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Friday, April 9, 2010

Devin White:iCRed

Upcoming pop artist Devin White is currently promoting his new single "Pulse" which has been digitally released by Interscope Records. The Track is currently available on Itunes, Rhapsody and Other Major music retailers. His new album "iCRed" will be available April 31st at his official website, Genericisdead.com and Itunes. Check out his website for exclusive music downloads, interactive web content and much more!


Devin White was Born September 8th 1989, In Virginia Beach, Virginia. He developed a love for music at the tender age of 10 and when most kids were mastering cursive handwriting, He was studying the gracefulness and etiquette of some of today's most seasoned entertainers. His love for music led him to musical theatre for much of his early childhood and he eventually attended the renowned "Duke Ellington School Of The Arts" with a focus in Theatrical Arts. Though acting feed his fetish for stage performance, he could not escape his desire towards music. Devin is passionate about being involved in every aspect of creating. From mixing to mastering to mic levels and melodic arrangement, Devin takes the driver seat, alongside trusted professional allies to create what he calls "The Magic Formula". Infectious dance tracks that leave an unforgettable impression of familiarity yet uniqueness on every listener. Catchy dance hooks combined with an old school techno funk that consistently leave the listener wanting more. "I may create a song that lacks traditional structure, or feels too raw, or too full, a song that lacks many harmonies or one that is filled with them, a song that sounds warm and fuzzy to the ear, or one that rings them in annoyance to listen to, all of these are artistic choices and when used correctly and out of creativity as oppose to a lack of 'know how' they are extremely effective. I will never create a song that can be listened to once and someone feel content with the experience. They will want to repeat it. That's the 'Magic formula' knowing when to give them everything, and when to leave them wanting more..." Devin is constantly creating and learning and is responsible for the creation and engineering of every track he's recorded. "I think it should be mandatory that an artist develop a understanding and comprehension of working behind the scenes of their music. No one can create what you have in your mind but you. Whether your choice is artistically the most feasible is besides the point, an artist must take their craft in their hands and be completely responsible for the success or failure of each and every artistic endeavour..."

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Anonymous said...

Yo im digging this dude style. Its different. Checked the site too, music is dope. Good lookin.Imma tell some other people to check him out.