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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Redhead - "The Night"

MacGuyver - The Come Up

@Oddisee - Own Appeal (Free Download)

Oddisee hit the road this week, already having preformed in his hometown of Washington DC, then hitting Toronto, and Seattle last night.  Don't fret though - he's got 26 more shows to go (see below for schedule).  Add to that, next week Oddisee is releasing his instrumental follow up to Rock Creek Park on October 1st titled The Beauty In All.  Oddisee decided to craft a new bonus mixtape, Tangible Dream, (all new material produced by and featuring Oddisee) that will come as a free download exclusively with his upcoming album The Beauty In All.  Today, Oddisee wanted to share the first track from Tangible Dream, titled Own Appeal.


@seslim202 - MANDINGO (They Call Me Sace)

@Lonniemoore23 - HD Dreams

DSint - #FishBowl

@PHZ-Sicks - Lost & Found ft Alison Carney

@LordLinco - UNLIT trailer

"Sweet Mistake" by @AmberMimz (Official Video)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

@remixliveshow - Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Edition

Re:Mix Live - Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Edition (Video - Round 1): 
Re:Mix Live - Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Edition (Video - Round 2):  
Re:Mix Live - Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Edition (Video - Round 3): 
Re:Mix Live - Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Edition (Video - Round 4): 

@Lyriciss New Music Video, "Maryland (ft. Pro'Verb)"

Shwaze Collins feat. Mack Scott -Brisk And A Blunt

@Stealfsoulja - FKWG Mixtape

Nick Harrison (@NickHMusiccc) Ft. Ace Primo (@AcePrimo) - "This is How We Party" Prod By Nick CIty (@NickCity)


CA$H The RULER f/ Fudge "Have Mercy"

Monday, September 16, 2013

@HAZZARD202 - Leader of The Pak Mixtape


@FlyRebelSociety Presents "Versus" Mixtape!

@im_nategood - THE JUMP MIXTAPE

@SinitusTempo - "Light Up The World" & "Blue Alley Waltz"

Click here to listen to Sinitus Tempo - "Light Up The World" (The Final Odyssey)

@Jona_Radio - Chances

(Naruto inspired short film) Forbidden Scroll Starring A Dezert Name

Anonymous Conglomerate – Power Lunch

@SuperNikeNando - Fear The Turtle (EP)

As a kid I always heard and admired the story of Len Bias growing up in Maryland. He was from Landover, not too far from where I grew up in PG County. This surprise EP has mostly lyrical excises and features 4 brand new tracks including the single "M.O.B." produced by DeuceTheMusic and "Bogus" Produced by Matt McGhee.

@MarcoDaSharko - I'm Not A Rapper

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

@sheezybeatz - The Pillow Talk 2 Beat Tape – Download

 DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Producer Sheezy returns with his 2nd volume of his instrumental series, the “Pillow Talk Beat Tape.”  Off the success of his 1st installment in 2011 (27,000 downloads to date), it was a no-brainer to keep a good thing going.  The Pillow Talk Beat Tape (or PT2BT for short) is a small teaser of sorts, showcasing a diverse set of urban instrumentals for all types of moods.  The initial title was conceived from the fact that cats are constantly “sleeping” on Sheezy, so this tape is “a little something to sleep on.”  Available for studio work, Sheezy is versed in many areas of music, ranging from production, songwriting, music theory, recording & mixing services, and studio session work (piano).


@DavyDMV - "Weirdos on Friday The 13th (Short Film)" feat. Sharon Henderson & SKYpunch

mr_retweetking - Lor Rell feat. iDwayne "C'mon"

D. Floyd - Love Money Drugs 3

With the latest installment of the three year long Love Money Drug project, the most recent in the long lined trapper turned rapper genre proves he's around for more then the typical name and fame..This is history in the making..The 16 track disc includes secret and bonus cuts as well as production from DB Bantino(Grand Hustle,Brick Squad) DJ Burnone , DC newcomer Aaron Holmes,and a few more. With guest appearances from Wale's artist Fatz Da Big Fella, Southside Blue, R.U.D.E, and producer/rapper DB, this time around seems more about the music as he brings along a few other artist to paint a very vivid picture. A MUST LISTEN!


