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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wale Debuts New Single "Get It" in L.A.


Not sure what the name of the song is but when they read this I'm sure they will send a email with the title in it. 


E "Get It In"

The Kenny Burns Show: The Alter Ego Photoshoot

The Kenny Burns Show: The Alter Ego Photoshoot from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Lady DY

I worked with Lady Dy about 5-6 years ago. Glad to see she still making music. Check her out!


Friday, January 30, 2009

When Twitter Goes Wrong.......WALE (HAHAHAHAhA)

This is funny as hell......................This happened between Wale and Dj Semtex.

This week has been a great experience for the whole world, so i figured it would be a great opportunity to get Wale on my show this week as he is a DC native, a dope MC, who better to reflect on the Obama experience right?

So I travel for an hour to get to the studios, change studios several times as I have to wait 90 minutes for a 10 minute interview with him. From the start it kinda felt like he didn’t want to do it, then I check his Twitter page while i’m doing the interview…..


Nice. So halfway through the interview, I asked him what was up with the Twitter post…..


Let me clear this up, there is NO blackballing, beef, tension or anything else, I dont cause drama, beef, or hype, etc.

I didn’t mean any malice. The post is fair I just said you should be careful, twitter can catch you out, which it did. Wale put up a post, I put up a post.

Wale is a fan of Seinfeld, so the title of the post was done in a way, similar to when Jerry says ‘Newman’! (cop the DVD if your confused).

Like I said, I found the whole episode funny listen to the audio. BUT later on, Wale said on twitter that he doesn’t mind doing ‘good’ interviews with certain sites, but hates people asking about DC????

I’m not being funny, but a lot of people don’t really know Wale, so its probably the best time to talk about Wale and DC. I’ve done nothing but support him, if he didn’t want to do the interview, he should have just said so.

Re. obama, Wale’s going to get asked about that for the rest of his life whether he likes it or not, which isn’t a bad thing.

Reality is my producer said I can’t use his audio because it was so flat (he sounded bored) compared to other artists on the show Nas, Lupe, Common, Green Lantern, Roze (who is from DC), etc. which is a shame.

But real talk, it is a bit disrespectful to post something like that, when your talking to people who are helping you with your movement, or someone who has waited 90 mins on the other side of the World. Thats like me a having a cipha on my show, but putting up a post halfway through the show saying I hate rappers rapping on my show.

Cool, he posted it an hour before when he was being interviewed by other people. It doesn’t matter whether its me or anyone else, DJ’s, Bloggers. Journalists, etc we all put in the work. He should have declined the interviews if he feels that way.

Can the Wale haters chill.

Can the Wale stans please stop telling me to ‘kill myself’.


I will continue to support Wale and his music, I spoke to Dan his manager, its all been sorted out.

Thats it. Finished. 

Thanks Semtex 


FTDMVO exclusive! Torkaveli ft. Rico and Magnum Dollars - What It Is


This better just on my blog or your banned for the rest of 09. lol

Looking For H.E.R. in the DMV! (Tribute to the DMV music scene)

Unreleased Wale Produced by Team Demo


Thanks Dylan


His name is Darnell Dockett and he’s actually from Atlanta but after his mother was tragically murdered when he was 13, he came to Burtonsville, MD (my town) and attended Paint Branch High School (in Silver Spring, MD). I have met Darnell aka Donny before (went to school with his fiancee) and he’s a really nice guy, but when I read his story this evening I had tears in my eyes. It’s a blessing that this young man has come so far. It’s a blessing that his uncle adopted him and raised him and had him play football. He has an incredible story and I just really had to shine some light on. So please pass this story on. It’s proof that if you have determination you can over come anything in life.

Thanks Candice Nicole



Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is from the homie Suni Da Connect (Oy Boyz). I was going to analysis "HATE" but he beat me to it.


The conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion





Hate is Love


Over the last 2 years I’ve found myself using every adjective in the English language to express my dislike of WALE and TABI BONNEY..I understood the awesome marketing plan that studio 43 put into place (FOR WALE)

Even though I hated it, I’m a lover of go-go and I felt that studio 43 was pimping the fucking system but who the fuck was I. As for TABI I hated the way he used our slang incorrectly (lol lmao @ myself 4 that statement). I was like you don’t use the word Pocket like that, Pocket is a music term Ect. Ect. Ect..

But after watching these two dudes grow into who they are today, I noticed something that I was missed from the door, these two brothers hustle, they are out at all events, they aren’t too cool to say hello ( from what I’ve seen ) and they understand how to brand themselves. The biggest thing of all they are willing to leave dc.

