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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Get Money Click (G.M.C.) - "TRAPATHON" (THE MOVIE)

CRASHprez - Basement Bootlegs, Vol. 3: Transition


On Sunday, May 29th, 2011, I released my 6th project entitled "Basement Bootlegs, Vol. 3: Transition". This is the final installment of the "Basement Bootlegs" series that I started in 2009 at age 15. It is hosted by Back2Pluto.com and TeamGoodLife.wordpress.com. The original production on this mixtape was done by me, Michael "Mikeyy" Thomas, and mattVISTA. The sole feature on this release is my good friend Loui. Attached is the front cover and a photo of me performing at Everlasting Life Cafe in Washington, D.C.

Laelo Hood "COOL" Feat Pro'Verb & Lyriciss [Official Video]

Alynn-"My God"

Kelow "Higher" (official video)

Phil Ade x GLC "Cloud 9" feat. Tracie Josephine (prod. Sunny Norway) #PhilAdeFriday Grand Finale

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AuthentiCore x Wino Dread presents "The Richard Pryor Projects"

Ali Kulture ft. Tay Don & Big Benz - Will Power

Circular Success x Baby Sharn x Judah present Sallie Mae!


Lyrical Gymnastics and Jazzy Beats Make “Sallie Mae” An Indie Music Must-Have
Rapper Baby Sharn Solidifies Her Place In the Indie Hip Hop Scene With “Sallie Mae” EP

WASHINGTON— It is a musical match made in heaven—the lyrical genius of rapper Baby Sharn and the jazz infused beats of D.C. super-producer Judah. In her latest EP, Sallie Mae, Baby Sharn takes us on a colorful journey through high times (Ballin’) and low times (Hardest Times) while leaving the listener wanting more … and more. As a follow-up to the widely received “The Deferment,” Sallie Mae is the most recent addition to Baby Sharn’s already diverse lyrical catalogue.

From the beginning of the record, Baby Sharn takes us by storm with the thought-provoking track, Prophecy, and keeps us guessing as she moves swiftly throughout the track list. The overly-confident Get Addicted and the heartwarming, Keep D.C. Alive are the musical antithesis of one another and blatant examples of the rapper’s lyrical spectrum. As a listener, you cannot help but to lose yourself in songs like Hardest Times—a track that highlights Baby Sharn’s strength—rapping about problems and encouraging a solution. “I believe that my music will change lives, not because I’m the best, or because I’ve been doing this for so long … but my music gives people a voice—people whom otherwise wouldn’t be heard,” says Baby Sharn.

What is captivating about Baby Sharn’s latest effort, Sallie Mae, is her undeniable growth. The D.C. native has developed leaps and bounds since her previous project, “The Deferment.” It doesn’t take much for an artist to know that they’re good, but it takes a lot for an artist to acknowledge that they can always be better—Baby Sharn embodies that principle. She continues to take risks by challenging her craft both lyrically and musically. Her unwavering dedication to her artistry will be the reason why her name and her brand will grow to exponential heights.

Mz Sasha - Freak'Em Dress

Sheezy- Hi Heels


DMV Producer Sheezy drops his highly anticipated song "Hi-Heelz," the 1st single off his Dance EP, #sheezytapes, slated for a June 14th release. Indeed, the lead single “Hi-Heelz” celebrates women and their shoe culture. Slated for a May 24 release, with the video dropping on Memorial Day, “Hi-Heelz” will be the dance hit of the summer


Monday, May 23, 2011

Need Beats for D. Harper

I signed on to produce Southeast's own and Pro Skater Darren "D Streets" Harper's Debut project. Slim got bars and I'm stamping him 100%. Project dropping June 21 (GO SKATE DAY) and I need 1-2 beats. Send beats to forthedmvonly@gmail.com and in subject line put "Beats for D Harper".

This closes on Wednesday May 25 at 4pm.




