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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Powerful City- Official Music Video by Matta Fact

North West, DC - January 13, 2014 – Matta Fact, premiered his socially
consensus music video, “Powerful City” from the album “Mr. Sunshine” (S2M-
Signed to Myself LLC.) at Busboys and Poets, 14th & V; but not without
delivering a spectacular performance, which included S2M Artists,
Dublohskytzo on drums, M.C. Logic and the supporting cast of rappers,
Rafik and Xander Johnson. The sound and vibe of the event left the
audience in awe. As many stated after the event, nobody expected to see
such a well-directed and high quality video, married with the classic
“boom bap” hip hop sound that we all treasure. Matta Fact represents what
is desperately missing from mainstream media today. He is that pearl we’ve
been searching the deep for, and he has been right here in the DMV all

The video was shot throughout the D.C. metropolitan area and features
Matta Fact, M.C. LOGIC, and Rafik as freedom fighters, transporting an
important package; while being pursued by agents: Xander J, V-Sharp and
Dub-L-Oh-Skytzo. Simple Multimedia Inc. filmed this incredible video.
Those out of the area will be intrigued by the monuments and beautiful
columns, as the historical back drop of the plot ties in to the concept of
this “Powerful City”. Many from the area will feel right at home when they
see or hear this video. S2M and Matta Fact look forward to sharing this
video with the world.

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