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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cool Cee Brown - "Static"

Cool Cee Brown is from Washington, DC and he wrote his first rhyme when Regan was president. He is 5′5″ and 175 lbs. He enjoys Woody Allen movies, Kurt Vonnegut novels, peach rings and single malt scotch. He once met DMX in an elevator in Hampton, Virgina. Beyond that, he hasn’t done much of anything.
-Cool Cee Brown




finally a bio that doesnt start with "WHATS GOOD HOMEY WE RUNNING THE DMV SINCE 2009"

Ardamus said...

Homie gets slept on. He;s put out some of the best music in the DMV, IMHO.

Potential Consumer said...

Track is different but jive acceptable. "A body in the trunk and a gun in the dash and the punk ass police is on my ass." You are a bamma slim! lol. Who cares about the police in 2010. If your bringing that kind of attention to you then you are HOT! Basically a vagrant. The hook sucks. But you got writing potential if you just keep it real with yourself and your raps.

Akil Nadir said...

@ Upset: Thank, LOL
@ Ardamus: As are you.
@ Potential: I appreciate the feedback but I think you missed the point. It's a piece about the policing of hip hop. Not the actual police. I am not, nor have I ever been associated with any kind of violent, gangster music. Imagine the speaker in the piece is hip hop, and he's addressing critics such as Oprah, C. Delores Tucker, Calvin Butts et al. Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone else was confused. Thanks for the input.