They are willing to get on a damn plane and leave this hell of a music town, to create an opportunity for themselves.

In closing I would like to tell all dc artists to wake the fuck up and watch these two brothers’ movements, because selling CD’s to your hommies and performing at the legend isn’t going to get you any closer to your end goal.

Shout out to TABI for putting the “beat your feet kings” on MTV with you….IT MAKE ME THINK OF THE originator of the dance lil SLUSH Barry Farms gone miss you..


The homie sent this video and another one that I'm not going to post it because it would start a lot of stuff that doesnt need to be started and this blog has had enough action this week. But............ill post next week. HAHAHAHA Sike nah!


We definitly got some fire in for RA's HipHopGame Debut and I want to thank those that sent joints. 

But I'm still looking for 1 or 2 more joints so.............

Send no more than 3 beats to Forthedmvonly@gmail.com

In the subject line please put Beats for RA!

Check it out.........

Lady A will be on "Can We Talk
Radio" this Thurs 1/29 from 6-8pm. They can listen live by clicking

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RA on Coast to Coast 65...Yikes...........

1. Mims - Invisible Man
2. Sha Stimuli - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 10
3. Jay-Z – My President Is Black (Remix)
4. Nino Bless - Hate In Ya Blood Freestyle
5. Mims - I Brought It Here
6. Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" & Crooked I - Move On (Remix)
7. CyMarshall Law - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 
8. Rick Ross - Mafia Music
9. Add 2 - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 5
10. Mims - Life Of A Star
11. Miz - R&B Songs
12. Lil Fats - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 22
13. RATheMC, Fred Knuxx, Balance, & Wordsmith-Get Me (Produced by Judah)
14. Ness - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 1
15. Sha Stimuli - Coast 2 Coast Weekly 9
16. J-LP - Stacks
17. Graffix - Spit Game
18. Henok Achido - Fly Fresh
20. Na'Gee - Do
22. Mr. Flowas - Dun Know
23. Gambit - Another Planet (Remix)
24. Melodic - Thumpin
25. Kredit - Music Box
26. LIL BYRD of the Infamous Playa family - Call Me Daddy
27. Mims - Outro

Lil Skip feat. KT - "Let Em Go"


David Corey X DistrictFresh.com - PhotoSession

David Corey X DistrictFresh.com - PhotoSession from ABB VIDEO on Vimeo.

Tabi Cab Confession pt 1



Virginia Rapper Makes Music Video Addressing Brutality & Murder By Police

- In the wake of the recent murder of 22-year old Oscar Grant by an Oakland police officer on New Year’s Day, which was captured on video by various people who witnessed it, up and coming Hip Hop artist Nickelus F has made a music video for a song addressing the issue of police brutality called “The Beast.”

It’s a well known fact that most cases of police brutality are never reported or swept under the rug by the police themselves or the courts.

Given the turbulent times and various dangers on the streets today, it’s becoming harder for police to make clear judgment calls when it comes to tactics they use in restraining a perpetrator. But with this most recent case in Oakland it’s very clear that an officer has crossed the line again and something needs to be done.

In this age of video phones and YouTube, it has become almost common place for people who witness these things to document them on video. We urge everyone out there who witnesses events such police brutality to make it be known that police are not above the law and should conduct themselves with the notion of “protecting and serving the people.”  

The question of what can be done is on “us” the people… Musicians can articulate a point while entertaining, but how we carry on that message as a people is what will bring about change.

Nickelus F’s song “The Beast” is a descriptive work that plays on the notion that police carry themselves above the law and the various clips of brutality and murder by police in the video help clearly state his points.

Please feel free to watch and take a listen to what Nickelus F is saying @

Lyriciss on Word on the Streets Mag Online!


AKZionz-"Allow Me"


local Drama contest for young adults, $4,000 dollar first prize, details below


Winner competes at National Competition for $10,000

Hosted by the Washington DC Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters.

DATE: Saturday, March 7th 2009
LOCATION: Greenberg Theater, 4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC

Contestants perform two monologues, one classical, one contemporary,
from a list of playwrights available on competition website.
Contestants must be:
- 18-29 years old inclusive
- a citizen of the United States
- reside or attend an educational institution in the Chapter's
regional areas: Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland or Delaware
- not be under professional management or under exclusive contract to
a theater/film/ television agent at time of competition

Absolutely NO entrance fee.
Judges include revered DC theater Directors and highly respected
members of the DC theater community.

