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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Judah perfomring "Sundresses and Sandals" HERE!

KingPen Slim - Gone | The Beam Up 2 AVAILABLE JULY 28

The Indie Life Album Cover & Tracklisting.. Available this sunday, July 4th!

The Indie Life Album Drops Independance Day! This Sunday..

Huge shout out to producers on the project who gave me some of their best work.. my brother Heartbeat, The Best Kept Secret, Judah, Jab the future (aka the brand), The Drumatiks, MarcNfinit, Prometheus, the homie E-min and the ingenious Preston Hart.

My 2 grammy nominated features.. the amazing Maimouna Youssef and my og Kokayi for lacing 2 of my fav tracks.. the homie Pro'verb for being the only rap feature.. (niggaz cant keep up..lol) Sam Trocki and Derek Olds for giving me that sound I couldnt fake... Trey Dupree for helping me make my hit..

1) Dream Cemetary feat. Maimouna Yousef
Produced By Heartbeat

2) I Miss You feat. Derek Olds
Produced By Heartbeat & SmCity, Co-produced By Charlie Heritage

3) The Indie Life *
Produced By Heartbeat

4) Watch Me* feat. Trey Dupree
Produced By The Best Kept Secret

5) My Own Boss feat Pro'verb
Produced By The Drumatiks

6) Doing Too Much
Produced By The Brand

7) Sleeping With The Enemy feat. Kokayi *
Produced By MarcNfinit

8) Thin Air*
Produced By Judah

9) Play Your Role
Produced By Prometheus & E-Minah

10) All My Friends
Produced By Heartbeat

11) Get Low
Produced By Preston Hart

12) Return The Call* feat. Sam Trocki
Produced By Preston Hart

13) Selfish Thoughts
Produced By Heartbeat

2dopeboyz x DJ Delz x Wordsmith Presents "Jackin' 4 Beats: Wordplay Edition"


K.I.N.G is on Diggiwax Independent Spotlight

Dexter Fizz - The Joy of Thinking Big

Bossman "All Over Your Video and BHTS"

Don Passman on Artist Deals and the Future of the Music Industry

Inside the DJ Booth | Quicksilva | Part 1 by elitedc plus

Inside the DJ Booth | Quicksilva | Part 1 from elitedc on Vimeo.

Greenspan- Got Green 2 Video promo 1

Got Green 2 Promo part 1 from Greenspan Music on Vimeo.

Marco - "Blue Line"

George Savage - "Cool Nerd" (prod. by Davy DMV)

Fat Trel "Diamonds" prod by Bass Headz

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sour school activists call Fenty fixes racist

Harry Jaffe: Sour school activists call Fenty fixes racist

By: Harry Jaffe
Examiner Columnist
June 25, 2010

One of my enduring memories of my years as a D.C. public school parent was my first meeting at Wilson Senior High in the summer of 2006. We had gathered in the auditorium to hear the principal describe the classes and after-school opportunities his school would offer to our children.

"I am terribly sorry it's so hot in this school," he said. "We have no air conditioning."

That was then. For the last two years, Wilson has been cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Thanks to Allen Lew and his Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization, schools across the nation's capital city are better places to learn. Roofs no longer leak, bathrooms no longer flood, fields have grass rather than dust and packed dirt.

Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee has cut a controversial figure in her management of the teachers and principals. Lew has stayed out of the limelight, aimed his staff at keeping contractors under budget and on time, delivered better places for students.

Rhee is in play in the current political season. The political classes wonder whether she will stay in place if her patron, Adrian Fenty, loses his re-election bid. Lew has worked well under Fenty but has strong ties with Vincent Gray, the council chairman who's challenging Fenty. My sources say Lew is "agnostic" and would stay to complete the job.

All of which makes me furious that some school activists have made Lew and his agency a political target. Mary Filardo, director of the 21st Century School Fund, this week released figures accusing Lew -- and indirectly Fenty -- of favoring wealthy white wards.

"Communities without social capital lose out on public investment when there is poor planning and no intentional public policy or equity," Filardo wrote.

Allow me to translate. Filardo accuses Lew and Fenty of spending more money on schools in white wards and neglecting black ones. She's also peeved that she was not part of the planning process.

Filardo contorted the numbers to suit her conclusion. She and her bean counters divided funding into square footage and per student ratios, which showed the least money going to middle-class Ward 4, and too much to Georgetown in Ward 2. It also showed plenty going to poor wards, which undercut her conclusion.

Anyone who visits schools that have been buffed up, or renovated, or built from the ground up, will travel all across town. In 2007 four schools were modernized; one, Hardy, was in Ward 2. In 2008, the number was again four; one was in Ward 3. Last year Lew modernized 10; one was in Ward 2, one in Ward 3. Most were in middle-class black wards, especially Ward 5.

This year and next Lew aims to rebuild four high schools: Anacostia in Ward 8, Woodson in Ward 7, Eastern in Ward 6 and Wilson, my daughter's alma mater, in Ward 3. It's about time.

And it's about time the adults quit turning success stories for kids into racial conflicts to suit their "activist" needs.

Harry Jaffe's column appears on Tuesday and Friday. He can be contacted at hjaffe@washingtonexaminer.com

Saturday, June 26, 2010

NIyemortal -"Hard Life"

SmCity's "The Indie Life" Drops Independance Day... Pay What You Want!

