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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check out video from new voices tour in DC

KT - "Never" (Promo)

KT - "Never" (Promo) from KT on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Lyriciss - Hot Music

Lyriciss - Hot Music [VIDEO] from Lyriciss on Vimeo.

Curren$y In Store Signing & Concert| Wash D.C 7.16.2010| follow us @thecnsrs

Curren$y In Store Signing & Concert| Wash D.C 7.16.2010| follow us @thecnsrs from The CNSRS on Vimeo.

BlueX2 - Clark Construction Mixtape


Clark Construction is the debut mixtape from Fame Gang and Fly Way recording artist BlueX2. Mixtape features appearances from Davy Fresh and and other Fame Gang & Fly Way affiliates. BlueX2 released 3 single prior to releasing The Clark Construction mixtape. The very first single was "Gotta Make Sure" produced by Innerloop records Soulful! and the single first appeared on Davy Fresh's free LP The Davy DMV LP which BlueX2 features on several tracks. The second single was BlueX2 highly successful "Make Change". The Last single released was "Deeper". All singles have music videos that can be viewed on Youtube.com. Download The Clark Construction mixtape that is spreading the word about BlueX2.

Lega-c "When The Lights Go Down ft. mC"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DJ Torkaveli - Making the Beat episode 1


Lil Bill "Gon Get Wet"


As a young artist coming from an area where talent is not frequently acknowledged or observed, Nathaniel Sherrod Jr. aka DMV’s Lil Bill is one to take a stand.

Born May 11, 1990 in Temple Hills, MD but living in Southern Maryland the majority of his life, this rapper/singer/producer & songwriter, managed to gain the respect of his peers in the DMV and abroad. Lil Bill is a dynamic combo of energy and swagger that instantly demands attention and accolades from music lovers, buyers, critics, and other established musicians themselves. Lil Bill’s style varies from “the cookouts”, the parties, intense conversations that ignite from his impeccable delivery and narrative storytelling skills.

Graduating from Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf, MD in 2008 he also attended CCBC Essex Community College; Bill came upon the music scene in late September of 2009 after performing in numerous cities and events and recording numerous songs that were getting the attention of locals. “And to think all this started after a couple of college buddies were joking around in a studio, but I got serious.” – Lil Bill

Brooklyn West Records/ Bungalo Records/ Universal has offered a recording deal contract in January 2010; Lil Bill has yet to make a decision. Lil Bill’s anticipated debut project “One Sided Story” is to be released late Fall/Winter 2010. And he has just released his first single "Gon Get Wet". Bill is a complete musician repping his home whose music demands a true shot at stardom.

Rick Ross feat. SK -BMF Remix (unofficial)

De-U.c.e. Double - Mr. 40. Watt

Fly Guys present The F Word Season 3 ep 1

D.C. Don Juan ft DJ Quicksilva-Get It Like Me (Say Yeah)

World Keep Turning By Yung JD

Lwarn- T Lucas

"Talk to me Slow: The Mixtape"

PINK & BLACK Charity Event of the year.

Obii Say x hiphopDX x CMG

Friday, July 23, 2010

Marky (SRC/Universal) – "PURPLE"

Wizeguyz Presents "The Meaning" Produced by A.J.

Deron X Lyriciss X RivaFlowz - "the Ghost of Rayful Edmonds"

Expect the track to be released with in the next 2 weeks to a month and to also be featured on my follow up project, "the Guestlist 2", which will also be hosted by DJ Soundwave.

X the Next Mixtape


Track listing

1.Going All In
2.Hello, Buenos Dias
4.i'm ILL
5.Bobby Boucher
6.I'm Already
7.Make you sing
9.I'm So Cool f/ DK
10.De la calle f/ Fuego
11.It's Over
12.I'm That f/ Mullyman
13.Hot Now f/ Tyme & Young Bleed
15.Thinkin of Me

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"EF Files" Major (Video Teaser)

FTDMVO Guest Blog - Giving Up on Yourself! (DJ TORKAVELI

The songs you hear on the buzzing/on the radio - when do you think they were made?

A) Last week?
B) Last month?
C) Last year?

I think most will agree that the answer is C.

What's my point? Songs take time to penetrate, time that a lot of talented DMV artists tend not to give to their songs. Instead of making a song and promoting, tweaking, plugging, playing, sending, and traveling with it to get it exposed and possibly catch on somewhere, we instead make a song, make another song, make another song, make another song, then complain that nobody gives your song a chance.

Well, there's a good reason for that. Nobody believes in your song because YOU don't!

If you slapped people over the head with ONE SONG over a period of say 6-12 months across as wide of an area as you can, I promise you more people would care. But this record, record, record, record, record cycle is an endless one that only will frustrate you (as well as anyone who has to hear you whine).

Money - Money, Cars, Jewels, Fashion (official music video)

Enoch 7th Prophet "Revelations"

BBU BOYZ-Young & Successful

Hassani Kwess - "Operation M.I.L.K. (Must I Love Kickint?)"

