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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello to all that reads this letter I am MIKE WILSON the "booking agent/assistant" Mr. Chanko is referring to that supposedly agreed to this appearance by Wale. First let me say that I was in CONVERSATION not NEGOTIATIONS with Mr. Chanko about an appearance for a show at DC Star on Sept. 18th with Bun B. I say CONVERSATION because he never mentioned that GUAP and Wale doesnt work for free in a case where your gonna pay another artist. Mr. Chanko thought that the Wale and Bun B friendship could be played to his advantage by getting Wale for free cuz he had Bun B booked. No contract was signed No money exchanged and on top of that he switched the show date to the 26th and we were booked to label obligations. Mike "In Sufficient Funds" Chanko couldnt even pay his headliner (Bun B) and he blames Wale WOOOOOOWWWWW! Its Wale fault he sold 70 tixs in 2 weeks give me a break, im not a promoter and with the help of our team we sold out the 9:30club with your same line up and NO Bun B! 1100 tixs when 900 is considered a sellout thats over capacity. So to Mike Chanko i say to you better marketing plan, better promotions, and some money to pay the artist! Dont shop for Bentley's (BunB) with Bucket (side by side band) money! WE OUTCHEA! Wale puts on for his city see UCB and holla back! A numerous of free features for local artist not to mention DMV on blast everywhere we go from VMA's to Australia so to question him so called making it and not giving back or whatever Bruce said I say to you get on your own grind and stop waiting to capitalize on another man's!

 Thanks Judah for this opportunity to post and to everybody reading Have a Nice Day! 

MC Adversary on 106 & Park



Youngin was killing the radio freestyles at one point........now he on 106. Keep going bro!

Derrion Albert Tribute (Magnum Dollars)

HU is looking fo TALENT!


This is from one of my reader to WKYS.....

To Whom It May Concern:

I realize that any complaint put forth to a radio station will most
likely fall on deaf ears but i felt i owed it to myself and my area to
say something.  It is very sad that your station had to create a spoof
which makes fun of Wale and his music.  I actually live in Baltimore
but have read countless complaints about your lack of support for
local DC artists. I also listened to KYS directly at times and have
yet to hear any Wale song.  The fact that you would go so far as to
make fun of an up and coming artist from the area is baffling.  Maybe
the co-sign of Jay-Z and countless others isn't enough. Do you REALLY
believe Birdman has a "hotter" track right now??? Birdman??????????
haha....the ignorance is overwhelming. this is whats wrong with our
black community as a whole. You are willing to play songs that
encourage youth to degrade women and "get money" but wont play a
talented artist who is ACTUALLY trying to make good positive music. I
would expect some highschooler to make up something like that on his
blog, not a "professional" radio station.  Shame on you and the music
industry as a whole. Its all about politics, i guess. Please, if you
have any consideration for the upbringing of our youth, we cant keep
going down the path we are. The music played is increasingly ignorant
and all your station seems to care about is making money. I hope this
can change one day but i doubt you are capable of that.

For what its worth, I will continue to encourage people NOT to listen
to your station.

Thank You

Bear WITNEZ!-Bear season


Me and slim go back.......one of the original grinders in the METRO. He has history here. Peep it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RAtheMC-Spacships "Trending Topics" Tape OCT 6th




