P.O.E.T. stands for Perseverance Over Everything. But, it is more than an acronym; it’s a testament to the life struggles narrated by the story-telling style of this young, up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Baltimore, MD, who prides himself on making music that matters. With compelling stories, P.O.E.T. pours himself into every song he creates to deliver an authentic experience for his listeners to enjoy.
 P.O.E.T.’s journey to become an authentic rapper is was shaped by personal tragedy and struggle, which proved he had a voice and a clear message to share. P.O.E.T’s debut album “Heartless” (2011) chronicles the failed relationship experienced during a crucial point in his life. Learning from his experiences and turning them into artistic, lyrical visions. P.O.E.T. is committed to making music with meaning, inspired by his own life stories as he continues his journey venturing into the entertainment industry.
As the name suggests, P.O.E.T. uses his intellect, articulation and individuality to stand out among the very competitive hip-hop world. Unsatisfied with the current trends in hip-hop, P.O.E.T. is determined to provide powerful and original stories in his music, without the use of gimmicks or fads. Currently, P.O.E.T. is in production of his sophomore album Love in Hip-Hop, which will be released in 2013. The Baltimore emcee promises his sophomore effort will continue to provide listeners with relative and timeless music to be enjoyed for years to come.

@goldbrained - "Whippin"

Monet, which means to be heard, is exactly what this DC Native is striving to do. Born and raised in SE Washington, DC, this artist is definitely no stranger to struggle. Growing up, her biggest influence was her mom, who worked to take care of her and her older sister, Brittany, all by herself, sometimes not having enough money to feed herself. For Monet, this is what pushes her today to succeed and follow her dreams. Music was always a major part of her life, but for so long fear has held her back from pursuing what really matter to her more than anything, and that's the music. I guess you could say that was the quiet before the storm because in 2013, and years to come you can be sure you will see this artist. Stay tuned.


Nina Ross Promo

Sons of Thndr - The Dreamer

@Lightshow10thPL - I Promise (Official Trailer)

@DeronDMV - "Green Jolly Ranchers"


@TomDelayBeats - "The Living Dead" (directed by Louis Martins)

@sse_rude @topdollasweizy #Iainttripping

Rudeboy’s Biography:
  J.Walker , better known as RudeBoy, was born on November12, 1985. He is an uptown Washington DC native. Raised in the heart of "Wood Terrace", a northwest neighborhood, Rude was exposed to a world that most people could not imagine. His everyday surroundings were filled with drugs and violence. Even in these unbelievable circumstances, Rude managed to make something positive out of the negativity that surrounded him. The streets unknowingly groomed a rapper who would take these experiences and make them into songs that recalled his everyday hustle...the streets told his story. 
    Rude began rapping at the age of 14. He credits 2pac as being one of his biggest influences when he was a young teen. After noticing the candor of his skills and the passion for turning his struggle into rap songs, Rude began to enter local rap battles. Not only did he enter the battles, he demolished the competition. 
    Rap helped Rude to stay out of trouble.  Instead of hanging on the corner, Rude chose to stay in the house and write lyrics. After losing two of his closest friends, Big Son and Neal to senseless street violence, Rude hit rock bottom. He recalls this as being one of the hardest points in his life. Losing his close friends caused him to have a lot of hurt and pain built up so he did what he knew best...hit the studio.  This loss resulted in Rude becoming closer with his friends, whom he considers to be family. His first single/video was " I Love My Hood", an ode to the neighborhood where he grew up. 
    During this time, Rude was signed to a local independent rap label. The label was slow on releasing music created by Rude so he did what he does best, turned a negative situation into a positive success. Rude took matters into his own hands and began burning his own cd’s. He sold them at local stores in the neighborhood. 
    Throughout his ups and downs, Rude has continued to stay humble and true to his passion. In  2011, Rude founded his own label SSE; "SoWavvy Splash Endless" . Under his new found label, Rude dropped his smash single, "Boss" off his "Happy Birthday to Me" mixtape. Rude has and always will be a man of his word. 
"Real Talk Rude”

MXXM "Hell Of It" feat. XXX

Compound Boiz Presents Mac Marz Microphone Fiend

Klarke @grip_h - Just Klarke

Lord Castro - Wavy Hardaway

 Maryland native and one of the leaders in the new wave of emerging DMV artists Steph Castro is gearing for another summer release to follow last summer's breakout project "Live And Let Die" . Lord Castro returns with a new found arrogance, and rightfully so as he flawlessly glides over this Sledgren production. Steph paints the story of his journey to the most high with this track "Billions and Pennies".