Please see website for additional competition regulations and
printable application forms.
Phone number available on website.

www.nsal-dc. org


The National Society of Arts and Letters was founded in 1944 to
provide scholarships and career advancement opportunities for young
and emerging artists. Well-known artists who have benefitted from the
support of NSAL early in their careers include: actress and dancer
Shirley MacLaine, ballerina Amanda McKerrow, soprano Jessye Norman and
pianist Awadagin Pratt.


The Kenny Burns Show: Inauguration Edition

The Kenny Burns Show: Inauguration Edition from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Deron - Chill


Ice the Villain x Mass Potential -- "Seriouser" (Serious Remix



Help TEF out. He's a good dude with good energy and he's a dope producer. Check This joint out.


This track is a finalist in the Soul Assassins MC contest.  I need you guys to take 10 seconds out of your day to support your own by going to this link and voting for me.  I would appreciate it greatly!!

Original Mind TV: I Rap, So Here Are Bars!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yerp..............LET'S GET IT!

The dialog was wonderful and I appreciate the attention to the topic of the dude Chas and my blog etc....

As far that situation with bro, I told him the first time via phone "next time you run your mouth we gonna have words"  and we did.  If that's not being a man about the situation then well maybe I'm missing something? Well it is a new DMV out here!!!! (As I remember a line from my 08 Rap Up "The colors got brighter/the jeans got tighter/ It is cool to be a nerd and lame to be a fighter")
 End of story........

As far the riff between BKS well basically there is no riff.  We have come a long way from back in the day when they was calling me daily to pick them up from Suitland Metro station so they could come to my studio while Wale was there back in the Studio 43 days. We have come a long way from them asking me for samples (which I gave them)  and over time it's obvious things have changed. Success on any level can be an evil monster but nevertheless I deeply respect and enjoy their musical talent and they are talented. I wish them the best and all that because it makes our city look good.  I just wish the young homies would humble up because it only gets tougher. 

I didn't want to cap off a 10 year run of making music, owning my own studio etc... like this but hey... it is what it is. I truly believe I am here to provide oppurtunity for the artist in my city and thus far this is what I have done and will continue to do. 
(But a little controversy is good along the way lol) 

To all the DMV artist....As the spotlight shines on our city its time to take full advantage of it and not spend that time and energy going at each other.

With that being said.... Let's press on!

