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Saturday, January 30, 2010


The fact that there is "quality" music being put out....music that will be appreciated outside of the DMV area!
-Brooke W.
Operations/Product Manager
368 Music Group

Im proud to see real dudes that beat the odds to this point get up and try there best to represent there city but we need the fans to start showing more Love each 1 teach 1 we can breack the cycle of Hate each person tells another person about the good music in the DMV and we can move foward its january by Summer the momentum gona be crazy..


The DMV hip hop scene is special. I havent been knee deep in it but the time I've been grinding I've noticed the hard work that most people put in. I've never scene an area that has lots of talent from producers to MC's to DJ's.
If we really came together and created a REAL FORCE, the DMV couldn't be stopped.

This is one area of the country that still has a sense of true hip-hop. From what I've heard, beats capture that 'essence' and lyrics aren't dumb down.


My DMV Hip-Hop Pride lies in the artists whose professionalism has grown in tandem with their talents. These are the same people who have continued to invest in themselves as artists, year after year, and not get "too big for their britches" before achieving any substantial success. Despite the high level of mediocrity that still exists, and is unfortunately supported, their are artists in the DMV who "get it" and "got it". More people linking with a team of individuals who have clearly defined roles, know their jobs, and will correct you when you're wrong, is another refreshing change I've seen with in the past year. All of this progressive activity has gotten the attention of media outlets - near and far, blogs to TV - letting music listeners on the outside of the scene know that something besides politics is brewing in and around the beltway. I hope that this same level of progress continues to grow at an excelerated pace for many years to come, and that there will be a handful of DMV rappers who become household names across the globe.

Yours truly,
Sonya Collins
The Glass House

K-Beta - "Come Closer" featuring Mina | "Inglorious Beta" April 1st 2010

Spark-"Tonight" ft Fedarro

Cool Cee Brown - "Static"

Cool Cee Brown is from Washington, DC and he wrote his first rhyme when Regan was president. He is 5′5″ and 175 lbs. He enjoys Woody Allen movies, Kurt Vonnegut novels, peach rings and single malt scotch. He once met DMX in an elevator in Hampton, Virgina. Beyond that, he hasn’t done much of anything.
-Cool Cee Brown


Haiti Relief Benefit Concert at COH

Mixtapes land deals for new generation of rappers via NahRight.com

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Detroit rapper Hayes takes inspiration for his mixtapes from -- of all things -- magazines.

Entertainment | Music

"I want to give people a little taste of what a Hayes album would be like," he says. "It's like getting a trial subscription to your favorite magazine -- you get my music for free, you get to know me, and then hopefully you'll appreciate me enough to come back and support me." Tellingly, neither of Hayes' two mixtapes -- 2006's "24 Songs of Power" and 2010's "The First 48" -- traffic in two staples of the form: beats lifted from other official songs ("jacked beats," in mixtape parlance) and DJ scratches.

"I have my own format," Hayes says. "I like to use original beats. I call my mixtapes 'street albums' -- I don't like to rap over other people's beats."

Hayes' self-reliance is about to pay dividends: Two months ago he signed to Interscope through a joint deal with producers Timbaland's Mosley Music Group and Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records.

"For Tim, it wasn't just Hayes' lyrical prowess but his craftsmanship that really caught his ear," says Rick Frazier, Hayes' manager and vice president of Mosley Music Group. It was the entire package, Frazier says -- from lyrics to the original production by his in-house team, the Breakfast Club -- that got Hayes noticed.

Following the mixtape-to-major-label success in 2009 of Toronto rookie Drake and Atlanta's Gucci Mane, labels are taking a new look at artists who make professional-caliber mixtapes -- a highly personalized form of unauthorized music compilation -- their calling card. In addition to Hayes -- who's touring with Timbaland and has started recording his debut album -- up-and-coming Houston rapper Chalie Boy and Atlanta-born Pill recently signed to labels on the strength of their mixtapes.


Nicole George, vice president of the rhythm and soul membership department at performance rights organization ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), says that her team listens to mixtapes and follows the industry talk, which leads them to artists and writers whom ASCAP could sign.

