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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Donnie Simpson get FIRED! Via MTO and Washington Post

Donnie's ratings have been a little down recently, and management had been trying to convince him to do things to attract YOUNGER listeners. Well Donnir didn't appreciate management telling him how to run his own show, so they fired him.

On the bright side, MediaTakeOut.com learned that Donnie is still under contract, and his home station WPGC is going to have to PAY HIM until the contract ends.

Here's how the Washington Post is reporting things:
Simpson's departure follows months of declining ratings for his show and internal friction between Simpson and WPGC's management. The station has sought to boost Simpson's ratings and attract younger listeners by updating his playlist and playing hit songs more often. Simpson and his producer-son, Donnie Jr., have maintained that the station was meddling, compromising his long-running program and alienating loyal listeners.

CBS had wanted to ease Simpson out with a celebratory retirement party in mid-March, but Simpson declined, according to people familiar with the negotiations between him and the station. Late last week he began telling listeners on the air that his departure was imminent but didn't specify when he'd be leaving.

Damn Donnie. But his daughter bad as hell tho! I'm just saying!


Joe E said...

Sad story...
I grew up listening to Donnie. I always appreciated how he would play old school hits, not caving in to always playing the (mostly) crap called mainstream music. One of my favorite interviews was his most recent joint w/ Stevie Wonder...two legends together. I wish Mr. Simpson the best

Ardamus said...

An O.G. in the game. At least he stuck to his prinicples.

p.s. -never seen his daughter, is she that bad though? LOL.

Anonymous said...

fuck 95.5 and 93.9 i hope yall burn in hell and record companies make yall pay them for music now

no more donnie's morin wish for our commuinty