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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thomas "HipNosiS" Carter


Uptown D.C.'s Thomas "HipNosiS" Carter poses a threat to any MC around. At the young age of 20 HipNosiS has a mixtape catalogue 9 tapes deep, a plethora of performances, as well as noted battles agaist some of D.Cs elite underground artist. His most recent release T.H.C. The Love Boat Edition feat. Sol Zahran, (HIP-SOL ENT.) is a Hip- Hop/R&B crash course into the world of addiction. The project is sequal to HipNosiS most successful release to date T.H.C. (The Hipnosis Chronicles) both available on the official HipNosiS website. www.hipnosisdc.webs.com

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