Chalie Boy put out mixtapes for a decade before recently signing to Dirty 3rd/Jive/Battery Records. "As I was shopping around for deals, mixtapes kept my name afloat in the music industry," he says. "Eventually, the buzz off my mixtapes not only got me signed, but it got me paid work through features on others' albums and mixtapes as well as show performances."

Now, Chalie Boy is prepping the release of his major-label self-titled debut album; the lead single, "I Look Good," peaked at No. 20 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in December.

Another rapper, Pill, had the Internet buzzing the last few months with his own "4075: The Refill" -- hosted by DJ Skee and Empire and released in November -- as well as his February 2009 mixtape, "The Prescription." Both releases largely featured original production.

"Anyone can jack a beat, put hot metaphors together and sound convincing," Pill says of his decision to use new beats from the likes of Illfonics and Drum Majors. "I wanted people to hear me over original tracks. You can tell the difference between a mixtape artist and an actual artist who can make a real track."

Eskay, founder/owner of Nahright.com, a Web site focused on posting music by new hip-hop artists, notes that after Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's underground tapes triggered a massive bidding war in 2002, "everyone jumped on the bandwagon and tried to release mixtapes at a rapid pace."

But quickness can be the death of quality -- and the industry is looking for polish, not just potential. Pill signed to Asylum at the end of last year following his own bidding war. "If you're putting out a mixtape that is on a level of most other artists' studio albums, then people will support your music," says Hof, of New Music Cartel's mixtape specialist OnSmash.com.


Aubrey "Drake" Graham, a graduate of TV's "Degrassi High," stunned the hip-hop world in 2009. In February, he released "So Far Gone" for free on his own blog. In May, the song "Best I Ever Had" entered Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at No. 78; by the end of June it topped the chart. Soon, the majors came in hot pursuit, and in midsummer Drake signed to Universal Motown. He has since collaborated with hip-hop's elite, including Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem and mentor Lil Wayne. Drake's early mixtape songs were released on an official EP, "So Far Gone," which has sold 344,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Gucci Mane's route to hip-hop stardom was far less direct. After leaving prison in March 2009 (on charges stemming from a 2005 conviction for aggravated assault), the prolific Atlanta rapper released a torrent of mixtapes -- "Writing on the Wall," "The Movie 3-D: The Burrprint!" and the three-part Cold War series ("Guccimerica," "Brrrussia" and "Great Brrritain"), among others -- all filled with original material.

During the summer he signed to Asylum, which released his second official studio album, "The State Vs. Radric Davis"; by then he'd already been featured on 12 charting songs, and his mixtape profile brought a string of klieg-light guest appearances, including spots on the remix of the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" and Mariah Carey's "Obsessed." "Pow" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, while "Obsessed" peaked at No. 7. "The State Vs. Radric Davis" has sold 215,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Mane is back in prison for violating probation.)

Beyond generating sales and superstar hookups, mixtapes have garnered underground radio airplay and helped to nurture relationships with fans. After 50 Cent was shot nine times in 2001, his recording contract was terminated by Columbia Records. In turn, 50 Cent started to flood the streets with mixtapes that were built to dazzle.

"He revolutionized the art of stealing songs and changing hooks and getting more airplay for his version than even the original song," says Whoo Kid, a pioneering mix master known for releasing unauthorized music from the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac -- as well as for being 50's official DJ.

In 2006, industry vet Lil Wayne famously reinvented his career by releasing mixtapes featuring his hallucinogenic rapping over beats from recent hits. "Dedication 2," hosted by DJ Drama, came first, trailed a year later by "Da Drought 3." Although Drama was arrested in 2007, after a police raid of his Atlanta office over alleged bootlegging, Wayne, for one, wouldn't be slowed, releasing "Dedication 3" in 2008 and "No Ceilings" in '09.

"What happened to me hit the mixtapes circuit hard," DJ Drama says. "It's still in the rebuilding process, but 2009 proved that mixtapes are just as important to hip-hop music as they ever were. They're just changing with the times, much like the record industry."

For Hayes, Chalie Boy and Pill, the make-it-sleek lessons of Drake and Gucci Mane might have led them to record deals, but it's the entrepreneurial spirit of 50 Cent and Lil Wayne that's keeping them in business.