Mark Milly-"Smile In Ya Face"

Cap City Blue: New DMV Hip-Hop jam band

The absolute hardest part of writing your band’s introductory biography is getting the reader on to the second sentence. Well, here you are, right along with DMV natives Cap City Blue, a band that is a breath of fresh air in a hip-hop world ripe with identity crisis. “Band” is nothing if not the keyword: Cap City Blue is a modern fusion of all things hip-hop, rock, electronic, improvisational – you name it – that works on the cardinal rule that music is borne of live instrumentation and real songwriting. Composed of fluid MC MellowMarsh and multi-instrumentalist producer Zack, Cap City Blue’s songs are original stratospheric symphonic concoctions woven together by a tangled web of ink-hearted poetry. Always ready to jam, Cap City Blue is a band that merely wants to offer a new and exciting dimension to the hip-hop game.

The 5-track sampler, "Up Here" can be previewed and downloaded at Cap City Blue's bandcamp:



Davy - "Gettin Money Like A Grown"

Sunday, July 18, 2010



ATTENTION!!!!! ATTENTION!!!! In celebration of the Washington Wizards selecting John Wall as the first overall pick, Coup d' etat Entertainment would like to present you with The John Wall Tape. If you are from anywhere in DC, Maryland or Virginia then this is a MUST HAVE!!!! Show some love to the DMV and let this be the soundtrack to your summer!!!!


BMF (DC REMIX) BY GARVEY "THE CHOSEN ONE" from Bob Smoke on Vimeo.

"HIGH GRADE" Rasi caprice Feat:Doe cigapom,Whitefolkz,Laelo hood,K beta,Gordo brega and Hazzard.

PenDragon - BMF Freestyle (Baltimore MaFu*ka)


right back where i started

Right Back Where I Started from John Ledbetter on Vimeo.

Street Scholar(EP)

Bad Abbot - Aural Fixation EP

SHAWN SKY "Right By Your Side"

DMV Rebels Elite mixtape - Hosted by Mel Gibson

Candis Jones- "Lights, Camera, Single"

Lights, Camera, Single Overview

"Lights, Camera, Single" is a new web reality series that follows New York University,Tisch School of the Performing Arts Student, Candis Jones
(A Washington DC Native) in her day to day efforts to prepare her Stage play "The People's Republic" for this year's "DC Black Theatre Festival" as well as find a good man! The series features music from area independent artists and is currently seeking new music to add to future episodes. Email all music, questions and comments to lightscamerasingle@gmail.com.

Rickie Jacobs-Hold you Down(Remix)

Board Administration fat-trel, black cobain

WhatsBadio Season 2 Vblog Premiere "THIS FRIDAY"

WhatsBadio Season2 Vblog {trailer} from WhatsBadio on Vimeo.

ProP-Perfect Thouht LP

A producer A.P.B.

M1 Platoon - Chessecake Drake

Greenspan - "Got Green 2"

New Video from Darngood - "Young, Black & Gifted"

Young Black & Gifted from Darngood on Vimeo.


Southeast Central Trailer

Cool Mind Records - Behind the Scenes of "Do it Up"

Battery/Jive Records D.C. Don Juan-Hands Up (Produced by The Best Kept Secret)

De-U.c.e. Double "Mr. 40. Watt" (music video)

Honcho Promo

Color Correction / Color Grading Test - Produced by Olawale O.

Color Correction / Color Grading Test - After Effects from 4Sight Pictures - Olawale on Vimeo.

The Oy Boyz: Oyisode 62

Sir Aah x Knoc-turn'al x Yukmouth - Ya' Movin Ya Groovin'

Tese Fever-Light Up

K.I.N.G. Ft. Shi-Get Me Don't Sh!t Me

AnMor-That'll Work (Remix)

NIX- The Takeoff

DC Artist DayOneRap Release VIDEO for freestyle “MLK” (BMF Remix)

Dougie FITO's Back For The First Grind Hosted by Mista DMV DJ Rob

KingPen Slim x Wale x STS x Phil Ade "The Way You Move" | The Beam Up 2 AVAILABLE AUGUST 30



Intalek x Ritchcraft "Lives and Vibes" Album

Intalek, a rapper from Virginia Beach, VA, U.S., collaborated with Ritchcraft, a producer from Halifax, N.S. Canada and began to create what is now known as 'Lives and Vibes'. The two met on Twitter, via aspiring visual artist, Princess, and immediately began making tracks. In under 2 months 'Lives and Vibes' was completed.

Intalek x Ritchcraft "Lives and Vibes" Album

Rizon "Move Made"

Ride Hoodmix - Maria J

Opto - In The Middle Produced by Sinitus Tempo


"Your Girl Don't Want You" by B. Tha B-Boy (feat. Relentlezz Dre) Debuts

Exclusive Studio Footage.DC Artist Kingpen Slim and Producer JButtah Studio Teaser Reveals 2 New Records

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Blaze x MPC x Best Records of 2010


DJ Lady Blaze Radio Show!