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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bloods are on the rise in the DMV!

Reports sat that organized street gangs such as the Crips and Bloods are on the rise in the DMV. Mo of the local anti violence group " The Peaceaholics" says that "DC never had a issue with organized gangs, our gangs consisted of streets and regions." For the last 6 months the number of Bloods in the DMV has increased and the number of Crips have increased but to a lesser degree. Bloods are heavy in Maryland and now it's starting to creep into the District. It's reported that since 2007 that the number of Bloods have reached the thousands and now outnumber the infamous MS-13. Bloods are heavy along Minnesota Avenue in the Annacostia and Trinidad area and we all know how Trinidad has been the last few months. Majority of the gang members are between the ages of 14-18 and really don't know what path thier headed down. Let's get it together DMV!

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DJ Torkaveli said...

I blame Lil Wayne, who isn't even in a gang lol

Mo Betta said...

Mos def! Lil Wayne & GAME.

I happen to know a few of both color tho, an my peeps were never violent with theirs an actually united thanx to music...so I guess hip hop does help and not just hurt our culture as the media so kindly leads us to believe.

Goadometalk.com said...

Blame Lil Wayne, they already said it!

DDotOmen.com said...

ugh. this is one of the reasons I stopped my bangin. niggas too mixed up. I mena yeah it aint no such thing as "fake bloods" if niggas BANGIN and TRULY bangin out here, it is what it is..where it started has no real relevance. it's like sayin the italian mafia has no pull in america cuz they from italy but yeah niggas really need to read Big Tooks Redemption and put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

We have lost our identity and yall are assholes if you think lil wayne did it.

Mo Betta said...

We have lost our identity? ok...why do you say that cause the kids are lost these days no guidance? hmmmmm I wonder where they seek direction from then? Someone they see enjoying life or appearing to be enjoying life, money, cars, clothes, women? wouldnt that seem glamourous to 15yr old impressionable child? Lil Wayne got grown rappers tryin to imulate him why wouldn't kids? Their favorite human being (sorry martian) is braggin' the b-rag why wouldn't they be curious?

Im just mad that the leaders or rather founders and co-founders of these gangs renounce it but couldnt stop it...i guess these kids feel they only changed cause they went to jail which may be true. So the new upstart bangers just feel they got soft perhaps

Anonymous said...

even though we'd like to think that kids don't let anyone (i.e. music, local "old heads", celebrites, etc.) influence them, they are. like Mo Betta said, Lil Wayne has grown men emulating him, so why not 12-year-old such and such? me, im 17, and i live a couple blocks from the Rosedale area and i see that gang shit around there too; to me, gangs in DC just divide people even more. personally, while i cant blame celebrities, they do play a part. I feel as if we need more older people that are close to these kids to teach them about whats really going on.

Anonymous said...

[Riley Freeman voice] this fake gang shit is real gay, my nigga. [/Riley Freeman voice]

Anonymous said...

parents allow thier kids to watch wayne and the rest of these ignorant rappers. Parents let thier kids come out the house dressed any type of way. if the parents were better stupid people like lil wayne wouldnt even matter.

Mo Betta said...

Stan no disrespect but parent dont allow as much as people think they do...some kids leave out the house after their parents caus emommy is gone to work already...then the kid is home allday free to turn on bet or over a friends after school ...you cant keep kids in a box they gonna know whats out their regardless just have to instill values and pray foreal it aint all on parents my mom raised me and my sis the same but me and her went different paths ya know. Not to let parents of the hook some dont pay as much attention as they should but then again some parents is still kids their self.

As far as the gangs my former label has a few crips an from a first hand account i dont feel its right to beef with someone just cause they are in red..especially if you dont know them from adam...thats just like racism to me..dis like over color?

Anonymous said...

Check out "Colors" on GREENSPAN's "GOT GREEN?"


Anonymous said...

weezy got half the dmv looking and rapping like him. kill yourself!

Anonymous said...

lil weezy, baby, ross, snoop, jeezy, jim jones all contribute to that bamma ass gang shit in the DMV. The parents and to blame too.

Anonymous said...

they in my hood and they not like the cali bloods. They dont wild out that much.

Kane Mayfield said...

dam sun, i tried to write a reply but ended up writing a whole new blog.

just to sum it up

rappers are not to blame

we are

if we spent more time making sure people did not hustle in front of kids and less time buying man purses, extra medium t-shirts and booty jeans the gang, and drug problems would disappear within a year or two.

so fuck that

these are the same tricks we fell for in the late 80's early 90's.

take a look

(or War, whichever works best for you)


PS: and if Lil Wayne does all this evil and is the reason kids are dying then why the fuck you buy his CD. None of that "well im a grown up" shit neither. If Mc Get Busy was caught fucking a little kid in the ass while sniffing an 8 ball on a school bus in back of a church you wouldn't listen to his hot crack piff........now would you. Well Weezy Wee is fucking these kids in their future, while rapping about sniffing 8 balls and eating churches chicken on a tour bus (couldn't resist). So you support that shit. If R Kelly fucked and pissed on a 14yr old girl in your family would you still buy his shit? Yes you would.
So stop donating money to gang violence and then contradicting yourself.