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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Post from D Floyd

DC State Of Mind

The last couple weeks have been crazy.I apologize for the inconsistency. Don’t charge it to a nigga,if you in this business than you know how it can be.If your not..then its best you know the truth. Coming down ATL you hear a lot stories bout bammas coming here and making it big but you also hear the MILLIONS of stories bout dudes who never even make it past the 3 month mark damn a one hit wonder. Early on I decided to NOT be that dude.I expected to hit a road block early seeing as to how I was moving pretty fast early.Let me just tell you “road block” isn't the word,more like “road lock.” Unlike the closed inner music circles in DC, Atlanta has a very open yet character testing music community. Where as in DC its more about who you are or what you’ve done, here it seems to be about what you WILL do.I got a new quote these days…”U know u in the game when they telling you to change” Nigga everything from my willingness to play ball to my high work drive down to my religion has been put threw the ringer…why? I guess its just my DC state of mind. We don’t tend to agree with subservient behavior. We usually conclude that we are the ones worth the win as oppose to just trying to be AROUND the dude with the win….Never falter man…NEVER.Never explain who you are for somebody who don’t even know who they are. If you understand your vision then embody it..defy any and everything that tells you different. Its looks like the only way to do that is to advertise. Major corporations spend millions on consultation in that department.For weeks I took the time to study publications from a few experts in the field like Keith Farrazzi who states “Your VALUE is what attracts people to connect with you” not value in the sense of wealth or material but what YOU as an individual all around can offer. The easiest and most effective form of advertising is SELF PROMOTION so between March and April ill be releasing hard copies of an exclusive collection of released AND Unreleased tracks only in the Atlanta region followed up by a string of showcases and performances touring the southern hot spots. I'm calling it #TheDemoTape and for my people back home ill be leaking a few tracks off of it with every post.The city going crazy with the return of Freaknik 2010 shit I know I cant wait and with the opening of Wet Willies ATL I'm telling you'll this going be a crazy summer I plan to capitalize.Special shout out to EVERY SINGLE DMV ARTISTS that just released work in the past months I been hearing NOTHING but great things I'm saluting yall dudes on that success………#Inside Tip From what I can tell the industry is leaning toward selling music entirely through EP format.With the success of people like Justin Beiber the fewer track cds are becoming more and more what people on the inside talking bout.Think more about quality than quantity.Maybe the extra funds can go to getting it out here like it need to be.Hit me with more questions or comments @ iamdc202@gmail.com or @dfloyd202 …

Don’t Do It(2010 freestyle)- HYPERLINK "http://tinyurl.com/ybdq433"http://tinyurl.com/ybdq433

Angels N Demons(DemoTape version)- HYPERLINK "http://www.zshare.net/audio/735309872868bbb8/"http://www.zshare.net/audio/735309872868bbb8/

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