Chance Fischer - "Nightmares In A Frozen Hell"

Lazyness - Yung Gleesh (Official Trailer)

Kai Dezzy - Real Life (Official Video)

Born and raised in Uptown Washington D.C. I've wanted to be a rapper since
the age of 13. I started taking my career seriously during Nov 2012. I
can't really say who influenced me but rap is my passion and I live to do
this. I'm currently a senior at UDC and I'm majoring in Business.


@MoeMcKoy - MoeMckoy: "IM ME" lOfficial Videol


Baltimore emcee UllNevaNo and Fredericksburg Va producer Logic
Marselis have been working on there anticipated full length project
entitled #The #Protocol, this is there first release since there 2010
effort "Instant Messengers." as of now they have there single "Cant
Complain" which is been doing good on independent blogs and college
radio and has been recieving a well response via youtube as well.
These two are letting folks in for a little treat of straight boom bap
and raw music releasing a teaser video of what people can expect from
the duo, the project is slated to drop summer 2013, so fellow
supporters get ready #the #protocol is coming expect more videos epk's
and a upcoming music video from the two soon.


Inverse Tangent presents The Reality tape

 At a time where most artists chose to follow trending fashions and musical customs, came six individuals who felt the need to unite their efforts to express their own profound sentiments as opposed to the “happy-go-lucky” tunes that flooded their local radio stations. Although they agree that happy tunes can be uplifting during a time of recession, they also believe that relatable songs about struggle can be even more uplifting to those who feel alienated by the system, hence the name InVerse TangENT. The name, aptly conjured up by one of the group’s founding members AlgahRhythm, invokes the mathematical concept of a tangent line that intersects a parabola at a single point but then goes off on its own path. As such, the group may concur with some ideals of their musical counterparts; however, they attempt to be as down to earth as they can be in order to express every range of human emotion while offering some insight on some of today’s biggest issues, such as poverty, racism, chronic illnesses, ethnic boundaries, amongst other problems.

The first complete project from the group is “The Reality Tape” (Released AUGUST 17th 2011) which aims to introduce the world to the aforementioned concept behind the name InVerse TangENT. The official single for the mixtape is “Mentally High (produced by Laudz)”, a track which perfectly displays a few of the group’s assets and sound. Participating in the single are five members from the group - Soulogik, Philasophikal, AlgahRhythm, RealDeal, and Butterfly G. The other member who also lends production and features throughout the album is the Brooklyn emcee J Spitz. As of now, all members currently reside within The DC metropolitan area but their backgrounds include Mozambique, Ghana, and of course Brooklyn, New York. With the mixtape being a mere introduction, one can only imagine what the future holds for such a passionate group.

@RealYoungMAC- FuccShyt [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dutch Capital - Do WHat (Official Video)

@NuTheMayor - Red Cups & Rillos

@bobbyjwoody-Drake - Girls Love Beyonce [Remix] - Niggas Love Kanye - Bobby Woody

@MuggsyMalone Only You Can Tell It (Freestyle)

Stealf Soulja - Get back To Twerk

UllNevaNo(You'll Never Know) on tour in June Promo Video

Next Month June to be exact Baltimore emcee UllNevaNo(You'll Never Know), will be hitting the road alongside other Maryland native talents which includes J-Berd, 1-Ton, Scott Free, Che Coffin and Dj Blaze Daily. this will be great promotion for his upcoming project with Fredericksburg producer Logic Marselis which is set to drop summer of this year which is called "The Protocol." The tour will be spread out throughout the month of June 6 solid dates, UllNevaNo has attached a promo video in promotion of the tour get ready hopefully we'll see ya'll in the city that we hit up, the name of the tour is called "Go Figure" being that he is part of a crew called Action Figures it was only right to name the tour after the collective of talented individuals dates and promo video link is attached at the bottom see y'all in June...

