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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Peace everyone. I've been cultivating this masterpiece
for almost a year & the music you'll experience is the most diverse
& balanced project I've made thus far. The mixtape Menace To
Sobriety isn't just an homage to the beauty known as Mary Jane,
drinking, partying or whatever else might come to mind. The tape is a
musical soundtrack for a journey through my mind. Being a Menace To
Sobriety doesn't just mean, smoking trees or gettin' nice off the
liquor, it's bigger than that. We all have things we're addicted to,
whether it be clothes, cars, sneakers, music, working, reading, etc. I
believe that those things we love are those things that make us high,
high off life. To me, being sober doesn't just mean not being high or
drunk, it means accepting a mediocre state of mind, walking through life
like a zombie, never being able to enjoy life & fully see it for
what it is. Beautiful. Without further ado, I give to you MENACE TO

1. Meet The Menace (Intro) (Prod. by Enduhstreatz)

2. Life On Summer Vacation (Prod. by Hassani Kwess)
3. Simple (Prod. by Sinitus Tempo)
4. Like That (Prod. by Nazareth)
5. Do My Thing (Prod. by Sinitus Tempo)
6. Hey Love (Prod. by Banquo)
7. Roll Up Trees (Prod. by Sinitus Tempo)
8. I'm On Now (Prod. by AB The Producer)
9. Snakes In The Grass (Prod. by Banquo)
10. Playin' It Cool (Prod. by AFTA-1)
11. Jesse Boykins III "Pantyhose" STEF Remix (Prod. by AFTA-1)
12. Love Is (Prod. by DoC BaTTLe)
13. You Already Know (Prod. by Banquo)
14. 15 Minutes (Prod. by Banquo)
15. Big Dreams (Prod. by Banquo)


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