The winner of the Battle of the Beltway...Soulful

How long have you been producing?
For about 4 years now. I started during my sophomore year in high school. I was 15.
What makes up the soulful sound?
Just a lot of passion in what I do. I love making music, and because I'm so passionate about it, I put my all into it. My mind, heart, and of course my soul.
What do you use to create?
You might laugh when I tell you, and a lot of people don't 
believe me, but I use FL Studio 7 and an M-Audio Oxygen 61 Midi keyboard. Plus a Sony USB turntable, and any vinyl I can get my hands on.
Who are your influences?
I got a lot of them... Of course God, on a spiritual level, but musically, Kanye, J Dilla, Madlib, 9th, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Kev Brown, Oddisee, Nottz, Bink, and ?uestlove. And I also love old school music... Basically 70’s soul, funk, jazz, and of course that old school go-go, like Backyard, Rare Essence, Junkyard, and the Godfather, Chuck Brown.
I bump artists like Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack, Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Willie Hutch, and David Ruffin etc, just like I bump Jay-Z, Common, Joe Budden, or Wale. That’s basically where the name “Soulful!” comes from. I’m just a young dude with an old soul.
What is your goal as a producer?
As a producer, my goal is to eventually become “one of the best to ever do it,” while at the same time, have whoever is listening, rapping, or singing on my beats, to get insight into my mind. I’m a very low key and laid back individual, who doesn’t really talk that much. So the only way for me to fully express myself, is through my music. Basically, I just want whoever is listening to it, to be like, “Young, this dude “Soulful!” is really
Where are you from?
You know I hail from the DMV brotha. Alexandria, VA. 703 all day!
Who have you done work for? Please name songs etc.......
For real for real, I haven’t produced for that many people. I mean I’ve done jonts with some local artists. I’ve done a couple songs with A.B the Producer. We did “Home Sweet Home” and “Round of Applause”, which are off my mixtape Soul Serious Vol. 2, that I dropped last March. And then we got this one jont called “Feel Good.” That record is crazy by the way. And then I’ve got a couple songs with Ruq. He’s got a song called “You Just Don’t Know” which is also a crazy record. As a matter of
fact, both him and A.B were on two other songs I produced called “Down” and “Smooth Seduction.” I’ve also done work for groups outside of the DMV, called HBE, and Clearly Undeniable. They stay in the 757.
What do you do outside music?
Outside of music, I’d probably be chilling with my homeboys Shakez, Legit, or RJ, or with a shorty. Shout out to them by the way, because we got this label called So Serious, that we’re trying to get off the ground. But for real for real, I don’t do too much outside of music, because most of the people I kick it with are involved with music as well. But, I used to play ball up until 2 years ago… I need to get back into that haha.
What is the best song you have
I can’t even call it brotha, but my boy Mosel from Detroit said my best beat is this one jont called “Planetary Soul.” I actually played it in the King of the Beltway Battle. It was the 1st beat of the 2nd round. It has a go-go bounce. I tell people it sounds like “A Tribe Called Quest mixed with Wale.” I actually wanna get that that jont to Wale somehow.
What is the best produced song you've heard?
There’s a lot of them. But, most likely it was a jont Kanye did off of College Dropout or Late Registration, like the “Late” jont. I know J Dilla has a lot of them too. The jont he did for Erykah Badu, “Didn’t Cha Know” was dope.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Young, I’m trying to be up there with you Judah. Right now, I’m just a youngin’ looking up to you, Best Kept Secret, Kev Brown, Oddisee… Ya’ll are some of the best to come out of the DC area. And I also want to be known as “one of the best” to come out of the area. But, hopefully I will also be able to elevate and become “one of the best, period.” I have dreams if you can’t tell brotha haha. I just want to make some real good music, and change the world.
Take us thru the process of making a soulful beat.
It’s not even all that complicated for real for real. I basically start off finding the sample first. And then I import it
into FL Studio, so I could chop it. And based on the way that I chopped it, depends on what kind of drums I would use. I would either chop up a drum loop, or just use my own drums. Or I might even do both, but either way, I make sure that the drums complement the sample, and vice versa. Then based off of that, I would play a bassline using the M-Audio keyboard. Sometimes I would also play another melody that I feel flows nicely with the beat.
I would say that making a “Soulful!” beat is 70% emotion and 30% creativity. Anybody can make a beat, but if you don’t have that emotion, and basically that soul, then your beat is not going to come out that good. Music is supposed to be about feeling. And if your music lacks the feeling, then you have nothing. And you need that creativity, because if you don’t know how to channel that emotion, then your beat won’t come out good

Swaggz- Got Swag? Vol.2


4 of the Hardest Hitting Females of the DMV on 1 Track!!!

Clockwise Clothing:: Spring 2009 Video!

A Clockwise Spring 09 from Collin O'Brien on Vimeo.




Colin Munroe And Wale Perform Live In Studio


PHZ-Sicks x Peter, Bjorn, & John - Nothing To Worry About

I love Hip Hop. I don't know if its the great music coming from the DMV (Shouts to Mouse, Judah, RA, Wordsmith, Lyriciss, and so on) or I'm just locked in. Something special is on the horizon and I'm glad to be part of it. "Nothing To Worry About" is originally by Swedish alt-rock group, Peter, Bjorn, & John. The song is amazing on its own but I had to add the "Yerrdig" factor to it. More music on the way (Less Than Zero) and can't wait to tear down Haydees on the 21st of February. All I can say with this is, DMV Stand Up! Emphasis on the V"


Blast 2 mix - DJ Cam Jus


MAF- Valetines Day


Sinitus Tempo-The Wonder Souls 2


Tabi- Dope Review by the Washinton Post

Tabi Bonney: So Cool, and Hot

Packing plenty into his new micro-album, "Dope," the D.C. rapper has talent to support his grand ambitions. (By Joshua Cogan)

Trying to single out the best song from Tabi Bonney's sophomore album, "Dope," is like trying to pick the coldest ice cube in the tray. The local rapper is infinitely cool, refreshingly concise and remarkably consistent -- three traits that make him an anomaly in today's information age rap-scape, a climate where countless mix-tape torrents
run hot and cold. Coming off the success of "The Pocket," a 2006 hit that slowly permeated Washington's airwaves before splashing down on MTV, he's belatedly returned with a highly listenable nine-track micro-album where the rewards grow exponentially after each listen.