This email is from a good friend by the named of Mike Chanko, I was also helping with the promotion of this event at the 930 Club this past Saturday, so this is what actually happend on Saturday night.....the real deal is it's too bad when you have artists from the local area and they don't want to show the DMV no love ...not all but alot of artist who make it out of the DMV switch up on you when they do and I guess it happened again.........Bruce
Mike Chanko:
Ok, here it is. I lot of people wondering what is going on and what had happen to bun b.  I was on to ask to be on a few show to discuss the dmv south show @ the 930 club. Wale been twitting negative things about my show for weeks after weeks, but this put the icing on it. I have a addenum sign specificly for this matter. The management sign addenum thats fax to me, I couldn't attach it to show his signature. Click on to read the contract addenum and click on to read what wale said. My argument with Bun B manager is that, there boy wale falsify bun where abouts. Damaging my show. Wale was not even in houst. he was in darmount (n.h) when he did this twitting and bun was flying from tulsa to dc and I check him in his hotel. I brought it to bun and his manager and they saw the same thing. They said they can't control what wale do. Well if wale is your boy why is he messing with the show that your on. That means if the show flop bc of him, 9 out of 10 the promoter will cancel you out and you will not get your 2nd half. In this case my addenum speaks for itself. Does bun b really know what wale just cause bc of his ignorance and ecotistic. Bun manager still want his 2nd half, I refuse bc it violates my contract. That's why bun didn't make it to the show.
 Now washington post wrote about what happen to the show? The 930 club of course blame the promoter, but the 930 club also gave me the wrong ticket sale, making me think it was 285 a couple of days before the event and when I came to the venue the day of the event they said I only sold about 70 tickets. My mouth drop. They said it was including my comps I pull out. I have a email states my ticket "sales". not Comps. Thats two different words. Also the day of the event, I have at least 30 + people that told me when they tried to purchase ticket's online, it boot them off the sale and said ticket aren't available for this show. This concert had a lot of support and great promotion behind it to only sell about 70 tickets when it's been promoted 6 weeks in advance. We talking about radio and college radio, ad truck, email blast, 40k + flyer, posters and every colleges in this area was hit and to have 70 sold. Something's not right! If I would had known ticket sale was that low with all the negative twitting between wale and tabi, I would had postpone for another date so there won't be any interference. Tabi did it bc after they agreed on the show, I put them on the flyer later came back and ask me for more money, that's dirty, I have no respect for a person like that!! Did wale and tabi know, that also cause the up and coming dc artist there chance for a big audience to come see them. bc of his ignorance. 
His local booking/assistant MIKE WILSON, confirm his appearance and along with being on the flyer I have that on my phone text confirming it. The 930 also got a call from the other booking agency and said the same thing but bc they got the date conflicted, I was to blame. So where was I wrong for wale to twitt negative things about my event. Since he was annouce to the vma he got a bigger offer from the college and that's where he went with. He never blame his camp or his camp never told him the truth and let him run his mouth. Its one of the reason why wkys diss him. "We only play hot songs" Why support Wale for when he don't even support the up & coming artist. This show was not just about me, I have so many call about artist wanting to open up, I couldn't put everyone on, I tried. Everyone know, performing @ the 930 club, is a good look on your resume, I didn't have to add anyone on but I did it bc I feel there are good talent here in the dmv. I'm trying to give them a chance and I got screw. I have more radio interview and I'm about to clear it with the washington post as well, if anyone had read it. Thanks for your support, you deserve to know the truth!!

Greenspan x Live Beats - Poetry in Motion


Monday, September 28, 2009

Rated R - They Just Haters


Gray Claims Fenty Just Wants to Fire Unionized Teachers

D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray angrily accused the Fenty administration Thursday of seeking to "scapegoat" the council for impending public school budget cuts announced this week and called the reductions a pretext for firing unionized teachers.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee announced late Wednesday that the District would be forced to lay off teachers as part of an estimated $30 million to $40 million cut in the $770 million public school budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. They said the reductions are needed to close a spending gap created when the council approved a round of cuts to the city budget July 31.

Gray (D), who has left open the possibility of an election challenge to Fenty next year, said the mayor and chancellor were attempting to deflect responsibility for cuts in a budget that the mayor signed last month without any mention of possible teacher layoffs.

"What galls me is that this is being put at the council's doorstep," Gray said. "If they want to do this, they ought to take responsibility for it."


Rhee and Fenty declined to comment. The council's cuts last spring and summer totaled $20.7 million, which included cancellation of a 2 percent adjustment for inflation ($8.1 million); fewer slots for 2010 summer school ($9.1 million); and setting aside -- with Rhee's consent -- $3.5 million after a disagreement over enrollment projections.

Council member Kwame R. Brown (D-At Large) accused Rhee of misleading parents into thinking the council did not adequately fund the school system. "We gave them more money than they ever had before, and now they are saying they are $40 million short?" Brown said. "That just doesn't go together."

Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), chairman of the Finance and Revenue Committee, also said that the council "didn't cut anything," but that he had "full confidence" in Rhee's management skills.

Gray and George Parker, president of the Washington Teachers' Union, questioned Rhee's decision to allow principals to hire about 900 teachers over the summer, even after widespread forecasts that the District's economy would continue to deteriorate. At the same time, about 75 veteran teachers who were let go last spring from schools where enrollment had declined or academic programs changed have yet to be placed in appropriate jobs, they said.



