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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mainframes x rathemc

"The Sosiety presents our first project involving two friends from opposite sides of the coasts an opportunity to mix their creative talent into a product. Alexa Demie, 19 year old designer/founder of MainFrames from Los Angeles, and Rathemc, young talented music artist out of Washington DC. The project involved a custom designed pair of shades for Rathemc by MainFrames we picked up while we were in LA, then we spent a week in D.C. for our winter break shaking hands and meeting with our eastcoast family, 1st Impressions who handled the photography and video for the shoot. Being the first of many, we plan to put together more projects like this where we help market designs, brands, and music in other markets together, providing them more exposure and a wider clientele base under one sosiety."


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she is ugh