@Iam_Y1 - Coming Soon

So Gone by @Yella_Jesus

@BrutalLeeHonest @TheHeroes4Hire - Anonymous Conglomerate - Craft Mastered feat. One Ton


Definition of master (n) mas·ter [ mástər] 1. a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.
J Berd of the Maryland based Hip Hop collective Anonymous Conglomerate further explains what mastering one’s craft means, saying “to truly master something, you have to have been exposed to every aspect of the craft.”  As an MC that means mastering “patterns, schemes, timing, inflection, relevance, adlibs, ect.”
Today Berd, along with his AC cohorts, the Heroes 4 Hire, releases “Craft Mastered” featuring One Ton, the 5th leak off their forthcoming project, Power Lunch. The track showcases not only J Berd’s mastery of MCing, but his frequent collaborator One Ton’s skill as well. Not to mention the behind the boards mastery of the Heroes 4 Hire.
Before working together as a group, both the Heroes and J Berd have been recording and performing for years, garnering acclaim throughout the mid-Atlantic area. J Berd recently toured along the east coast as part of the Go Figure tour with his Action Figure cohorts.
Expect Anonymous Conglomerate to drop Power Lunch on Under Sound Music, September 10th, 2013.

Badio...Ä N E W R E L E A S E

RAtheMC "All Me"

808's n Samples by producer Ceezy

@JScienide - "Garbage" Produced by yU of Diamond District

Sam Pain (14 yr old DC artist) "Inner City" Video

14 year-old emcee Sam Pain is not your average kid. Originally from Uptown 1-4 Zone, his mother relocated to the infamous Edgewood neighborhood in Northeast, Washington, D.C. when Sam was just 2 years old. The tough streets of D.C. forced Sam to grow up fast. With no father in the house, he took it upon himself to care for his mother, younger brother and sister.Although barely a teenager, his command of the music and track presence put most grown men to shame. Already a highly touted basketball prospect on the East Coast, Sam is now primed to take over the rap game with the release of his first mixtape: New Beginnings. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself forgetting you’re listening to a kid—Sam Pain is the truth

@nunothabrova - "ETERNAL PROGRESS" EP

My name is MeccaTheManHimself, Man Even Christ Could Admire, Nunothabrova for short. I would like to have your attention if I may on a project titled “ETERNAL PRGRESS” this project is a spiritual reflection of my art form  and my 13th official release to date. On this project you will hear passion, pride and my testimony of things that occurred during my journey while pursuing a career in music; most importantly you will hear a genuine artist. This project has production by M.E.C.C.A, Lex-D, HitmakerDRE, Melo Flamez,Young Rocky, Mafia and LOBE. This project was recorded while I strived to achieve my bachelor’s degree and find my way into this music industry always keeping my life in order and eyes on progress which is success ultimately.
  I would like to thank you for helping me by supporting my mission and sharing my music on your platform so I can reach more ears and hearts with my inspirational message. All press is good press and if you have time to write some words about the project I would be happy (a review, an interview or just a track by track breakdown. I will return the favor and post the press on my blog as well). The goal for this project is to progress towards changing my reality and become more successful in the music industry and live a merry everlasting life overall.

"Blasphemy" Official Music Video

@trulyfaded - Nicholas Adams - "Knew Shit"

Nicholas Adams is an up-coming artist out of SW Virginia. He is currently working on his Freshman mixtape titled "APHD: The Nicholas Adams EP" which will release at the end of the fall. In the meantime stay tuned for more drops from Adams.

@yung_gleesh - Please (Official Video)

Nizz "Father" produced by Jabarr

@DBBantino Official Nun Nun music video

@PrinceAkeem301 - "Love In Los Angeles" Mixtape

@SuperNikeNando - Majin Vageta (Prod. Johnny Juliano)

Knox Hill & John the Unlimited ► Four In (Official Music Video)

About Knox: Professional athlete by day, hip hop head in the studio by night, Knox Hill brings a fresh (if different) perspective on rap. Born and raised in the DMV, Knox's roots dig deep into the rap community which surrounds him.  A passionate, energetic delivery mixed with audacious sounds that push the limits of a genre. It's good music with a devil-may-care style.