10. Thou shall not put “(insert celebrity here)” when they added themselves to that celebrity’s song.

9. Thou shall not make any Tabi or Wale diss songs when you regular songs don’t get any attention.

8. Thou shall not say “I’m putting DC on my back” anymore.

7. Thou shall not say Rayful Edmonds or Wayne Perry’s name in thy songs anymore.

6. Thou shall not play the victim.

5. Thou shall not use the word “High Anticipated” in the subject line of thy songs and videos.

4. Thou shall not make anymore video in front of Ben’s Chilli Bowl or the Capital.

3. Thou shall not use the term “King of The City” anymore.

2. Thou shall not have CD Covers made in MS Paint.

1.Thou shall not be rapping if thy lack a job, car, health insurance and resides at thy mommas house.

The list was created by the “Trilogy” which consists of (@overok, @djheatdc and @judahonthebeats). It was created out of pure comedy and in no way are we calling ourselves God. Were just having some FUN! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Underworld - Kevin Sinatra [Produced by Curtis Tull]

Champ Parker - Welcome To The DMV (Trailer Teaser PT. 2)

Publish Post

Sheila D YEAH ::BALLIN LIKE I'M DIDDY:: Video!!!

Sheila D YEAH ::BALLIN LIKE I'M DIDDY:: Video!!! from Sheila D on Vimeo.

Mr. Forbes - Nikes On My Feet [Remix] (Official Music Video)

June Da Kid-Something Special


Wisdom Speeks-Brainwashed

Chris McMahon


Brief info: From Severn, Md Chris McMahon also known as Mac or City has been making music for as long as he could remember. Growing up in Severn right in between Baltimore and D.C. he was exposed to alot of different types of music and has grown to love the music of both cities. With a versatile flow that could match about any beat Mac has just been trying to get his music out there to let everyone know that hiphop still exists.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#WHATSBADIO Motorboat Teaser

#WHATSBADIO Motorboat Teaser from WhatsBadio on Vimeo.

Raheem DeVaughn's Newest Artist, Phuture "Do What I Do"

Mixtape Kokayi – 8-BIT Ubermentals


Just two and a half weeks ago, he was there for fans with the new single "Feeling Summery" and to announce the remix EP for his highly acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs. Now, Kokayi is showing more love for his faithful fans, releasing a free instrumental album duly titled 8-Bit Ubermentals. In the spirit of spring cleaning, Kokayi recently racked his hard drive, hand selecting and bundling up 17 instrumental tracks for the release. "I've had tracks sitting for some time that I never let see the light of day," explains Kokayi, "and in celebration of progression I went through about 500 tracks and picked out those that meant the most to me. If I can give back to those that have given me support via my Ustream, buying my records or just offering a word of encouragement, then I will. So it's the big giveback. A thanks from me to my supporters."

Studio43 Greatest Hits [mixtape]

Saliano Black featuring Mel-Michelle - Vibe With Me (Off of Flood Season: The Mixtape Series)

Davy Kushington (music video)

Davy Kushington (music video) from Davy DMV on Vimeo.

Kane Mayfield's "The Island"


"The Island" is the follow up record to "Wreck". They will both be on my upcoming album (eta Aug) called "Follow My Flow". It pretty much picks up where the first song leaves off production wise, however goes a little further into the crates so to speak. It is mixed to sound like an old tape you found in your basement, but by the second verse your ears adjust and you can really feel the nostalgia. A lot of the music that is out today is (engineering wise) VERY clean sounding... almost sterile... this is the polar opposite. It is a very 90's, muddy, and warm sounding record that you wouldn't mind jumping a turnstile to lol.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Black Cobain: Road 2 Young,Gifted&Black

The Five One - Monsters Mutants Vampires

Substantial-My Road to Recovery

Peace World. Once again, let me start by saying what I said before on Facebook and Twitter this past Friday, May 13, 2011 "Thanks for all of the kind words, energy, thoughts and prayers you sent to my family and I."

