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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dialect aka WillKill4Money

I wrote my first song at 13, 2000, but i aint realy start writin alot till I moved from Baltimore to PA when I was 14, wasnt much else to do, and I had alot goin on, I started recording at 15 or 16 and put out my first CD, "Point Blank", in 2003, also in 2003 I was featured on 2 mixtapes one by Dj Geranamo, "SFX The Mixtape Vol. 1", and another by King Aurthur the Engineer, "Trailer Park Trash Vol. 2". In 2004 I came out wit my 2nd CD, "The Rebirth" which featured local artist Black Ghost. Than again in the same year I was the Feature artist on Dj Madd Quiks' "The Dot Com" when I worked with Liquid Ghost aka Infrared, 9th Wonder, and Dj Jestic. That was alot of battles and trax from people around the net. Than I fell back off recordin for awhile, had my 1st child and finished high school, while writing my next CD "Hip-Hop Lengend, Rap

Phenomenon", I moved back to Baltimore in 2006 and teamed up with local artist Rich C, Meek, and J Woodz, dropped the "Hip-Hop Lengend, Rap Phenomenon" CD in 2007, Than in 2008 I was on two freestyle mixtapes, one feature Red Fox and some the HTS boi's, and J Woodz, "Blazed Up Freestyles", the other featured Meek and Vin Diesel, "Freestyle Cutz". Also in 2008 J Woodz and I teamed up as "2Smooth" and dropped our CD "Da Come Up", featurin local artist Mede, Meth, Young Bmore, Meek, Felon, Rich C, and Red Fox. After droppin 'Da Come Up" in '08, J Woodz and I parted ways and I fell back deakin with trials and tribulations of life while comin up wit the idea for my next CD. In 2009, I released my most recent CD "Urban Inspiration", I feel this was my best Cd yet, the first CD I produced my own beats for, and did so for 16 of 20 songs. The "Urban Inspiration" CD featured Meek, Rich C, Brandi, and a hook writtin by C.C., of the "Camo Crew", Mede, C.C., Young Bmore, and Renzy. Now Im workin on the mixtape that comes out June 1st 2010, I wont be producin many of the beats but alot o other local producer will be, stay on the look out for "Not Another Mixtape Vol 1."...


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