KingPen Slim - My Life is a Movie feat. Jim Jones (Mastered x Two New Verses) | The Beam Up 2 AVAILABLE JULY 28

Darren Hanible Presents: "Circa '92"


Darren Hanible drops his latest tape with remixes from songs predominantly from the 90s on a short mixtape before he drops his next project called "GPA". Darren borrows from the likes of Ice Cube, House of Pain and Missy and it brought me back to a time when some of us were just getting into hip-hop and Darren was just being born, WTF?!?! He continues to improve with every project and this should get you wanting more original tracks with the next release. Grab the tracklist and download link and enoy!


"Your Girl Don't Want You" by B. Tha B-Boy (feat. Relentlezz Dre) Debuts

The CNSRS (Connoisseurs) in association with Wayne & Tony & YM Present The VIXENS COLLIDE: Kat Stacks & HotWingz in HD

VIXENS COLLIDE: Kat Stacks & HotWingz | Wayne & Tony and YM | K ST Lounge | 6.20.10 HD from The CNSRS on Vimeo.

Playlist The DMV Vol. 3


ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist the DMV The Mixtape Vol. 3

This is the third installment in ArtLyfEnt’s Playlist The DMV series. It features many talented music artists from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area). Most of the artists from this mixtape already have mixtapes of their own so this project provides a sample of what's to be expected on their mixtapes if you were to download those. PTDMV 3 features songs from such DMV artists as Chris Barz, Tabi Bonney (Organized Rhyme), Gordo Brega (Studio 43), Bear Witnez (YM Music), Obii Say (Charon Music Group) and Soncier (TTHanco Records) to name a few. What distinguishes this volume from the previous two is not just our song selection of fresh DMV hip-hop but also our addition of a hip-hop rock sound. On the tracks “Theory of Destiny” performed by up-and-coming group Cloud 9 and “Soundcheck” performed by Navi, both have distinct rap over rock beat appeals. And don’t worry, for all those who downloaded volumes one and two looking for a more hip-hop/rap sound you will not be dissatisfied. Boasting nineteen tracks that are sure to keep your ears entertained and your wallets full, Playlist The DMV Vol. 3 will definitely prove to be worth the download.

Ace the Time-ForEver Summer feat. Kiara J

Dj Booth World Premiere- Greenspan

Footage from Nizz "Soaring"

Getting b-roll footage for Nizz's music video for "Soaring" from 4th N 1 Videos on Vimeo.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dugee F. Buller-"Je Signifie"


"In the mist of all this summer madness, Dugee F. Buller along with Losing Freedumb Ent., felt the need to drop something of substance, quality, and distinguished GANGSTA SHYT! What is being presented to you right now is "Je Signifie". "Je Signifie" is french for "i mean", a statement used heavy in the DMV area. This project is the first project from Dugee that shows more expression on his personal feelings then ever before. Recruiting some of the best talent in the DMV area, Dugee presents pain, struggle, laughter, compassion, and truth through each song.
Track 1. "Troubled Man" ft Marvin Gaye
Track 2. "My Life" ft. Hype
Track 3. "Stand Away Some" ft Remy
Track 4. "Bad Brown" ft Superstar
Track 5. "Move On"
Track 6. "Wassup"
Track 7. "Womb"
Track 8. "Go Wit The Flow" ft Duane Face
Track 9. "Time Slips Away" ft The Ohio Players
Track 10. "Time" ft Joe.D
Track 11. "Million Dolla Mission"
Track 12. "The Credits"

Free Download: ScholarMan "Fatherhood Dreamlovers Mix" EP

@Greatwhitebros Looking for People for VIDEO!

Music Video Shoot for Judah is looking for females with the right look to fill roles in a female version of the all time classic film – The Warriors. If you think have the look email resume and photos to greatwhiteprodco@gmail.com for further information.


Dmv Ramar-Doin Numberz"

Phil Ade - OMG feat. Skillz x Chasing the Letter Part 1 | The Letterman hosted by Don Cannon AVAILABLE JULY 6

Sunday, June 13, 2010

DDm Freestyle 1 - Welcome To The Audience

SHATiFF feat. Universal Souljahz- Yall Aint Thug (Lets Go)



T.Lucas is ready to unleash the first installment on his natural disaster tour. His new mixtape entitled "The Storm Mixtape" this will also include a behind the scenes DVD and a video. So get ready 4 august 1st DMV cuz The Storm is coming......



Poe-Tighta, hip hop duo from P.G County Maryland formed in 2008 unofficially and dropped their debut Ep "The Life & Times of Dana Drive in May 2010.

N.D.L How We Rep Video directed by StreetHeat!!!!

Work- I Love It



"9:38pm in Germantown" by Mass Potential

Fraud in the DMV via Sinitus Tempo

this fraud ass nigga named nazareth real name
rodger edmonds is going around the dmv disrespecting every and anyone
especially the pioneers in the area also stealing beats and selling them
off as his own among other things. of course hes going to deny these
things but i have so many people that used to fuck with him that will
vouch so i had to put the fraud on blast. -Sinitus Tempo

Interview with Nazareth