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Monday, June 30, 2008

Too funny.....................Damn Photoshop!

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Congrads Raheem!

Unless you caught the pre-show activities, you wouldn't know that Raheem won a BET Award. It was the BETJ Award. Seems like it's kind of a neo-soul type of award, as other nominees included Jill Scott and Angie Stone. Congrats, Rah!!

* I seen the bamma in the airport on the way back from the BET awards and I didnt even know!

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DMV's own Trey Chaney flowing.......Jesus....It's Kindof Dope!

Youngin jive can flow!

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Jacking the DMV Sound....................... AGAIN!

Introducing Kid Cudi to the DMV!

Is There Any Love Featuring Wale....

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Damn Buck-a-roo! I guess the DMV dont mess with suckers........

This past Thursday, at Fur Nightclub in Washington D.C., Buck's first performance since the debacle, only 20 people showed. SMH. Talk about a full house, sheesh! LOL.

The promoters weren't hospitable, making Buck pay for his own hotel room. Talk about tough. Prior to the show, he was paid half of the money, and was to get the remainder at show time, did he get it? Of course not. Buck didn't even perform that night. He was supposed to do another show tonight, but the promoter left him with all the bills.

His entourage wasn't allowed in Fur. The club said that they weren't dressed properly. Buck was the only one that could have on athletic wear. Unless his hype man or DJ paid to get in, Buck would've been a one man band. I'm sure this wouldn't have gone down like this if he were still affiliated with G-Unit, who coincidentally was also in town promoting their new album T.O.S.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wale:Artistic Integrity

Mambo Sauce Video Premier!

Nas @ Love!

Thanks Urbanflavorz!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Missy and them rape the DMV again!

Missy was interviewed about her new album called "Block Party" and obviously the album was go go inspired. Here is one of the questions in regards to it.
I love go-go. It has somewhat of an African twist to it with the drums. Something about it feels really good. I have friends that live in (Washington) D.C. and back in the day I didn't understand that music at all. It sounded like a bunch of trash cans. It wasn't until I went to see the D.C.-based group Red Essence at a club. I tell you, I've been to a trillion clubs, but none like a go-go club. People are in there dirty dancing. It was hot. It's a whole different ballgame. Ever since then, I've been wanting to do a go-go record. Go-go's been around for so long but it's never made it across the country or across the world even. The world hasn't had a chance to see D.C. people get off on their music. That's why I did the track "Shake Your Pom Pom," which is most definitely go-go-esque.

Paying homage or just down right taking that DMV sound?

Wouldn't be too bad if a DMV artist was on one of her records!!!!

Oh and if she knew "Red Essence" was "Rare Essence". Hahahahaha......

Thanks.....Yahoo News but yall need some researches over there!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Am The Street- Magnum Dollars............

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New Wale............Mr. Carter

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E. Dot Bay is doing it big!

Congrads homie.................!

New Tabi Video........Cool & Fly!

This dude is killing with the videos...............

Monday, June 16, 2008

Team Demo Has been putting in that WORK!

The production team Team Demolition ( repping VA) has been putting in serious serious work. 2 Records from Illa Ghee and Big Lou produced by Team Demo!



Good looking Jady..................on these joint joints!

202 The Mixtape


ANWAR "BENJI" BENJAMIN and the crew Presents "202 THE MIXTAPE"

Download it Here:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jesus........Help The DMV! This One is for the Money!

This is a Must Hear Record from my lil homie Marky! He went all in (No Homo) on the DMV's Ambassador of Rap!

Click Here to Download:

Buck in the DMV!

Should be a dope show!

Beat Battle DMV...............

Pimptown brings you a Beatdown! Damn I'm on the flyer but I'm going to be in another timezone enjoying the BET awards. 

So.........................These other guys have a serious chance to win now! hahahahahaha

Studio 43 & Marky presents DMV Skate Party

Its going down man. I hope you unathletic bammas can skate!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

DMV's own Marky in Nelly's new video "Step On My J's"!

If you have never been on the set of a video before......They are so funny!
Yeah young homie! She's hott! Oh but look at the bald guys face in the back!
Ain't nothing on that screen!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calcutta-Painkillers Mixtape

Homie been on the grind fro a minute. Used to record with the Mercenary Family and now he's putting in solo work. Check it out!

Reporter turns HOOD in 3 seconds


Wale-Put On Remix

Click Here to Download:

Thanks..... Tre 4

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Metro Rap Radio Mixtape!

Metro Rap Radio 3 is the latest installment of what is quickly becoming the new standard for local mixtape compilations. Hosted by DJ Torkaveli of Metro Rap Radio, this mixtape features more of the DMV's hottest hometown tracks that are bubbling under the radar of commercial radio.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Congrads to Inner Loop Records and the Artist and Producers of the DMV!

This projects has grown into something crazy. This projects has over 50k (50 Thousand) Downloads and over 300,000 listens on Datpiff.com.

J.Scrilla of ILRecs says " Our original plan was to have an illmatic Beatdown with Premo, pete rock but that didnt work out so I was like let's getting the hottest producers in the DMV to do it".

This project is all over the place and it's a good look for the DMV!

Just in case you missed it here you go again!


This was a pretty dope event in the DMV. XO was hosting and handing out the Takeover Mixtape, there was BBQ, beautiful women and BBQ. A lot of movers and shakers was in the spot and it was a cool pre party for the Cool Kids show later that night.

Here's a few pics to bring you there visually.

JUDAH, XO and FAM!.............I know you wondering what I got on mi feet!
Judah & XO...........More Timeless Music to Come!
Wideview pic!
The bammas............The Cool Kids!

Thanks for the Pics...........Rashea F.

J Davey in the DMV @ Bohemian Caverns

This show was up there with a "Roots" show experience. The vibe was intimate and cozy. The music rocked!

Slim Kat 78 on the MPC rocking with Muhsinah!
Muhsinah jamming on the Moog..........joint joint!
The beautiful J. Davey entertaining!
Once again!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The old DMV!

This is the second time I witnessed Lil Wayne carrying the DMV. The first time was at the Nikeboots show when he told the crowd when someone threw ice on stage "I threw bullets, not ice" and at Love he showed up 6 hours late for the show and proceeded to talk to the crowd any type of way. Damn the DMV loves him that much not to teach him a lesson? 

I remember Jay and Mobb Deep getting ran off the stage back in 93 for saying the wrong thing to the crowd. Regardless if the DMV loved them that much you wasn't going say anything to us. It's Definitely a new DMV!

*hahaha you know I had to find the cheesiest pic of Wayne.

Wale New Era Fitted!

To celebrate hip-hop artist Wale's rising success, music magazine Urb has stepped in to create a New Era 59FIFTY cap with the fledging artist. The cap is chock full of details from the intricate shoe lace logo on the front to numerous embroideries seen on the underbill and back. The DMV touch pays homage to Wale's affiliations with DC/MD/VA. Urb is giving out a cap for each day of the week, for more details check out this link.

After a  Bitchassness "Imeem" situation that happened over the weekend I wasn't going to post but....It's about the DMV and the movement so I posted it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

XO-Takeover 2 Mixtape

This is the illest mixtape  from the DMV right now in my opinion. "I ipoded" it so that means a lot. Thanks XO and the good people of DCtoBC.com.

Click Here to Download