Flyboi Camp | @PinHD @Remypleez @Keyz2121 - Dope As Fuck Project

 Flyboi Camp is a Trio based out of the DMV have inspired a movement utilizing Music, Travel and Fashion to create a patented spectrum. Crafty narrative and premium threads lead you into visions compared to Entourage meets Spring Bling. Trendy Lifestyle at a fast pace will be sure to grasp attention.

DMV DICE- "The PM Mixtape"


Voids (Bedridden) By @IAMRyanFlo


Lyriciss Freestyle on SHADE45's "Sway In The Morning"

Jabb - Testify Single


 Alexandria, Virginia's finest, Jabb presents "Testify" the first single off of his upcoming EP "Da Oceans", which is dropping soon.  "Testify" is produced by Elusive Orkestra.  If you would give "Testify" a listen, give us feedback and/or post it, that would be greatly appreciated.

Cross D'Mone - "Viagra Theory"


DREtheGYPC "Loyal 2a Fault" *Official Music Video*

@MainoGates & @UGPz_DevinMiles - The Benoit Maubrey Effect


Blair Giles - Kray

KRAY is produced by Young Tez; a local producer from Baltimore, MD. The track is the perfect follow up to Back it up and Dump it showcasing Giles in another light. It still has its uptempo beat but the message behind the song is whats important. The track gives a glimpse into Giles' blossoming career as a Hip-Hop artist.


Uno Hype is a 19 year old artist out of Gaithersburg Maryland who over the past year has established himself as one of the brightest rising stars in the area. Leading to him working and performing  with the likes of Joey BadA$$, Capital Steez,Chance the Rapper, Chuck Strangers, Smoke DZA, Freeway, Juicy J, Mac Miller, Fat Trel, Chevy Woods, Curren$y, Kid Ink, Robb Bank$, Stalley, Gunplay, Oddisee & More.

Sullee J - Free World [Music Video] @SulleeJ85

Uptown XO - Needs & Wants (Video)

DC artist Uptown XO (of Diamond District) continues to bring on the visuals for his latest album Colour de Grey.  This time the universal relationship track "Needs & Wants" gets the treatment with some beautiful shots.  For anyone who's ever had something good, and wanted something extra, XO lays the narrative out. AB the Pro produced the emotive track while XO and his team at Secret Society put together the video.

Stop The Baltimore Sun from being sold to the Koch brothers

The Koch brothers are the right-wing oil and gas billionaire duo infamous for funding the Tea Party. Now they want to buy their own media empire to spread their extreme views—including the Baltimore Sun and its parent, the Tribune Company. 

The Kochs have spent their fortune funding anti-worker candidates like Scott Walker, right-wing lobbying groups like ALEC and climate-change denying 'think tanks.' They even warned tens of thousands of their employees that there would be "consequences" if they didn't vote for Republicans. Not exactly the kind of guys I want running the most respected newspaper in Maryland. Isn't one Rupert Murdoch enough? 
The Baltimore Sun is a valuable source of honest journalism. We can't let it turn into a right-wing mouthpiece. 
That's why I started a petition to Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori, which says:
Don't sell the Baltimore Sun to the union-busting, election-buying, climate-change-denying Tea Party-funding Koch brothers. 
–Mat Hanson
This petition was created on MoveOn's online petition site, where anyone can start their own online petitions. Working Families didn't pay us to send this email—we never rent or sell the MoveOn.org list.
Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

Lyriciss - Vent [prod. Numonics]

@SupaScario - "Ain't It Mayne"

Scario is from Virginia, Bad Newz, Virginia that is. This song is anything but bad news though. The beat is hard as hell, Scario’s flow is right on point with the beat, & the chorus is catchy. Southern trap music at its best right here. ‘Ain’t it Mayne’ is Scario’s newest single to hit the streets. His previous mixtape “Product 2” gained him some momentum while his track ‘VA Riot’ took it to another level with over 100K views and counting. Check out the video for yourself. You can also hear more of Scario at his Reverbnation page and download “Product 2” for your own good.