Bonney may take his time, but that doesn't mean he's not ambitious. On "Rock Bammas," he casts a dismissive eye on common street hustlers while
daydreaming of a rare gold statuette: "While you was all in line standing at the little club, or all in the streets tryna' sell your little drugs/I was masterminding how to blow up, watching those Grammys thinking how to show up." (If he ever makes it, let's hope the presenters don't mangle his name -- it's pronounced Ta-bee Boh-nay.)

The chorus of "Rock Bammas" transfers D.C. street slang into a puckish refrain and Bonney continues to show his local roots throughout "Dope," unfurling syllables at go-go-paced tempos. Using the same echo-drenched vocal effects that saturate live go-go recordings, he's quick to
accentuate his verses with guttural grunts ("Rrrrrrahh!") and octave-leaping yelps without ever losing his composure. His flow is fastidiously neat, organized and orderly -- one rhyme in front of the other.

Over the lilting reggae beat of "Rich Kids," he introduces himself as if he were hosting an episode of "Cribs" in slow motion: "Oh, hello. Tabi.
Bonney. Welcome. Ice cold, the heat don't melt him."

And with the hypnotic "Kick Rocks," he amplifies his swagger with a dash of the political: "I am legend, my own version coming very soon/But mine's without the weapons and the costumes/This is real life -- all that gun talk played out like British Knights/Unless you're talking revolution, babe. Sign me up for, like, 12 grenades."

Bonney deserves a thicker beat here. Too often over the album's 30 minutes, synthesizers sound brittle, drums feel papery and thin. These tracks will do few favors for Bonney on car stereos and club speakers.

Other detractors might cast Bonney as a mere foil to Wale, the emerging Washington rapper set to make his major label debut this spring. And while they're chummy, (Wale gets a shout-out on "Duhh"), the two rappers couldn't be more different. Where Wale has posited himself as a sleepless overachiever determined for pop greatness, Bonney hovers on
the periphery, practically refusing to break a sweat. With a slew of hungry new rappers vying for space in your iPod each and every day, don't let this one breeze you by.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I let this clown slide one time but not again. I was in the studio and I get a call from RA with a funny story. Here you go (Words from RA)

Ok so I went up to my old high school Archbishop Carroll today to pay
a visit to the Dean of Students and a few other folks I usually check
in on from time to time. After catching up with Savoy (the dean) him I
chit chat for a while and he starts talking about how he knows
everything I've been doing musically through another Carroll alum
named Charles. Name didn't ring a bell. He said Charles came to visit
him too a few weeks ago and brought my name up several times saying
how Raheem and I got signed together and  how I went to NY recently
for a big show with him (Charles) and so on and so forth. So at this
point I'm like "huh???? man who the hell is Charles?" Then Savoy pulls
out a year book from 2000 and shows me Charles picture (i graduated
2004 so I didn't know him back then) anywho, I look at the pic and
it's Chaz. The same cat I had a lil misunderstanding with a couple of
months ago over something similar to this incident. Now I don't
usually put people on blast because I think it's a bit childish, but
the moral of the story is if your out here dropping names and acting
like your affiliated with people, be legit. None of what this cat told
Savoy was true. Not cool.

words from RAtheMC

I let dude go before when he was saying he repped the beatmakers BKS (should have known he was fluke) and trying to get them to records behind my back with RA etc....and also saying he's Rich Harrison cousin and the whole 9 well if you know anything you should know rep is important out here and he's going around saying he repping people and claiming things and its is so far from the truth. That type of stuff can mess business up for people. 



Mouse......Mo Betta


J Sparks.......Solemnly Swear" featuringJ ony


Wale - Hear, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Aye Judah you know **********sister gotta job from ya blog joint workin at da dealership. I see dat shit workin man dats wonderful...09 let's get more people employed ya dig.

You You You You Already Knoooooooow!!!!


* This really makes me feel good!

King Kahn - Jumping Out the Window Remix


I was waiting for someone from the DMV to do this joint!


The Kenny Burns Show at the North American International Auto Show

The Kenny Burns Show at the North American International Auto Show from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

JFK - The Kicks/ The Rich Kids (Freestyle)


Thanks JFK!


So..........Over the last 2 weeks my email has been filled with like 25 "Nike Boots" remixes from DMV artist. I posted only a few but I don't know what's sadder. 1.) That they just recently put out a video for the song or 2.) that the DMV artist just started remixing the song. DMV artist should've smashed this record when it originally came out like almost 2 years ago. But then again some of you DMV artist probably didnt like Wale back then. The video probably made you a fan!!!!!! 

We gotta stop being late n stuff yall...................

We gotta think ahead!