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Friday, March 28, 2014

BEATS FOR SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!















HoliRocket "Me Too" New DMV Video

@SenicaDaMisfit - "BRUTALITY" Official Music Video

@buckymalone703 @TheRealKwame @FASTLIFEXXX - Waddup Loc VIDEO

@RAtheMC "Put In Work" Official Music Video

CoolMind Records Presents KiD StruMMa Feelin Good (Official Video)

*Cool Mind Records Presents* Kid Strumma~"Feel'in Good"-Official Music Video* from LiForm film N sound on Vimeo.

KydChroNic - The RYU Tape @theproperboy @kydchronic

Native to Prince George's County Maryland (a suburb of Washington D.C.) I have spent all my life growing up in the area. Parliament-Funkadelic deemed Washington D.C. as the Capital of all Chocolate Cities in the 80s; I was born in 1991 when the city was referred to as the "murder capital" because of the crime reputation and height of the crack epidemic. The prodigious Len Bias overdosed at nearby UMD and his brother was shot at a shopping center down the street from where I grew up. The area has a rich hip-hop history, and one of my favorite bands Experience Unlimited helped to create this era. Our local music is a percussion style called "Go-Go," local rappers and influencers Wale and Tabi Bonney use this in their style. However,  I am most influenced by Classic Rap, Gangster Rap, Acid Jazz, Funk, and Bossa Nova. My appreciation for all styles of music comes from the very diverse neighborhood that I grew up in (people were always cranking something). For me, my early music started as an exit to escape the reality of problems at home with my family. It evolved into a hobby when I linked up with my best friend Abel Battery in middle school. Out of his circle, I met the young OfficialOB and 6ix (producers for Logic) where ciphering and beats became our weekend "turn-up" all the way until we went our separate ways after college. I was a student at American University in northwest D.C., while the majority of my friends attended UMD. While at American U, I studied abroad in Seoul and Tokyo picking up some language and culture along the way adding some influence to my artistry as well. Two styles that I switch back and forth from is the "futuristic pimp" and "intelligent goon", these are the two personas that were born and live in my writing. The RYU Tape specifically came from an idea I had while studying abroad. The RYU concept came from the korean hip-hop student org that I was apart of called "Rap in da Yonsei University." Here I learned that next to English, Korean is the second most rhythimic language when used in a hip-hop fashion. And of course, as a 90's baby I loved the game Street Fighter. Putting these two ideas together formed the theme for this project.

@UptownXO "Who" / Takeover 2 (2xLP)

Qugo Boss - "Qugo x Ivy" (Official Music Video) @BryceWayne_ @GuerillaKookies @_AKRendezvous

Qugo x Ivy (Official Music Video) from Qugo Boss on Vimeo.

Rome Cee - The M.E.D.S.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fru - Polished Misfit EP Trailer (Album Coming Soon!!!)

"Hold On"- @iWorkmusic

"Hold On" is the first single from "The Growth". "The Growth" is the sixth project that will be released by recording artist iWorkmusic during the summer of 2014. This record is the hottest record to hit the streets of the Washington DC Metropolitan area since Wale's "Dig Dug". 

@Tnyce @Hiphopamour - Swerve Off

Have you heard the latest from VA's own hiphop artist Tnyce?
Here is his latest smash entitled "Swerve Off" Ft. Ant XV another Va native.
When time permits please take a listen. This is a track that gives you
lyrical talent, substance and a message to not let anyone get in the
way of your goals and what you want to accomplish by telling them
swerve off, while giving you a "Turn up" vibe that can be considered a
Club banger.

@MarloDesire @MunozBeats - "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.".

Baltimore based artist, Marleaux D. , presents his most recent musical offering "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.". The track features a barrage of continuous, straight-forward bars over a gritty, hip-hop beat by Chicago producer MUNOZ. This track isn't attached to any upcoming projects, but you can anticipate Marleaux's next solo project "Genius Is God", set to release in 2015

Wordsmith - Apt. 507 (Promo Clip 3)

Vhedot - Clear View (Official Video) Shot by @SlumpedTVfilms Prod. TraumaToneBeats

@redheadpg - "Too Much" (Extended Music Video)

Kake Krews own Ben Frank "Paper" track wit bday vlog visual #kakekrew #spillgang

@relloworlddino - "Dream Girl"

