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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marky (SRC/Universal) – "Victory Lap"

I had this track for a min now. It's an original Kanye West produced
track from the "Through The Wire" days. I received it from a mutual
connect to him because I was going to possibly be doing work with them
(not Kanye). Anyway - dude gave me an entire cd full of all original
Kanye beats. This was in 2004, I think..

The track is about me winning my race before it starts. Nobody is in
charge of my fate or destiny in my life except God. I believe that
each and everyday I wake up. The music industry is full of deception
and flakey business practices. I know that if I keep my eyes on the
finish line then God will make sure I win like I'm suppose to. Can't
nobody block what's coming to me. Its inevitable.

This song is spear-heading my first EP "Journey to Markyland, USA:
Rest Stop 1" Presented by 2DopeBoyz. I will be releasing 3 EP's
leading into my mixtape "43 Miles to Markyland, USA"!

Stay tuned for new music. Thanks for your continued support.


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Anonymous said...

.....This the best shit i heard on here in a min, u gotta respect slims honesty.