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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The "DMV MONSTER" we CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!

So i have been writing this post for a few weeks now and just got back around to it when I got a call last night that reminded me about this post. 

Looking back on the last year and a half I am seeing a ever growing trend of "industry-lization" (I know this isnt a word lol) happening in the DMV. With the ever growing attention artist are getting in the area the egos are growing as well. It is apparent we have some that believe just because they have a tad bit more support locally that they are more elite than thier peers. We have also seen the increase of "DMV" movement type events capitalizing off the "psuedo movemen"t because in my humble opinion its not even a movent yet. But we are definitly working hard towards that.
Bad business practices have been around for years in the industry and thats on a major level and to see some of those practices applied on this small indie level in this city is amazing but I'm not suprised. I mean some are trully acting like they are generating millions of dollars doing this music thing when its far from the truth. There are some in the DMV music circle trying to steal artist, blackball artist and blackball events for unwarranted reasons. WTF!!!!

There is clearly only a small few of artist/producers making money of music and it has little to do with the "DMV Movement". 

Prime example: Majority of my work come from out of town artist that pay me what I feel im worth. But if I was to charge a local artist what I charge a out of town artist they would look at me like I'm crazy. Most of my articles and promotion comes from sites and publications that dont even know we have a hip hop scene in DC, MD and VA. 

We also have some people within the DMV that call themselves "Publicist", "Promoters", "Managers", "Executes", "Stylist", "Photographers", etc... within the DMV music scene that are really believing that they are "Bossing Up" on their peers. It just funny as hell.

In my humble opinion shouldnt no one (deal or no deal) think thier better than thier peers within this DMV music scene because on thing that is evident is that the world still doesnt recognize us as a respectable and viable market for talent even with Wale major release.

All in all the purpose of this post is to have "US" all (me included) take a step back and check ourselves for the new year.


PrettyFuckinAmazing said...

I agree 100% with this post! Just because you've been in a video, movie, reality show, or had something written about you somewhere doesnt make you "Hollywood". What makes it soo bad is how people act this way toward family and the people who have known you your entire life! Money, fame, or exploitation should never change the person you are or put you on a peddlestool because there is always someone to knock you right off of it. In other words, we should embrace one another and support each others success no matter where you are or what you do. Lets stop being known as the "Crabs in a barrel" and do for ourselves! I could write on this for days but....Tis is all...

Carty-Yeah said...



Anonymous said...

As I sit here in Philly reading this, I have to agree. I see it myself going on all the time, even though people seem to think I'm some "elite DMV artist", whatever the fuck that means. I lie to you not, I've caught animosity just for having my name out there more than most artists alone. Never done nobody sideways, never disrespected anyone (besides a few that threw the first stone at me, and even that wasn't REALLY that big of a deal), and never tried to stop anyone's grind. Problem is, a lot of people don't have a clear picture of what's going on in the DMV "movement", so they get caught up in themselves. I do believe it is a movement, by the way...it's just not at its full strength or potential yet...there's still plenty of work to be done. I've also noticed that the people who consider themselves "outsiders" haven't put their foot forward to really be involved in what's going on, yet want to pass judgment like they've been done wrong in some way. Prime example...the Capitol City Cipha. 25 artists that have been grinding heavy were picked to be in it. A lot of people complained about not being picked and pointed fingers at the organizers and artists, and didn't come out. The artists that weren't on the flier and still came out ended up getting camera time in the wildcard round and it was all love out there. Nobody shut people out...they just complained first instead of saying "fuck it, I'mma come through anyway" and missed otu on an opportunity. And it's happened like that with other events in the area too...make your presence known, preferably in a positive way, and you'll get ahead. So to add to what Judah said, in order for the DMV movement to get where it needs to be, artists need to exercise humility, show love to one another (you ain't gotta be BEST FRIENDS, but be respectful and help out each other if possible), and grind to your full potential. Learn how to open these doors without fucking yourselves or other people over. There's no easy come-up in hip-hop, in ANY region. Work for it and you shall receive what you earned. And don't let it go to your head, period. As long as it takes to make it, you can lose it 10 times quicker, and the same people you see on the way up, you see 'em on the way down. Keep it respectful and let's make this shit work how it's supposed to. Good post, Judah.

Peace & Hip-Hop

SmCity said...

They call it "Dillusions of Grandeur"

FirecrackerSue said...