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, I was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital in Towson, MD for a surgical procedure: laparoscopic right hemicolectomy, performed by Dr. Howard Berg.

The Black Sunn & 810 Drop "Ghost Town"

Dressed as a newspaper salesman and a construction worker in the song’s video, the two DMV-representatives lament the problems in the city of Baltimore – housing foreclosures, police brutality, the ever-growing drug epidemic, among other things – but also speak about staying positive through it all, uniting the city, and rising above the rubble.

The two MCs refuse to be defined by their surroundings; they are defiant in the face of daily hardship. The Black Sunn admits to not only fighting boredom in Baltimore, but also ducking bullets (and STDs); at the same time, despite the negative influences of what they call a “Ghost Town”, he refuses to fail “and be a ghost above you”. Likewise, 810 declares “I feel like I’m living in the city of Atlantis”, referring to Baltimore’s many boarded up houses and shuttered businesses, but later audaciously proclaims “I’m coming to get it either way”. The Black Sunn & 810 know they can’t do it alone, however, and they call on the rest of the city to unite and begin to overcome the problems of Baltimore together.

[NEW MUSIC] Baby Sharn - "Keep DC Alive" prod. by JUDAH


In this captivating release titled “Keep DC Alive,” Baby Sharn paints a vivid picture of the unparalleled culture of Washington DC and its surrounding metropolitan areas. The Washington, DC native teamed up with hometown’s super producer JUDAH to create a song that calls attention to the city’s well-known history of drug dealing, corrupt politics, lack of acceptance in the music industry and overall way of life. With clever lyrics over monumental chords, Baby Sharn also speaks to stereotypes created by other cities on the outside looking in.

Baby Sharn chants “Keep DC Alive” in the hook bringing an underlying awareness to the pride that the people in DC carry despite the fact that death is at an all time high due to senseless violence, an alarming AIDS epidemic, or simply in failed attempts at typical day-to-day survival. JUDAH delivers with his sound so soulful yet gritty, making this production catchy enough to capture the attention of anyone who hears it. This is the first single release from the highly anticipated Sallie Mae EP slated for release on May 24th, 2011.

BKS - Jaguar Music

Mac Marz "Pitch Mac"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Art is Life Recap

May 15, 2011, I attended the Art is Life at the Arc in Southeast DC. It was put on by some great people. There was a lot of dope talent in the building as well as some dope fashion. The link for pics is below as well as the background info about the event.



Celebrating Art, Fashion & Music, “Art is Life” Gives Back to the Community

It’s Not a Lifestyle, but a Movement.

Art is Life” is sponsored by Mosaic Love & Martin’s Lounge and will take place at THEARC Theater, hosted by Honeycomb Set CEO Sherrella La Bella, and WPGC’s DJ Heat will be spinning. There will be LIVE performances by Bear Witnez, David Correy, Carty Yeah, Ihsan Bilal, Cloud 9, Brandon Pierre and many more, as well as LIVE body painting provided by The Artist Ed of Miskeen. For the designers, “Art is Life” is proud to present Rapteez, Euro, Victoir C, Angels&Dimes Luxury, L Wear, Renee France Designs, K White Collection, Demeanor, Demarco Solar, Greatness + Wealth, Nayaricci, Aleeka DeMorris, AMA Fashions & Ara Renada Whiting’s own Pynk Leopard. When asked about the importance of “Art is Life” Ara states that “Art is Life is a movement and I plan on taking it on the road this year to various cities. I love to give back to my community and I hope that on Sunday everyone will see the importance of keeping the arts alive”.



101 Women of Hope 2011 :: Marsha Ambrosius Surprises Kids @ KIPP DC

In an effort to promote volunteerism, community service and involvement, mentoring and career development in our Nation’s Capital, KIPP DC was the host site for 101 Women of Hope, a one-day, public service initiative, bringing over 101 women together to support over 1,000+ DC youth.

