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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Peace readers. My homie D Floyd recently moved down to ATL to get a new life on this music game. Im letting him report to us on a weekly basis as to whats popping etc... As you know alot of our artist are moving down ATL so if you need insight here you go.

Live From ATL:

I recently took some time to really sit down and watch the most talked
about movie of the year,Precious. To be honest it was more hype then
history as promised but I heard a line that I might never
4get."Sometimes the longest journeys begin with the first step" I'm
with that.That's probably why 3 months ago I did what most of us DMV
niggas only TALK about.I took the first REAL step in my career and
moved down to the Black Hollywood.

Everybody from Everywhere comes down
to this new age Harlem Renaissance in search of solidifying a place in
their selective fields.That's probably what makes it the mecca that it
is.everybody is driving for the same goals no ulterior motives no crab
in barrel.The beauty of the south is that they keep shit simple.In DC
we tend to complicate things way too much.Choosing to pretend to unite
rather than actually doing it.Rejecting the cities underground culture
rather then embracing and respecting it.Snakes and Rats lie everywhere
make no mistake but a unified front defeats a unified fake everyday.To
those with money the money aint important.The mission is....I'm just
checking in Live from ATL.

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Anonymous said...

i dont blame you homie atleats niggas not bout no damn open mics down there! If the down south niggas fuck with your music hard in any way they gone make sure you get paid and have money in your pocket to eat with unlike these bamma ass niggas up here.
Even the niggas that dont do music(the listeners)and they was born in the dmv are some str8 up haters more then the artist from here.

real talk and this is just my opinion i think alot of folk from dc is kinda holding the DMV as a whole (im not sayin all) back like Promoters, DJ's and Club owners

Good luck with everything and keep us posted

DJ Torkaveli said...

this should be interesting, imma stay tuned