 Virginia heart-throb Dino B.A.M  started singing at the age of 5 years old. He was driven by the sounds of Marvin Gaye, The Whispers, Michael Jackson, and Kem. From recording on a karaoke machine to making cassette tapes on a mini computer, it was only the beginning for Dino. Concepts and utilizing products such as sound proof, AKG microphone, popper-stoppers, and m-box were only the beginning..  As he grew, he gained extensive experience around town, both singing and rapping at various venues, including pep-rallies, talent shows, teen club parties and churches. The melodious wordplay of artists such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Cassidy geared him for his position among the hip-hop greats and music producers.  Currently residing in Springfield, Virginia, he hopes to turn his passion into a career. Dino remarks, “To me rap and R&B is more than just writing on paper and saying it into a mic. It’s about poetry and not just telling people, but expressing the way you feel to the world. The mic is what I vent to; its my ‘get away’ from it all. My music simply comes from the soul and heart, as I reach out and touch others in a way they can relate it to me, and my life”.

@logicmarselis - "cheesesteak eggrolls" beat tape

When Fredericksburg Virginia producer Logic Marselis isn't doing work with emcee UllNevaNo, he's constantly knocking out instrumental albums his discography says a lot. Logic drops tapes at random without telling anybody cause he's all about creating dope music for the masses, and being that madlib is one of his biggest influences his work ethic and focus is uncomparable when releasing music. Logic has released a instrumental project entitled "Cheesesteak Eggrolls" a very popular carry out item in Baltimore md, the inspiration behind it was from him visiting baltimore on countless occasions, he's fascinated with how raw and authentic the city is not to mention his favorite show is the "wire." Instrumentals on the tape that stands out like the bass line driven sampled "north ave" takes listeners on a ride on one of the most famous streets in Baltimore if your a resident of the city you have to be familiar with "north ave," Logic also takes you in for some cheesesteak egg rolls on the hard drum "Jerry's" which sounds like the equivalent of a 70s game show intro, that's where the inspiration of this beat tape came about, just from eating at Jerry's. On "E cold spring lane" Logic asks Ullnevano for some assistance which is the only track with vocals on the whole project, Neva takes you on a trip and very descriptive story on what goes down in a sneaker lineup, when trying to purchase the latest pair of Jordan's, starting out lines like "hopped out the taxi/wearing taxi's/.... Each track title is a reference to the culture of Baltimore, so when you listen to it think of it as ode or paying homage to the city of a Baltimore from Logics eyes. 

@ReesaRenee - Good Day (feat. Tabi Bonney) Like? Share

The Indie Life SXSW '14: Twista, Statik Selektah,

@SportNorfEast @Lyriciss @Deejay_Miklo - Sport Norf East - Nuffin' (ft. Lyriciss)

@Greenspan410 - Soul Right feat JSoul & Daysia Star

@OogieLeo ft. @DollaDaveKing30 #GetMeBaby (OFFICIAL #GoGo VIDEO) w/ @STEELbandDMV

@MicLungz | JUDAH • ‘Bully Beatdown’ (Album)

Born in Washington D.C., Mic Lungz is a Hip-Hop artist who learned early about pain, struggle and sacrifice. Growing up during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, music had a big influence on his life. During his late teens he along with 4 of his childhood friends formed a rap group called Rugged Soulz. Performing at neighborhood parties/open mics, was where he realized there was nothing else he wanted to do with his life but be an MC. The group eventually diminished to only two members, and he learned/mastered the art of song structure and recording. Always staying on his grind, Mic Lungz returns with his latest offering, 'Bully Beatdown.'
'Bully Beatdown' plays host to hard hitting aggressive drum kicks and heavy MMA references sets the tone for this UFC themed album. Produced entirely by D.C. mainstay JUDAH, the duo are reviving that one MC, one producer combination. The album also supports features from Tone Trump, Tabi Bonney, K-Beta and Visto to round out the diversity from track to track.

01.) 2nd 2 None
02.) Bar 4 Bar
03.) Real Hip Hop (feat. Tone Trump)
04.) Beat Up The Beat
05.) Passion Fruit
06.) Take It Back (feat. K-Beta & RA)
07.) Years In The Making (feat. Tabi Bonney & Visto)08.) Adrenaline Rush
09.) What Would You Do (feat. Shydi)
10.) Dedication
[Bonus Video] Behind The Scenes: Making Of[Mini-Documentary Directed by @DJ7Thirty]
*Executive Produced by JUDAH
*Written & Performed by Mic Lungz*Mixed & Mastered by Carlos Oyanedel / John Horesco

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

@Fattrel and @Concrete_Mizzle in CCS Studio by @PYREXTV

@slim_fred @dmvbigsteve - Eyes Lazy Video

@officialvhedot - - Clear View (Official Video) Shot by SlumpedTVfilms

Vhedot - Clear View (Official Video) Shot by SlumpedTVfilms from dubdvision on Vimeo.