As a highly requested follow up to last year’s 101 Women of Hope at Imagine Hope Community Charter School in NE DC, the 2011 installment gave students an opportunity to explore various careers, and volunteer participants were able to assist in various classes and sponsor individual students.

We brought along Marsha Ambrosius as a surprise to the kids, and she opened up her heart and soul and sang a song....


The specific goals set for the 101 Women of Hope program:

1. Encourage and motivate KIPP DC students by introducing them to positive role models and career exploration opportunities.
2. Encourage professional women and celebrities to mentor students, many of who are considered “at-risk”, in their community.
3. Increase public awareness of the 101 of Hope program, to lead to greater community, government and corporate support.

Volunteer Task List:
- Assisting in classrooms (reading books, teacher assistants, cleaning classrooms, sitting with children)
- Facilitating gym and lunch periods
- Mentoring (buddy with students)
- Cataloging library books
- Designing bulletin boards
- Putting together school furniture
- Cleaning up throughout the building and around the school grounds
- Assisting in special career development sessions

Good Event for a GREAT cause. I participated in 101 Men on of Hope. Great Great Experience!

Sketch - Virginia Tec-9 (Official Music Video)

NEW MIXTAPE: Raheem DeVaughn - Rhythm and Streets Presents ... Jackin' for Beats Vol. 2 Hosted by DJ Sense


Young Phyu - Let Me Get Em (DMV Anthem)

Kay LaForge's newest project Mind Over Matter


Brief Bio: Well rounded is simply an understatement for Dennis Harrison.
Better known as Kay Laforge. Orginally from Washington, D.C. but slowly migrating to various counties alongside the city an eventually transcending to a nieghboring yet “not so welcoming to outsiders” city of Baltimore. “Its very difficult to be from D.C. then trying to start over in Baltimore …the two cities are very differenent like night and day or oil and water you know…” he expresses the difference in the two cities and their “Battle of the Beltway” rivalry. Not to mention how hard it is to keep common ground between the two which made the word “coexisit” seem as unrealistic as saturday morning cartoons. But where others before him lost sleep trying to find a balance between the two, he created one with ease. “People like when your just being you, an all I can do is be myself and people respect that no matter where they’re from…” Still at a early age he knew from those experiences he didn’t just gain exceptance but a realization that he could be versatile under any circumstances

Friday, May 13, 2011

David Correy - Urban Rock the Mixtape Vol. 2 (Hosted by Big Tigger)

It’s undeniable that David Correy masters a genre untouched by others, creating a concoction that fuses hip-hop with rock, rhythm and blues with electronica, with one subgenre to the next, all while pushing a palpable movement that finds him in the innermost circles of music’s elite and within the everyday crowd comprised of people looking for a voice. Urban Rock the Mixtape Volume Two picks up where Volume One left off – pushing that voice that speaks to success and achievement (“Dreamin’”, “Come Alive”), romantic escapades (“Just Fine”, “I’m Ready”, “Shotgun”), celebratory libations (“I’m On”, “Gone”, “Single”, “Party for Me”), undeniable pride (“Urban Rock Boys”, “Dawn of a New Breed”), the trials and tribulations (“Game Over”), heartbreak (“I’m Coming Home”), and a myriad of experiences. In all, Volume 2 is on overdrive from the first moment it’s turned on, as if David decided to sky dive off of the Himalayas, all while sipping on the finest of liquors, two models in hand (who are holding the liquor for him), with an adrenaline-fueled swagger that he somehow channeled to create this mixtape. With a variety of sounds formulated to create a conceptual project, underscored by a voice that that puts the Sirens to shame, and backed by the thematic approach to relate to people, Volume 2 is nothing less than a peerless body of work that my own hyperboles couldn’t do it justice. URR is the movement, and David Correy is at the helm

June G. - Hip Hop's My B*tch (Official Version)

