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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gods'Illa Interview......ALBUM OUT TODAY!

1. Give the folks a little history on Gods'illa

Gods'Illa is a family that consists of 3 actual brothers dedicated to
keeping the focus of the music based on reality. Although we formed
the group in 2004, we've all been making music well before then and
figured the group was a "no brainer" after building with Substantial
about the next step with music.

2. Hip us to the debut album. What can the listeners expect? Production features etc..

The debut Up And Up Presents...Gods'Illa: The Album is reminiscent of
the times when hip hop was at its height; pure lyrics over great
production with an actual focus on content which is a competitive
advantage in itself. About 75% of the album was produced by Joe D.,
1/2 of Dirty Water & an amazing producer. Also, we have a couple
tracks from Algorythm, Beggah Ooh, 8 Trix Music, Chris Wright & AOF

3. Why do you'll rap?
We rap because it was a natural progression of our upbringing. Truth
and I grew up in PG but we were in tune with everything hip-hop at a
young age since our family was from NY. While our peers were only
interested in "go-go" exclusively, we were watching the "Move The
Crowd" video waiting for them to show the Universal Flag in that last
verse LOL.

4. Where do you'll roam in the DMV?

We represent PG all day. Forestville to be exact. Powerful, East New York/PG.

5. Who are you'll influences?

Our parents, Rakim, Scarface,Brand
Nubian,RedMan, Wu-Tang, OutKast, and the list goes on...

6. What makes this album different from all the projects out thus far in 2010?

Its a solid effort from 3 actual brothers at different stages of life
so the listener gets a range of perspectives when hearing us.

7. How has it been doing this independently?

Can be challenging at times, doing most things yourselves but you reap
what you sow in the end. In our case, the people have been extremely
supportive of our endeavors outside of music (fashion, promotion,
etc.) so we're thankful for that. Still a lot more work to do but
we're up for it.

8. Hip the folks to your open mic.

Each and every Tuesday we host the
UAU Open Mic @ LIV Nightclub, 11th & U St. House band is Mambo Sauce.
Doors open @ 6, show starts at 9.

9. Where can they go to get the album?

The album is available
digitally right now on Amazon, Itunes, etc. Physical copies available

10. Any last word?

Make sure ya'll support good music and get Up And Up
Presents...Gods'Illa: The Album.

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Anonymous said...

yo godsilla is the best . been bangin this album for a while now (ace brought me the almost finished albuma while back.) bout to cop the actual release to support the homies.