"Mixtapes will always be a viable marketing tool to help promote artists, whether there's money involved or not," Whoo Kid says. "I don't make most of my money selling mixtapes anymore, but I constantly give away tapes for free on the Internet, and I'm booked now through 2011 for paying gigs all around the world. Without that exposure, I won't be able to connect the dots in other ways."


So this DUMB ass "ANONYMOUS" commenter leaves Nothing but NEGATIVE COMMENTS on DMV artist (including myself) So i started seeing a PATTERN...so i HAD TIFFANY do some research and and "IP Address" work and it is WHO i Think it is.....I dude I've know for A LONG time. But THIS IDIOT is so dumb that he used HIS real NAME on one COMMENT then used ANONYMOUS" on another and it CLEARLY showed it came from the same IP ADDRESS you IDIOT.

This guy BUYS studio TIME in my STUDIO, ask for FAVORS, DAPS me up Every time I see him etc.... This is one REASON no one F***S with him or his ARTIST! This guy.........good luck and I'm STILL gonna POST your ARTIST stuff BECAUSE yall CLEARLY need HELP cause he STILL aint doing S*** but GETTING high!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Height: 5'4
weight: 125
Washington DC

211 - Produced by Young Texas co produced by Scotty Beam (from Listen Vision Studios)

June Da Kid titled "Cold World" produced by local producer Lex D


The making of "SALVIA TRIPS(the vent)" Blog #1 from HAZZARD on Vimeo.

Whitefolkz x Southeast Slim - Body Snatchers

Enter The Board Games Beat Battle (February 4th)

TrackHustle.com and BeTaRaZ Entertainment would like to invite you to compete in the Board Games Beat Battle on February 4th at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. 1st prize wins $250 cash, 10 hours of studio time, and a teleconference with Def Jam Records. CLICK HERE for the rules of the competition. There is a $25 entry fee which you can pay at TrackHustle.com.


2010 DMV Awards footage!!!

Prop-Popeyes Chicken Fries

R.E.U.B. - The Black Rapper Show - single

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tese Fever x Jai Blazin- Put Ya Name Here

Badio - New Decade interview

Badio from John Ledbetter on Vimeo.

Ms. Mimz- Dutch Master Video

Dutch Master from amber mimz on Vimeo.

BKS - Everything BLACK- DMV music

BKS is back with another one, Dropping the mixtape single "Everything Black". This is featured off their City Lights 2.0 Hosted by DJ Woogie--(Shadyville DJ and S.O.D MoneyGang DJ)

FTDMVO EXCLUSIVE - O.Smith of DeepSpace "Takin Calls"

Here's a track off 'The Escape Tape' called "Takin Calls", where I express my pain at work over your '2007 Rap Up' instrumental.

Hip Hop 4 Haiti National Day Jan. 30 | DC Food & Clothing Happy Hour | Layla Lounge 4-9 PM

(Washington, DC) – In an effort to aid the people of Haiti who have faced a natural disaster of unprecedented proportion, the hip hop community in partnership with the Hip Hop Caucus/Hip Hop Help Haiti, presents Hip Hop 4 Haiti Food & Clothing Drive. Hip Hop 4 Haiti National Day is on January 30, 2010 where the youth and hip-hop communities in 32 cities nationwide and in Cost Rica will host events to collect food & clothing for Haitian earthquake survivors. This event is meant to mobilize and unite the hip-hop community and provide a lasting and necessary impact for the people of Haiti.

In Washington DC, several artists and hip-hop leaders have volunteered their time and talents in support of Haiti. Hip Hop 4 Haiti DC will be held from 4 to 9 p.m. at Layla Lounge, located at 501 Morse Street NE, Washington, DC, featuring artists, speakers, and a candlelight vigil. There is no cost for entry, however food and clothing donations are requested for admission.