Liv Nightclub 
2001 11th Street NW (map
Washington, DC 
Metro: Green/Yellow Lines 
$5 Before 11, $10 After 

Magnum Dollar$ feat. Daasair - Lose Your Love


Isang - "Haters", off the upcoming D.O.I. mixtape


"Everybody Know" Video Release Party (SE Slim)

Southeast Slim's OFFICIAL Video Release Party
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
9pm - 3am
1716 I St NW
Washington DC
Admission is free - SEE YA THERE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

DMV Radio x DMV Music x DMV Artist

After a quick Twitter convo and hearing the WKYS mocking of Wale I said hummmmmm. WOW! Then I hear Dj Quicksilva song "Where they do that At" on the radio and a said Hummmmm AGAIN! I personally thought the Wale commerical was funny but then again I was like why would RADIO do that to one of the signed DMV RAP artist? I just was in bad taste period and that not saying he did or didn't deserve it but DAMN what a tasteless shot. Then someone made the comment to me why don't Quicksilva and the radio push DMV artist songs like they pushing that "Where they do that at" song? 

Well these types of issues are subjective to the people that are looking and listening but I will say this 1.) Karma is a Yitch and 2.) The people with influence use their influence for themselves and their personal agendas (and its nothing wrong with that.......sometimes lol).

Its not personal is business in "most" cases.


Prop & Nyty-DMV LoVe

Substantial/Burns – “The Memo (Move Me)”

PHZ-Sicks - Make Em Envy ft. Marky & KingPen Slim


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Accomplished Producer "Digga" speaks on these "New Artist". (Via Hiphopgame.com)

What do you think of younger artists like Kid Cudi and Drake being on
The Blueprint 3?

I think on one hand, they're the new artists that are coming up and Jay
realizes that and he likes that and it's putting him in a position to
kind of bring the old with the new. But as a fan of Jigga, I just don't
like it because I feel like Jay is good enough to make an album without
many features on it and two, I don't believe that them dudes have paid
their dues enough to get on an album of that stature. I believe that if
Jay was working on an album in 1999, they wouldn't be on the album
because at the stature that they're at right now, those artists wouldn't
be on a Jay-Z album. They just wouldn't, I believe. Maybe Drake because
of the hype that's built around him, but none of these dudes have put
out an album yet or sold any records. They're doing shows and stuff but
I think they wouldn't have been on the album. They would have been
growing in the underground until they reached that point but things
change and it is what it is. Hopefully it'll work out for Jay.

How do you feel about the new class of artists rising up?

Honestly, to be totally honest, I really don't listen to any of the
dudes to that point. I might have heard one or two songs from these
artists like Drake, Kid Cudi and J. Cole. But nobody has excited me to
the point where I'm like, 'These are the next dudes.' It's just the
media that's saying that. With dudes like Wale, I just don't really hear
what other people are hearing. That's just my opinion. I don't know what
it's going to take but I'm not hearing it. I'm not excited about any of
these dudes.

Digga has produced for 50, Jay Z and many others and I thought he perspective was interesting and somewhat similar to mine.

M.O.P "Allegedly" steals BMORE producer beat for NEW ALBUM!


Wow, their seems be a lot of misunderstanding around the new LP of
M.O.P. lately. Funny, because it keeps reaching higher and higher...
Yesterday I got the official DJ Premier mixed song of "What I Wanna B"
that contains scratches that didn't made the album. The tracklist of
"The Foundation" is fucked up, Termanology needed to delay his shit with
Lil Fame due to earlier release, Premo couldn't finish all his tracks
with M.O.P. due to the same problem and now this... Read it yourself in
this personal mail from Rahaman Kilpatrick:

Back in September 2008, MOP, Joe Buddens, Termanology and Big Shugg came
down to Sonar in B'more and me and my peeps go to the show. I pass out
beat cd's to Term, Joe and during MOP's show I give it to Laze E Laze's
son who's the hype man. Now, fast forward to September 2009 and I'm
listening to MOP's Foundation album on my way home from work and when
track #9 "Rude Bastard" comes on....it's MY FUCKING BEAT! Not the same
sample, the SAME BEAT! Drum programming, sample, chops...the whole damn
beat! Then my man Mills does the knowledge for me to see who got credit
for the track on the album and it says "produced by Fizzy Womack"!
So...I don't get a check, I don't get credit...I don't even get co
production credit! And I'm not looking for no "feel sorry for me" or
none of that hoopla...I'm just asking for cats to let ANYONE who ya'll
know who loves hip hop to know who did the track so I can at least get
credit from my peers (hip hop fans and other producer's grinding out
there)for the beat. I've been grinding at this beat thing for YEARS and
for my first placement for a major artist to be a jack move...it just
ain't right...but it is what it is...like I said do me this justice and
at least let the hip hop heads ya'll know that the bol Kil from Philly
gave MOP THAT heat...not no fucking Fizzy Womack...

My version:

Beat Biting MOP:

Me personally believe every word of it, but what should I think about
it? I think it's besides the Premo bootlegs one of the lowest shit I've
seen, reminding me of Puff Daddy. Give credit where credit is due is
like a law for me, that's why I'm posting this. If you don't give a
shit, ok. Lets move to the next post... If you are a beat maker you
should try to think in his situation. What would you do haha, spread it!
Shame on you Fizzy, shame on you! Hope you read this... You must be
stupid thinking this wouldn't come out lol...

Here you have the official Preem track "What I Wanna B" with scratches
that didn't made the album due to rush problems I guess.

UPDATE: Fizzy Womacks aka Lil Fame own reaction where he admits:

Shit happens bro. Tag your beat next time, i just happened to have that
record, and did the shit up myself! Your version was way too LQ for us
to even use it and trust me n*gga, your drums are not rare. i got drums
out the woodwork, but thank you for finding the right tuned snare for
this sample. It's not your beat anymore n*gga, i re-created (as you did
as well) with the same record, so LiL FaMe is the one claim!!! Don't
take it there either, we known to mash out. You know you love that song



Video from Hood & Davy DMV

Hood - "Hot 16's" (featuring Davy) from Davy DMV on Vimeo.

Bad Blood produced by, Shawnjay Laylor



DStreets has been skating over 15 years and has proven that he is not your average skater,
now he is in the process of mixing his raw, edgy, gritty and "Trendsetting" style! Into the his second passion music
With his huge skate following DStreets has the opportunity to reach a lot of people.
SUNI-Tell us about yourself!
Dstreetz-  im a young savage born and raised on the ghetto streets of southeast DC.  Came up during a time where the neighborhood hustlers were our role models .  The streets made me how i am and the struggle raised me.
SUNI-  What do you think you will bring to the #dmv as an artist. 
DSTREETS-I think i will bring the originality, true personality and the raw streets of DC in the music i make. Giving off official representation for the DMV as some of my up and coming peers.
SUNI- What are your goals.
DSTREETS- My goals are to keep grinding hard to make non believers into believers and to help officially put the chocolate city in the rap game.


King Baker aka King Swagg-I'm from D.C.


Official "UCB" Welcome Home Party

DC's own Uncalled 4 Band (UCB) along with Wale rocked out at the 2009 MTV Awards as the House Band.To show our appreciation this Wednesday September 16, 2009, The Board Administration will be hosting "The Official Welcome Home Party"  at Rose's located on 1370 H St N.E. Washington, D.C.
 Come join The Board Administration, I Got It For Free, Whoisrickparker, TwoTone Production, YBM Lifestyles, and Young Millionaires for a very special night. On the second floor there will be tables set up for UNO, Spades and Monopoly.Food and drink specials will be available.Starting at 8pm until 12am
UCB will be conducting interviews with all media, and interacting with there fans.
If you are interested in interviewing UCB please contact Legreg Harrison greg@theboardent.com or Mo atmo@theboardent.com

Dappa!!!Dan Midas- Hold Ur Head


Monday, September 14, 2009

SmCity's "The Indie Life: A Motion Picture Album"

The Indie Life Campaign Kicks Off In October

Mon, September, 14 2009

In anticipation of the triumph that "The Indie Life" album will be in 2010, a series of free projects and a DVD are set for release to close out the year. First in October, "The Indie Life" mixtape in conjunction with illroots.com and DJ Dub Floyd drops followed by an EP in November with one of the DMV's most well known and respected producers, Judah. In December, a unique video project dubbed "A Motion Picture Album" will be released featuring the work of visionary 3D animator Glenn Marshal and acclaimed directors Steve Buckwalter and the G Light Films crew. A limited edition run of DVD's with bonus features loaded with exclusive footage from the DMV hip hop scene will also be available for purchase. Let the games begin. Twenty20