REEP-- "Fear of Being Broke" OUT NOW!!! @ryanapostle

@KhalaezzyGame @Chuku100 & @TopShottaFi - Khalaezzy Game Feat Lightshow "F.S.B"

Silence. (@silenceunltd) - The Worst

Hailing from Baltimore, MD and Jamaica, Queens, NY, rapper/producer Artic (@itsartic) and singer/songwriter Iman Jaunte' (@imanjauntemusic) have joined forces to put you in a state of Silence. (@silenceunltd). The word "silence" refers to a situation, state, or period of time in which people do not talk. When Silence. makes noise, you have no choice but to focus your awareness on the presentation unfolding in front of you and listen.

Fair - Child of God (Album)

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Fair impresses with Child of God, a powerful debut project featuring aggressive, clever lyricism and delightfully dark production. A member of G5 Music Group, Fair’s music highlights a host of different influences and gives stark, poignant perspective on the life he’s experienced in the gritty streets of Richmond. Building on the success of singles such as “Shotgun Ridin’” and “Drinkin’ & Smokin’,”Child of God stands out from the crowd and refuses to bow to temporary trends.

Child of God is filled with intriguing conflict, as Fair balances his desire to be like Christ with painful experiences and human vulnerabilities. Richmond, the former capital of the Confederacy, is uniquely nestled between the north and the south. Child of God reflects this with the seamless incorporation of different regional influences, tied together by trunk-rattling bass and infectious choruses.

With the exception of Mr. Ivory Snow’s production of “Drinkin & Smokin,” Child of God is produced entirely by Conrizzle, who is also known for producing for the likes of Loaded Lux, Jim Jones, and Nickelus F, among others. Guest artists on Child of God include Conrizzle and his alter ego Loochey Lovely, Mr. Ivory Snow, Dr. Millionaire, Chance Fischer, MH Tha Prez, and Erikka J. Child of God has been assembled, sequenced, and shaped with admirable precision to shock the world and ensure that Fair’s debut is a very difficult record to forget.

@Surock on the SP1200 part 3 (Video)

Murph Law (@murphthemusic) - "D.C.O.E"

The SwaggNation Foundation to Host 1st Annual Baltimore All Star Weekend & 1K Sneaker Drive

March 14, 2014 (Baltimore, MD) –The Swaggnation Foundation host the 1st Annual Baltimore All Star Weekend and 1K Sneaker Drive, Saturday March 22, 2014,  3pm-8pm and  Sunday March 23rd, 2014 2pm-6pm at Carmelo Anthony Center and Paul Laurence Dunbar High School respectively. The Carmelo Anthony Center is located at 1100 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School is located at 1400 Orleans Street Baltimore, MD 21231.
The SwaggNation Foundation is a youth focused organization aimed at providing a  positive experience for empowerment & entertainment for young adults. The Baltimore All Star Weekend includes a Sneaker Drive and Show with a goal of collecting $1,000 sneakers and a show highlighting some new and trendy sneakers you can't find in stores. The sneaker show will also include musical entertainment with a  all-star hip hop cypher hosted by radio personality Squirrel Wyde.
“This our mega initiative to collect slightly used sneakers to donate to charity. We have a goal of collecting 1,000 sneakers for this event have a prolonged goal of collecting 10,000 sneakers by summer's end”, states Ian Yearwood, founder of  The SwaggNation Foundation.  The main event includes a Dunk King 2K14 & All Star Shootout 3point Contest and Dunk Contest hosted by radio personality Porkhop.
The grand finale of Baltimore All Star Weekend will be the All Star Game consisting of all the top high school players in Baltimore City and Baltimore County metro areas hosted by Squirrel Wyde with a spectacular half time celebration featuring DJ Angelbaby and her Get Pumped Movement. The All Star Game will be an event to not to be missed as all players will be playing to the best of their abilities as national and local scouts for college and pro teams will be in attendance to survey new upcoming talent.
The SwaggNation Foundation is partnering with Living Classrooms Foundation, the Urban Artemis Foundation, and incorporating Safe Streets to create a fantastic Baltimore All Star Weekend and the entire weekend is honoring veteran basketball player Kurk Lee on Sunday March 23rd at Dunbar High School.
Vendor and sponsorship opportunities are available by request by emailing swaggbusiness@gmail.com . For media inquiries, contact Singleton Newman of New Hope Talent Management at singletonnewman@gmail.com or by phone at 301-531-5422.
The SwaggNation Foundation can be found online on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Use Twitter and Instagram hashtage #BmoreAllStar2k14 in support of the event online.
Press Release Link: www.prlog.org/12295949
Media Contact
Singleton Newman
Publicist, The SwaggNation Foundation