Hip Hop 4 Haiti DC will include performances by Bad Boy Recording Artist DeAngelo Redman; NU ENT/Jive/Battery Records Recording Artist D.C. Don Juan; 2008 DMV Entertainer of the Year Kyonte, co-producer and writer of two Grammy-nominated Projects; DMV’s lyrical genius and creator of the powerful “Hip-Hop 4 Haiti” single, Bear Witnez; and more! In addition, Dan Wilder AKA II Face Ya Wildboy will host an all-female cipha, featuring Ra The MC, Madam Madon, La Vie, Lady Venom, Maria J AKA The Postergirl and other top female emcees in the DMV.

The community is asked to bring non-perishable food items and clothing, and enjoy a Hip Hop 4 Haiti Happy Hour, including music from some of the finest local & national artists. Also, guests will hear the stories of speakers who have a connection to Haiti and earthquake relief efforts. This is an 18 and up event. Your support is needed to help the people of Haiti and to provide an ongoing and lasting impact. Please come out and join this great cause. Visit the website to learn more about what other cities are doing.

Interested in being involved? Here’s what you can do now:

1. In addition to attending Hip Hop 4 Haiti in your city, all artists and members of the hip-hop community are asked to record short videos encouraging support for the Hip Hop 4 Haiti National Food and Clothing Drive January 30 and email the video to one of the contacts above.

2. Join the Ning network at www.hiphop4haiti.ning.com

3. Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends and family to Hip Hop 4 Haiti.

4. Share the flier and this press release on Twitter and other social networks.

Presented nationally by: Queen YoNasda, B.E.A. Inc, EMCEES for P.E.A.C.E, XPOZ magazine, Peacefest, Institute of the Black World, Hip Hop Caucus and Hip Hop Help Haiti and the assistance of YELE Haiti organization; and locally by Music Is Life Magazine, Honeycomb Set LLC, Beneath Da Surface, Think Brown INK Communications and Layla Lounge.

Locations: Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; St. Louis, MO; South Carolina; Grand Rapids, MI; Albuquerque, NM; Providence, RI; Baltimore, MD; Pittsburgh, PA; Fort Wayne, IN; Washington DC; New York City; Minnesota (visit http://hiphop4haiti.ning.com for additional cities).

Whitefolkz-"Life 4 Me feat Smash"

Dugee-"Milion Dolla Mission"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Donnie Simpson get FIRED! Via MTO and Washington Post

Donnie's ratings have been a little down recently, and management had been trying to convince him to do things to attract YOUNGER listeners. Well Donnir didn't appreciate management telling him how to run his own show, so they fired him.

On the bright side, MediaTakeOut.com learned that Donnie is still under contract, and his home station WPGC is going to have to PAY HIM until the contract ends.

Here's how the Washington Post is reporting things:
Simpson's departure follows months of declining ratings for his show and internal friction between Simpson and WPGC's management. The station has sought to boost Simpson's ratings and attract younger listeners by updating his playlist and playing hit songs more often. Simpson and his producer-son, Donnie Jr., have maintained that the station was meddling, compromising his long-running program and alienating loyal listeners.

CBS had wanted to ease Simpson out with a celebratory retirement party in mid-March, but Simpson declined, according to people familiar with the negotiations between him and the station. Late last week he began telling listeners on the air that his departure was imminent but didn't specify when he'd be leaving.

Damn Donnie. But his daughter bad as hell tho! I'm just saying!



Davy DMV - "When I Come Around"

Hip Hop Cinema Café One-Year Anniversary with Filmmaker Byron Hurt

Saturday 01.30.10:

@ Historical Society of Washington D.C.
801 K Street NW (Mount Vernon Sq.), 8th and K Streets 20001

2PM-5PM | Free


Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes

61 minutes 2006 Byron Hurt

Lyriciss - The Practice (MIXTAPE)


Peace readers. My homie D Floyd recently moved down to ATL to get a new life on this music game. Im letting him report to us on a weekly basis as to whats popping etc... As you know alot of our artist are moving down ATL so if you need insight here you go.

Live From ATL:

I recently took some time to really sit down and watch the most talked
about movie of the year,Precious. To be honest it was more hype then
history as promised but I heard a line that I might never
4get."Sometimes the longest journeys begin with the first step" I'm
with that.That's probably why 3 months ago I did what most of us DMV
niggas only TALK about.I took the first REAL step in my career and
moved down to the Black Hollywood.