I wasnt born and raised in the DMV area... I think the best term to describe me was a "transplant" (lol) but coming from the outside looking in, I see truth in these statements. The problem is what is highlighted n this piece can be applied to every city across the country.Everyone wants to be famous... A celebrity. Instead of celebrating creativity, art and community we want to celebrate ourselves. That's no bueno... Wake up folks! "Even when we stand alone we stand together"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree a lot of the people tryn to ice those event and newer artist out are the reason y major magazines in the past have said DC now known as DMVhas no talent and is a consumer market so let get behine the new talent and events and Stop All the Fakin.........

Anonymous said...

huhman!!!! the whole rap scene been ji lunchin for real. A lot of talent but folks cliquing up...thinkin they hotter then the next. etc. Man do ya'll realize that most of the folks that claim to be on top aren't even respected in the street? And I mean the Real streets! not "U Street"...but the "heart" of the town. Folks so fake...etc...come on man...get it together folks...we got the chance to really get it in for real...let's keep it humble and blow the roof off the industry...but the rap scene is just like the gogo scene...folks swearing they made it and haven't even been close to the top yet...

linc hieghts said...

Tabi tried to charge me thousands of dollars for a video. Wale tried to charge me 15,000 for a verse, this producer tried to charge me 5000 for a beat. This aint no industry budget niggas I'm paying for this shit out my motherfucking pockets.



Too many people been crowing themselves as managers and promoters and publicists etc and don't know nothing about the business.

thats been going on for a LONG time
self proclaimed gatekeepers...!

Unknown said...







ViceLife said...

"WISH WORDS FROM A DECENT MAN..." total truth in this.definitley agree with the out of town love feeling alil better respect and money wise,but it is what it is.but i stand behind this 100% sir.

A King Named Kan said...

Oh boy...you really created a monster with that Blog entry...but yeah. Honestly I kinda wish you went a lil' more indepth BUT you said enough. You hit the nail on the head with the EGO's that are wrongfully inflated, as well as the self proclaimed labeling of certain individuals and their 'craft' Publicists, managers, and stylists that come outta NO WHERE...

"...you've been a Manager for how long? 4 months? And you wanna manage how many acts? 10...oh and you promote too?..."

But like Carty said...that's a whole 'nother Blog in itself (Whattup Brotha!!!)

Anyways bottom line, I can only make sure I'm straight first before I get the rest of whomever I got with me straight. So if I ever turn into that 'monster' without completing my 'pygmy' stage first...somebody check me. Although knowing whom I am, that will never get there. I think experience and knowledge plays an important (but subservient) part in anyone's path to a goal.

Take heed though, 2010 is sure to unfurl even more of this behavior but I predict a stable movement will occur once credible artists, producers and industry cohorts alike, weed out the extra wack characters from the more formidable ones.

Mark my words...and good luck to all those doing what they have to, and not waiting on the next guy.

Sparks said...

I agree with you to say take a step back and see what you have, and see who you are at the end of the day and night. The music industry has changed drastically, but it is a better market for the Indie artist but you still need the love and support from your town. Thats the major difference between us and major music marketplaces. They stick together for the common goal of making music and putting on their area. I like the direction our music scene is heading in but stay humble is my advice to all artist including myself and work for the common goal. To be GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED!! Peace Sparks

DJ Torkaveli said...


Boy o boy, has this ever been the case in 2009!

The industry as a whole is falling on hard times. Folks with deals are having trouble making money like never before. The DMV had a major label act come out this year and he sold less than 100,000 copies of an album (not a knock by any means) yet I'm supposed to believe that because you hit refresh to up the download count on your free mixtape that somehow you're rolling in dough.

OR, because you take pictures and namedrop people who USED TO make money selling records pre-2002 that you have an inside track on millions of dollars? Come on dawg lol

Me (and a lot of people associated with me) have been "blackballed" by 75-80% of these so-called DMV "tastemaker" blogs. Most of these sites pull a good 10 visitors a week and financially are taking huge losses lol

People think if you LOOK like you have money or if you SPEND a lot of money (that you don't recoup) while living in your momma's house that they can pull one over.

The main ones making any money in the area off of music are not on the blogs/twitter talking about how much money they make, they're busy making more money!

I got a lot more to say but imma stop there lol

Yall can have yall "DMV movement" pahahah


Unknown said...

Helluva write up big homie.live from atl...any event..these dudes been like this.not sure if any of us know the key to success seeing how even our most elite have only ever seen marginal success respectfully.the heir of confidence is a cover up.its the work of strategy and marketing meetings focused on the artists.I hope the music becomes more important than the money again.if it I feel sorry for 2010.be cool ppl.make music.dc always been the street.let's not become industry.

Overok said...

Tork's answer to what all of you should be doing =

The main ones making any money in the area off of music are not on the blogs/twitter talking about how much money they make, they're busy making more money!