Ian Yearwood
Founder, The SwaggNation Foundation

@pt_ellis - "She Never Been " (Offical Music Video)

TreySongz- Na Na (Stripper RMX) Ft. J. Gardna

@FRUisHere - Far from Glorious feat. Darius Wolley

@ZoBlackDaRappa - ‘#WTFIZB Da Mixtape’


All Drae - Nationals(Music Video)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014





@misserikkaj - "$2 Bill" **OFFICIAL VIDEO** dir by MonseƩ


XXL Freshmen 2014 - Vote Yung Gleesh



IamLX - (Official) - Nothing


How to Maximize Revenue Streams in the Music Business (MMC 2014)


TopDolla Sweizy "Hundos" ft Young Thug

Topdolla Sweizy was born November 14th 1990 to Rosslyn Queen in Southeast Washington,DC. Raised in Benning Park Southeast its there Topdolla began to cultivate his genuine love for performing. Surrounded by Gogo & rap music he credits his early influence to the No Limit soldiers & Cash moneyMillionaires. Just as he was influenced by rap he was equally influenced by go go as well, him being an artist that makes different genres of music. The Gogoscene is major in DC two of his favorite bands are TCB & M.O.B . While attending Spingarn High School were he graduated class of 2008 he often frequented the gogo scence. In 2011TopDolla did his first collaboration with Yung Chris of the TOB band entitled "Young Girls Clap" since then he has also done a song with the XIB band entitled "Posh on My Dick" both songs were internet sensations and built a major buzz with the youth in the DMV gogo circuit. Topdolla has been an opening act for rap artist Ace Hood as well as Plies which he did he did this year at the Constution Hall, drawing in a crowd of 900 people which he notes as a memorable event. As Topdolla continues to evolve as an artist, and as an individual he considers FUTURE, Eminem,  LIL WAYNE & WockA Flocka as his present influences. Currently he has released two mix tapes entitled " Who The Fuck is TopDolla Sweizy..When asked about his future projects TopDolla said he wants to continue to do what he does best which is "Make music that people can relate to, music for this generation, music that makes people dance, but most importantly music that makes a difference." Topdolla Sweizydropped a mixtape entitled "F*ck Da Radio" & "I Dont Style For Free" also his newest release "Bottles & Bitches" which are available on livemixtapes.com.

@ProjectWildBoy @YBonDaBeat @ThankYouCj - P Wild - Can't Trust A Soul (Produced By YBonDaBeat) Official Vid


Neff- Nuffsed Dream(Official Music Video)


@thadreid - "Whiskey Music" (prod. by Don Suave')

@Nooch69_ - "I'm A Stoner" Freestyle


As the buzz continues to build up for the release of his Sophomore Slump mixtape, dropping this Spring, 18 year old D.C. rapper Nooch releases his "I'm A Stoner" freestyle video, spitting a ferocious 32-bar verse atop Young Thug's popular single of the same title. Amidst the rooms of an empty recording studio, visuals drained of color in a grayscale atmosphere, Nooch charismatically raps, "This is my time that's real life / DMV? I'm top five / Otherwise you was ill advised."

The freestyle video follows the release of "Too Many," Nooch's lead single, which features Maybach Music Group's Fat Trel and was premiered by The Source. Having also worked alongside Black Cobain and Shy Glizzy, Nooch has established himself as a force to be reckoned with among the DMV scene. With additional features from Wale and Paul Wall on his forthcoming mixtape, Sophomore Slump, the D.C. spitter has been catapulted to the upper echelon of young hip-hop stars. Scheduled for a late April release, Sophomore Slump is the follow up to last year's Rookie Season. On his rise in the ranks, Nooch says, "I'm here to stick around for a while, I'm young but you couldn't tell if you ain't know. I've study music and tried my best to put what I've learned and heard together to perfect my own sound, which really isn't even one sound. I try to make every song completely different. I'd like for my music to make the listener feel exactly how I felt when I made the song."