Everybody from Everywhere comes down
to this new age Harlem Renaissance in search of solidifying a place in
their selective fields.That's probably what makes it the mecca that it
is.everybody is driving for the same goals no ulterior motives no crab
in barrel.The beauty of the south is that they keep shit simple.In DC
we tend to complicate things way too much.Choosing to pretend to unite
rather than actually doing it.Rejecting the cities underground culture
rather then embracing and respecting it.Snakes and Rats lie everywhere
make no mistake but a unified front defeats a unified fake everyday.To
those with money the money aint important.The mission is....I'm just
checking in Live from ATL.

You can send ur q&a to

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DMV Awards 2010 (DC Legends)

Mista Forty- Capital City Cipha 2: Round 1

R.E.U.B. Interview - The Black Rapper Show Pt. I - prod by Olawale 4Sight.

Messege to DMV!

#DMV Femcee vs. MC
"I have a bone to pick with the booking agents, club promoters, and SOME powerful DMV artist. There is a strong collection of female MC/Rappers in the DMV right? I'm talking about women who have catalogs of music, a fan base, great live shows, etc. Yet almost every major event in the DMV lacks a female presence. Hip-hop is and has always been a male dominated culture BUT lets not forget the impact of MANY past and present female rappers (Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Vita, Queen Pin, Queen Latifah, Missy, Kim, Foxy,etc) I have a problem with folks like Anton Alexander and others who "put on" for the city but can never seem to put a female artist "on" an event. What's the issue DMV? Talk to me"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Essence - Supaclick

Hevewae New Single "WHUD UP MOE (IT'S HEVEWAE)

neff get loose music video directed by Alex acosta

K-Beta - Black Business | "Inglorious Beta" April 1st 2010

Wordsmith "Hook Up Hotline" (Directed by Seannie Cameras)


D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M. doc part1

D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M. doc part1 from Darren on Vimeo.

E One Letter (Untitled) "Drake Joint" Inbox X


Likeblood Wins DMV Award for "Best Rap Group" and Gears Up to Shoot New Music Video

Likeblood Wins DMV Award for "Best Rap Group" and Gears Up to Shoot New Music Video
Video shoot will take place on Wednesday, January 27th at Ibiza Nightclub in Washington, D.C.

(Washington, D.C. – January 18, 2010) Kicking off the first week of the New Year with the #3 most added record at Urban Radio and adding to that, a DMV Award for "Best Rap Group," Likeblood is gearing up to shoot the music video for their new single, "Money Over Here," featuring Bobby V. After completing their run as the opening act for Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2" tour, Likeblood is excited to follow up their last release, “Red Carpet,” which debuted as “New Joint of the Day” on BET’s, “106 & Park," with the first single off their upcoming album, "#dabiness." Co-produced by Atlanta production team, The Council [Fabolous/Lil Wayne], and Soblu Music Group producer, Maurice “Mo Digga” Randolph, "Money Over Here" is setting itself up to be the "work hard, play hard” anthem of the year. And with positive feedback from DJ's and programmers around the world, Likeblood is ready to embark upon their third music video and take the "Money Over Here" movement to the next level.

The video shoot will take place in the group's hometown, Washington, D.C., at Ibiza Nightclub (1222 First Street NE / WDC 20002) on Wednesday, January 27th from 5pm - 12am. The video will be produced by Soblu Productions, the team behind the film, "Jazz in the Diamond District," and will feature a number of exciting cameos including the song's featured artist, Bobby V. This will be a closed set. To request press access or photographer clearance, please contact Tanneasha Gordon (info below). For casting inquiries, please email casting@soblu.com.

Champain Era featuring Joe Tann - Soho Fever

Champain Era featuring Joe Tann - Soho Fever from Champain Era on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sir Aah - I Ain't A Killa ft. Nipsey Hussle, REUB, Kingpen Slim, Yukmouth, Crooked I, and Royce Da 5'9"

Song Title: I Ain't A Killa
Artist: Sir Aah ft. Nipsey Hussle, REUB, Kingpen Slim, Yukmouth, Crooked I, and Royce Da 5'9"
Producer: Olawale (The Clinic)
Company Name: Tax Free Records