Unknown said...

"Prime example: Majority of my work come from out of town artist that pay me what I feel im worth. But if I was to charge a local artist what I charge a out of town artist they would look at me like I'm crazy. Most of my articles and promotion comes from sites and publications that dont even know we have a hip hop scene in DC, MD and VA."

---this is super true. i can speak as a photographer and say that i run into the SAME problems. DMV entertainment scene is close, like family.. those of us who have made it into the "circle" and as a result, we act like family...favors, paying you back over time, NOT charging at all.. I mean the support is wonderful,its amazing how we have grown as a unit to push this music shit, but damn ya'll.... look at yourself as a piece of a puzzle bigger then the DMV. How you gonna act in the face of "real" industry music?


Chaotic said...

Much love to the DMV...I have had a hard time fitting in the scene out here so I clicked up with the homies daz and kurupt and been rockin with them for 4 years now...I do got love and support every artist, producer, etc out here dreaming and living their dream...but as folks said..all the complaining has led me to just have a family, house and job in the DMV...I head out to atl, Cali, Dallas, etc to get my music fix in...catch me with the tre's in the twenty dime...next generation...chaotic

AOF Music said...

We can't get caught up in a "movement". just make music. They didn't have a Crunk movement in ATL, or a Hyphy Movement in Oakland or a New Orleans Bounce movement...they just made music you dig. Just make music and let LIFE happen.

And I agree with the person talking about the "Streets". U street and those areas are cool. but talkin to folks. a lot of rappers aren't respected because they don't appeal to the heart of the city. not sayin you have to be a killer or talkin about Dope. but just appealing to what's really good in the area. and no disrespect to anyone, but in these major markets the streets have their back, DC can't say the same just yet

kokayi said...

DC has been on the map, since its founding as a city. People know about emcees, producers, videographers, etc. from this area, there is also a stigma about folks from here being wild as shit and doing dumb shit when they need to be about their business. true story.. i'm with Folkz on this: stop crying, damn. I've been here for a minute and have seen the scene change and the same shit we complain about today bammas were complaining about before. always looking for that great rap hope looking to the sky for a savior when the cat lives right next door, but you want the shiny industry door knocking dude that gets cosigned so the industry comes a running to sign you..stop it. please. no one person or crew changes the game it's a collective effort..that doesn't mean we all gotta hold hands at kwanzaa time we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace. Grind. hard work, consistency, ethics, credibility, tenacity and being about your word are the things that make you. half the bammas you hate and think can't: rap, sing, direct, pubicize.. have better grind than you and me, they are known because they never quit and believe that they should be where they are, the other 1/4 have bread to make their dreams happen and the rest know somebody that can put em on in some manner. If we want to have a movement, muhfukkas need to keep moving, stop whining about not getting put on and make dope shit. that always lasts. I ain't seen one video from Diamond District, for example (hate em or love em) nowhere but my folks up top and out West hit me off the "who are these dudes?"..so good music ,which may or may not be your cup of tea, generated some buzz without the standard shit..a couple cosigns and hustle. there is a demographic that will buy your particular product.there always is.you just gotta find them.
Champ i could write a book on this, but it's the music business, plain and simple. learn some business and you'll stay in love with the music. understand what successful is in your own mind and be honest and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else or what they are doing. one mans 1k units sold is as good as anothers 100k unit..more bread but bread for some is success while dreams fulfilled is success for others..its all relative.
i'm off the soap box...for now.

Upset The Setup said...


"we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace" - Kokayi

"we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace" - Kokayi

"we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace" - Kokayi

"we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace" - Kokayi

"we just gotta make good, viable, properly mixed and mastered , with great artwork product, that can compete in a global marketplace" - Kokayi

ADK of Money For Life said...

First of all, if you not known in the streets of dc at all, you are not buzzing. Dudes think because Judah, Heat, Kenny, etc stamp them they are hot. No. Tabi, Wale, etc have a right to act like that. When they was grindng here and all out the country wasnt nobody messing with them. Now everybody and they mama feel like these dudes owe the dmv movement something. Thats crazy. While we sit up here and argue about who go on first and who got the most cred, etc. There are 1000's of people downloading and buying good music from artist out of state. Think about who you doing this for.

Ardamus said...

I'm with Kokayi and Folkz on this one. Good write-up, Judah.

Mr. 40. Watt said...

De-U.c.e. words...Good shit!!!

- Mr. 40. Watt -


PeteyGreen said...

This is good shit here.. DMV Artists need to show a lot more love to each other and realize we're all trying to accomplish the same things ; feed our families, and do what we love to do on a much larger scale.