"DB Bantino at the Fillmore w/ Curren$y and Ty Dolla $ign"


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

@TheillBigQ - "Properly"

TheillBigQ is a budding entertainment artist/mogul looking to break out of the DMV underground hip hop scene. Starting off as just an performer, he published multiple projects when he began to take music serious in 2006. Most of his music is published through the his artist management company Neva Known Entertainment.(Founded by him and two other artist) Having earned his BFA in Graphic Design, Q produces a large portion of the companies graphics, logos, websites, and video projects in addition to being one of the main contributors of material as well. 
After a few years in the underground Q is coming with amazing original material. Teaming up with local DMV producers Kelevra the God and Miclaire Novia, he has developed a spacial signature sound that sends shivers down a spine. Combine that with energetic performances, unique lyrics, and an articulate delivery and you've got the NKE President.

SOUTHEAST SLIM presents a VIDEO for MANDINGO (uncut)

@Biggz_Est1988 - "ALL OF THE LIGHTS"

Born in Baltimore, Maryland , Brian "biggz" Haden has always had a passion for music. Starting in the band in 3rd grade he always had a niche for producing. He played percussion until 7th grade, then moving to Virginia beach he was introduced to the world of in studio producing. Meeting new friends he then joined a local crew called THE TEAM.He learned how to make beats and started to devolpe an ear for in studio producing and engineering. Soon after his crew went there seperate ways so he started his own label called MAJOR MOVEMENT. With them he started rapping and thru his high school career and begining adult life he did shows in Atlanta, VA, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Also linking with another group he toured with them for a while in the "Warped Tour". He than began to open up for famous artist such as Jim jones, Mullege ,and various artist at afram and other events. Letting the label go he then started to focus on his recording studio and producing/rapping career.

@MalikFerraud - "You Alive" (Prod. Shark)

@KakekrewKeithSt @kakekrew_Slay @Kakekrew_poppin #GetFromRoundMe - GET FROM ROUND ME VIDEO

Saturday, March 1, 2014

@yung_gleesh - Water (Official Video) Dir. @willhoopes

@BarbieLenox Super Twerks [Mature Audience] @seslim202


88 bw from GIRARD STREET GARVEY on Vimeo.

@linnaijeous - Hold up

Linnaijeous Powell from Virginia beach, picked up the pencil and paper at age 7 and hasnt been able to step away since.Always been dedicated and attracted to lyrics, differences in flows and the mechanics to the art form of rap. Regardless of whatever genre or format of music, delivery of a unique sound is the least to expect. First single "Bounce it" created a nice buzz followed by "Hold up

@SuperNikeNando - Mr. Peter Parker interviews Nike Nando!

DmvKai - "Never Die Lame Volume 1"

@IamDonJuan - The Worst ft. Jhene Aiko (Video)

IamDonJuan - The Worst ft. Jhene Aiko (Video) from Don Campbell on Vimeo.

@FlyTerryMak - The End Outro (Keep it G-Mix)

@ThadReid - "Unadulterated Reid LP" available now!

Speed on the Beat - "Do Better"

@JDVBBS - Dark Horse Remix

@theknoxhill - ► Samurai X (Official Music Video)

@MasiGWOMO - "Money Power Respect"

"Cool, calm and collected with an intense feeling" is often used to describe the rhyming style of 25yr old, Up and coming artist Masi GWOMO.
      He has a mature flow and feel of the late 80's and early 90's he's often referred to a "Gentleman Gangsta" Born and raised in Chillum Heights, Maryland...
Masi raised by a strong single mother and older sister had started putting rhymes together at a mere 12yrs old. Masi credits this for his will to
grind and provide through any circumstance!!
   Masi dropped his first major project in October 2010 releasing" Paid N Full Vol.1" which was a mixtape blending the classic movie with his own actual
life, stories and thoughts. Masi has a known quote of "I make music for everybody!!...The hustler, the college student, the average Joe with a 9-5 and
everybody in between.....I am them! Literally!

@junedakid - For The Lovers "My Choice Tonight"

The Holy Karon - Mourn (Prod. Smitty The BG)


“I Got It" - Results (@iamResults) Prod. by Scott Styles (@ImScottStyles)

Detroit born, Baltimore raised artist Results creates a brand new anthem with his energetic track "I Got It". Producer Scott Styles leaves a powerful backdrop for Results to showcase his witty metaphors, as well as a captivating hook we can always expect from up and coming emcee. Results emphasizes how much work he’s been putting in lately on his upcoming project, while also illustrating the everyday struggles an artist in his position goes through -- “I Got It” is a relatable track for all of the dream chasers out there.

@IamDonJuan - No Make Up (Dir. By: DJ Heat)

Muggsy Malone - Cause I'm A Hustler (Gotta Go Hard) feat. Dion Primo [Produced By Djay Cas]

@ScreenDaBoss - Rappers In Prison - Ridin' Around(Official Viral Video)(Explicit)