85 MIND-2 Cold Scorpio (Produced by The Gaslamp Killer)

Teniele G.-"Livin Lovely"

Par-City "Love This Way" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Directed By Liam Dirlam)

About Liam Dirlam: FIlmmaker and Music Producer from Washington DC. Moved to NYC in May of 2009 after committing to Damon Dash's BluRoc/DD172 label as a music recording artist. While at DD172, assisted Creative Control TV as a part-time film editor/creative director for BluRoc recording affiliates which included Wiz Khalifa, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, The Black Keys, and members of Wu-Tang. Directed/wrote/edited official 5-minute pilot-presentation in January '11 for a novel titled, "Special Dream" which was mentioned in People Magazine by Kim Kardashian. Appeared in and contributed to Coodie & Chike's short film "Muscle Car Chronicles" starring Curren$y, Ski Beatz, and others.

Doesn't Matter- Jay Saturn (Directed by Aaron Hernandez)

Jay Saturn is a house/pop artist from Washington DC who believes in equality, individuality and respecting others regardless of style, views or social class. Coming from an urban background, he mixes a bit of hip-hop swag with an experimental pop/house sound. He and his team, Future History Labs, strive to provide innovative, quality music to a world in waiting. Let the games begin...

4th-n-1 Recording Artist "Tre Pound"


4th N 1 artist, Tre Pound’s newest mixtape, “God’s Gift to the Pistol” is a dose of high energy truth

serum. Set for release April 12, 2011, Tre Pound didn’t hold any punches with this project. Packed with

many of the DMV’s finest emcees and producers, Tre pound has given the Pistol Grip County exactly

what it needs to infiltrate the national hip-hop music scene. With a track list ranging from “Dreams to

No Rap”, God’s Gift to the Pistol is truly Tre Pound’s gift to the music industry.

iLLVibes Exclusive with Phil Adé (Interview & Freestyle) (2011)

T.Lucasa Episode 1 (in the studio)

HARMONY MUZIK - "50 GS" || produced by Benny Rome

Redhead's Light Bulb freestyle...

SHAWN SKY Feat. KD & RICKY "Move On"

Cultural Affairz ----WE GON' DANCE---- (pt 5 of 5)

J.Nolan- "Cosmic Cruise"

Elle Maxwell | RUSHour - "Love Crimes"

Davy Fresh "Loud On Deck" (NEW FREESTYLE)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Uno Hype-CB4 (Produced by Jay Card)


Though only 17 years old, Uno Hype has quickly generated buzz with his first mixtape "Ready for Takeoff". Now he releases "CB4" a track produced by Jay Card and the first track off his sophmore mixtape "From the Ground Up." He is also working on tracks with Emilio Rojas, The Odd Couple and Dj Black Diamond.

SOULPEACES: Sinitus Tempo - "Spice in Autumn"

Brad Tanner - The Promise

David Correy - Party for Me

"Eyes Of Medusa" Kevin Sinatra ft Elle Maxwell Prod.Curtis Tull

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Milly Esquire's "Let 'Em Say" (Coming Soon!)

Milly Esquire's "Let 'Em Say" (Coming Soon!) from Milly Esquire. on Vimeo.

iLL Prophet - Something

Phuture - Stupid Dope Moves

Sketch - Virginia Tec-9 (prod. J-Scrilla, cuts by DJ I-Dee)


Check out "Virginia Tec-9," produced by J-Scrilla of Guns N Butter and cuts by DMC champion DJ I-Dee, the lead single and title track from Virginia based rapper Sketch's debut album. The full length album Virginia Tec-9 will be released for free Summer 2011 with guest appearances from Nipsey Hussle, Roc Marciano, K-Beta and others. The official "Virginia Tec-9" music video directed by 1st Impressions Studios coming soon

Coup d' etat Entertainment, LLC presents Jae Aye: The Chess Move