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Monday, January 11, 2010


How long you been rapping and where you reppin?
I been do this for about 7, I started out cliche freestyling at school and then started doing studio sessions. Im puttin on for DC period! Northeast, Uptown, Southside, DC my home!
Who are some of your influences and why?
I'm influenced by different types of music, alot of my music is built around Lupe Fiasco, Joe Budden, Rakim and alot of my songs are based off more emo punk band, Nickelback, Skilet, Saliva etc. Those artist and bands have stories and messages in their music that relate to more than one person, race, genre, or gender, it's mass music.
Why do you do music?
I do music to reach people.If the music I make in some way can reach another person who i dont know and make them understand a situation they have a little better is all i need and of coarse to spread my thoughts and message.
Where do you plan to be musically in 5 years?
In 5 years I should be doing plenty of shows on my 4th album at that point with a with a manager thats working with me to make my voice heard [ Judah whats up lol] Hopefully a deal but underground is cool as long as im heard.


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Sheldon Boodie said...

Keep doing your thing dawg. 2010 is the year. dmv hip hop looking good