U Street Circus


One vs Many Presents The U Street Edition of "The Circus"

Showcasing Various Genre Musical Acts & Live Music At Multiple Venues in One Day

September 10, 2009- (Washington, DC) - The freaks come out at night but this time it's all day and everywhere- invading DC’s U Street. Blame it on The Circus, which is performing your favorite Saturday freak show with tricks six times harder and six events deeper- making up The U Street Edition. The craze is taking over The Lincoln Theatre, Expo, Axum, Bohemian Caverns, Lounge of Three and DC9- and I repeat all in the same time. Of course the event wouldn’t be complete without freaked-out musical acts and live music, so holding down the music are as follows: Bomani, Educated Consumers, Bad Ingrish, Lyriciss, J.Ferb, G5 Clive, M1 Platoon, Rosetta Stoned, The Five One, Cubbiebear, Prolyphic, Dezmatic, Black Diamond, The Love Peace Project, Mzery Loves Company, Night Train, Enoch 7th Prophet, Ardaplus and last but certainly not least Busdriver.

The Event breakdown goes as follows: Starts at The Lincoln Theatre-serving as the main event for the entire day. This event will consist of a multiple genres and styles combinations of artist such as: Bomani, Educated Consumers, Lyriciss, J.Ferb, M1 Platoon, Rosetta Stoned and The Five One. The show starts at 6pm, last till 9pm and is located 1215 U St NW DC Washington, DC. This is the only Circus event that is free and will be open to all ages.

After follows a series of various live, ciphers and parties hosted at various locations all around the same time. The venues include:

Expo, will be the host of complex lyrical act Educated Consumers' "Big Album Release Party" for their fresh new album, Hello Big Mama. The party will also feature performances from Cubbiebear, Dezmatic and Prolyphic . The show starts at 9pm, last till 3am and is located at 1928 9th St NW Washington, DC. Admission is $10 at the door and is 21 and up.

Axum, which includes various, styled performances by Black Diamond, The Love Peace Project, Mzery Loves Company, Night Train and Enoch 7th Prophet will all hit the stage. The show starts at 9pm, last till 3am and is located at 1934 9th St NW Washington, DC. Admission is $5 at the door and is 21 and up.

Bohemian Caverns, which will include a Hip Hop show fused with a Rock invasion includes performances from Lyriciss, J.Ferb, G5 Clive, M1 Platoon, Bad Ingrish and house band, The Five One, The show starts at 12am, last till 3am and is located at 2001 11th St NW Washington, DC. Admission is $10 at the door and is 18 and up.

For those who just want to enjoy the vibes of spinning ones and twos, Lounge of Three will include various house DJs whom will be spinning all night. The party starts at 9pm, last till 3am and is located at 1013 U St NW Washington, DC. Admission is $5 to party and is 21 and up

And lastly a bonus show at DC9 will consist of lyrical fusions such as Busdriver, Ardaplus and Rosetta Stoned. The show starts at 9pm, last till 2am and is located at 1940 9th St NW Washington, DC. Admission is $10 pre-sale and $12 at the door. Age is 18 and up.

All access unlimited access to all The Circus events are free with purchase of one of the unlimited passes from theBootleg Festival. The pass includes access to all four Circusevents- Expo, Axum, Bohemian Carvens and Lounge of 3 as well as all the four day events hosted by the Bootleg Fesitval. Passes are $40 and it does not include free access to the bonus party at DC9.

About The Circus Events: The Circus is one of the many creative events brought to you by One vs Many. You'll never know what to expect, for The Circus features various types of acts such as lyrical ciphers, live DJ scratching, live bands, poetry readings, dancers, and of course emcees. This event always goes down at Expo (located in the U Street Corridor in Washington, DC) and goes down every other Saturday.

About One vs Many: Founded in 2008, One vs Many is a creative agency based in Washington DC that specializes in music, fashion, events, marketing, merchandise, and management. One vs Manydoes it all from hosting various events, managing complex musical acts, and birthing its own urban clothing brand.

For information about these events contact Tyrone Norris at tyronenorris@gmail.com