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Monday, December 23, 2013

Oddisee "Invisible Walls" (Mp3)


Jargon - Mixtape (DMV)

Introducing Jargon: an upcoming, ambitious and experimental new hip-hop artist. As a child his interests were mythology, anime, reading and chess. As he grew older he developed interests in science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, Shakespeare and English. All of these subjects and hobbies can be found in his lyrical-descriptive style of songwriting. His most signature characteristic is the tendency to role play characters (either loosely or precisely), in order to explain his own feelings through describing pre-existing people or ideas; using the song as a medium to vent emotions. Jargon strongly represents the up-and-coming hip-hop group "Cypha Circle 360". Besides his varying delivery and abstract-lyrical style, a key attribute making Jargon a great emcee is his versatility and the ease in which he can fit onto any song and execute a great performance. His musical influences are Canibus, NaS, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Eminem, Nirvana, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Radiohead and American Hi-Fi.

@StlRickyJones @DjYes @BrainFitted - The 8th Man (Album)

@HunitStackz - Featured in XXL magazine & mentioned by big names in the industry

@Echalty - The Kickback (Official Music Video)

@TJ_Rap2Much - Peace & War Vlog pt 1

@hobbes_gr X @PhilAde_RF @Depakote - CARRIE FISHER

Here you have another single off of Hobbes untitled project yet to be released. The track features a smooth yet subtle melody with guest appearance by DMV's own Phil Ade. The track is produced by the amazing Depakote.
"I wrote this song randomly in my room one night. I was very lost in my thoughts, heard the beat and it kinda just happened. This year has been a struggle for me and i just wanted to drop this gem heading into the new year. So thankful for Phil hopping on the track with me" - Hobbes

Sleepytoye - Stay Late

Toye is an 18 year old rapper from Maryland who attends American University in DC. Rapping since the age of 9, he started getting in the studio during his junior year in high school. His biggest influences include the big 3: Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake and then J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Smoke DZA, and pretty much any rap that catches his ear.

@twoineylo - What Makes A Man (Prod. Celos A-Beats)

@firstnamelocka - Ch1: Judy x Locke Kaushal

@JDVBBS - "War Paint"

Part 1 and II Sway In The Morning Freestyles w/ Mysonne,Chris Webby and Muggsy Malone + Sarom Interview

Witty Rock - "learn by me"


Ace Savage - Bitch I Know | Official Video | Prod. By iTrez Beats |

Rob Rugah Lean Wit It rmx

Sunday, December 15, 2013

@ellotene - The Edge Of The Universe (Learn To Earn - Down To Erf)

Matta Fact - Mr. Sunshine

Yung E "Odds Against Me" Mixtape hosted by DJ Money

#PurpleFriday by the Dynamic Screwuo @DJKsin & @_DJ2Fresh

Recently, the Dynamic Screw-O (@DJKsin & @_DJ2Fresh) linked with two DMV artist to bring a southern flare to their recent mixtapes. By southern flare we mean chop and screw style (or as they say "slowed and throwed) of deejaying. Part of the United and Screwed team based out of Houston, Tx, they put a classic spin on great music by mastering the basics and untapped techniques of chopped and screwed music. 
Below is the mixtape covers and links (Respectively).
ENJOY! and as always RIP Robert "DJ Screw" Davis, Bong!

@Product_8129 @GetMoney_CuzIDo @Thereal_DEWBABY - "All Black" Produced by @product_8129

SmCity – Man Of The Year (Freestyl

@youngidc - #squad

the "BLUE County EP" is up for FREE DOWNLOAD

@RCA116 - DMV's Squared Circle Battle League

Malachi Watson - Nino Brown (Official Music Video)

@phLLFthy @phLLFthyBoiiUrg @ShahRebel - Born Alone Video

Monday, December 9, 2013

@DutchDeville - Proper Introduction ( Prod. x FTP Productions )



@FlourishMikeC - Trips


@TestOfAKing - "The Coming"

'Livin My Life' ft. Redline Rese by ByzantineLord

@twoineylo - Jesus Piece


@MCBravado - Something Special

@Kay2Wavey410 - "Diary Of A Cool Kid" (Prod. 3rdiview)

@MasiGWOMO - "Me"

Neva Settle Theory mixtape, just released- Lucky Day x produced by Grind Paze



19 year Old, Aking Kalld Pedro is a DMV Rapper Hailing From Prince George's County, Maryland.
He Just Dropped His Stunning Song Battery [Produced By Ta-Ku]

