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Monday, March 22, 2010

Marky (SRC/Universal) – "RASTA MONSTA"

"Rasta Monsta" is the 2nd record off of my 1st installment of my 3 EP's. The first EP is "Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 1" Presented by 2DopeBoyz x OnSmash and will be released April 5th.

Ok so.. I'm a huge fan of the "Entourage" Series Show on HBO just like
the rest of the world lol. I caught on to the show around the 3rd
Season and then went back and started at Season 1 to catch myself up.
Now comes this new show "How To Make It In America" that I think has
the same feel but it's a little, or MUCH rather, more gritty and
"about the grind-ish". It's already 6 Episodes in and for some reason
I can't stop singing the got damn theme song by Aloe Blacc titled "I
Need A Dollar
". I figured, "hey, why not throw my 1, 2 on it!" lol

If you watch the show, then you'll understand the title :o) (http://bit.ly/c80L2E - Ep. 6)



Baller said...

He's not signed no more and plus no one cares bout his music. xo is the new 43 and took his spot.

Anonymous said...

I fuck wit his music, I aint gonna fake this song aint as good as "Victory Lap," But its still shitting on alot of stuff on here. So what u mean nobody cares about his music??? lol

Anonymous said...

fuck that nigga

Anonymous said...

He's one of the best overall niggaz spittin in the DMV. Superstar quality for sure. Fuck it if he got dropped, being signed ain't the thing no more neways...them labels is strugglin.

The Core said...

Well ..fo real slim be kill'n records fuck what u heard its people who have the quality to do it, he does. yall fake'n on him is beyond lame.
MarkDef Biiiitches

Anonymous said...

last i heard xo was getting booed at his shows.........

Nando. said...

Niggas be tlking wreckless. Ya niggas was on his dick when he dropped the video with Tab now ya'll tlkin shit. It's funny...