Mani $ing - Anything


@Tnyce - The Come Up

@808Staks Montana Staks is taking over the DMV rap game

Montana Staks is a talented rapper who has already made his mark on the local hip-hop scene. Staks was quiet for a minute, but now he's back with a new name: 808 Staks, a new team: 780 Management, and new material: Jesus Lopez The Mixtape. Staks understands that there are no guarantees in the music industry, and success can be fleeting, but he's prepared to sacrifice and make the necessary moves reach the top of the rap game.
ST: Tell the world who you are and what clique you're claiming.
MS: 808 Staks, formerly known as Montana Staks. I'm CEO of C.M.F (Columbian Mafia Family) and founder of the 808 Heavyweights Network.
ST: How do you think your skills compare to other rappers in the DMV?
MS: I'm nicer that 90% of the artists in the DMV. In terms of my skill set, I'm the total package. Nobody can match my song creative format. I have the hardest beats period! And I'm official in the streets. If there's anybody out there that feels different, let's go song for song and see who's the last man standing.
ST: What do you think about current state of DMV hip-hop?
MS: There's a lot of political bullshit that goes on in the DMV, and I've seen it all. A lot of people say it's because I don't have a stamp next to my name like a 368 Music Group or BOA affiliation. It's a dirty game out here but I have my political connects right this time. I'm targeting a larger audience with this project.
ST: Other than your own crew, who do you think are some of the best rappers in the city right now?
MS: Other than my mob, it's a select few. I'll say Boobie (Oy Boyz), Garvey, Phil Da Phuture, Lightshow, and Lil Oochie. Shout out to Boobie. He's been doing his thing real heavy in the DMV and also on the road in other parts of the country. When I would see him at open mics when I was first getting my feet wet he always had something positive to say about my performance.
ST: Let's talk about you. What CD or mixtape are you currently promoting?
MS: My next, and most creative project to date, Jesus Lopez The Mixtape will be available early next month. It's basically a bunch of short stories through the eyes of a Colombian drug lord who started out from the bottom. I relate some of the tracks from an American street life perspective, but mostly it's from a Central American point of view. The whole tape is dope from top to bottom.
ST: Where can people purchase your music or see you perform?
MS: My music is currently available on Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and Rhapsody. In January, Jesus Lopez The Mixtape will be dropping on www.datpiff.com and www.livemixtapes.com. For all my upcoming performance dates, follow me on Twitter or Instagram: @808STAKS. You can also contact Dre "All Day In The Paint" at @DreAllDayInThePaint.
ST: What are your plans going into 2014?
MS: The entire next year will be dedicated to promoting and expanding the 808 Heavyweights brand. We have upcoming projects from Son Sig and 808 Prymetyme. There's a whole lot of bass and a whole lot of crankage in our future. We want to feed the fans the best quality 808 music we can.
ST: Thank you for your time with this interview. Do you have any final comments or shout outs?
MS: I want to send a special shout-out to Organically Grown Radio, Mark Ward, Ms. Porsha (780 Management), CEO Floyd, and all my family and friends who have supported my career from the beginning.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

@PHZ_Sicks - The Moment

Woodbridge, VA rhymesayer PHZ-Sicks (pronounced physics) has released his latest studio album, The Moment. The set packs a total of 15 original jams from the artist while Alison Carney, Lyriciss, Scolla, Seanny Greggs and TFOX make guest appearances on the LP, which boast beats by Best Kept Secret, Stompboxx Music, Epik The Dawn, Kriss Liss, and Kajmir Royale. The album's release comes on the heels of the John Ledbetter-directed music video for "Coming Down" (click to watch) as well as the single releases of "The Love Scene III" (click to listen) and "Black Women" (click to listen). "This project was two years in the making, starting from the writing process, beat selection, constant musical changes and hours inside the studio to get w here we are today," says PHZ-Sicks. "The album is called The Moment because I feel with everything I put into it, this is the moment where my life changes. Where I get to pursue this passion like there is no tomorrow and finally reaping the rewards of the sacrifices I made to get to this point. The Moment is the embodiment of me and it's all I can give to the world." Click here to watch a video documenting the making of The Moment, and visit PHZ-Sick's Bandcamp page to purchase a personally signed and messaged CD copy.

@ProducaP_BMS - This Shit Real (Produced By Q Hill Beatz)


@Sparksism - Sun of the Phoenix ( Produced by Sparksism) VIDEO

@dmvbigsteve @slim_fred - The Warm Up

Emerging hip-hop artists Big Steve x Slim Fred are releasing their first mixtape, “The Warm Up”. The duo, born and bred in Alexandria, VA, (DMV) is made up of Big Steve, rapper/writer and Slim Fred, rapper/producer. This mixtape is an introduction of Big Steve x Slim Fred’s talent, setting the tone for what is to come from the group. The Warm Up features mostly upbeat tracks with fast tempo production and catchy lines. “With The Warm Up, we just wanted to have fun. This mixtape sets the stage for our bigger project, Listen to my Words, which is due out later next year,” Fred says. “We wanted to showcase our lyrical skills more than anything because some artists these days can make a song sound good, but have no lyrical content."

Mani $ing - Cold World Prod. by DJ Black Diamond (Official Music Video)