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Monday, January 13, 2014

@Surock - "Suck My Disk" COMING SOON

What up good people!! I took a little hiatus, but I'm back dropping three projects this year and the first is A beat tape entirely made on the SP1200 called "Suck My Disk". It Will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,bandcamp  and soundcloud for streaming on January 24th. This is a build up for my EP dropping some time in spring called "Synesthesia" ft. Blu, Skyzoo, Planet Asia and more.

1. Sample Time
2. Rio Funk
3. Dirty
4. Rawzame
5. OMG
 6. Put It Down
7. Bread Crumbs
8. Train Ride
9. Susma Beat
10. Frequency
11. Viagra
12. From The Soul
13. Crack Rocks
14. Five
15. One Stop Drop
16. Pre Game
17. Mans world
18. Blasphemes
19. Nightmare
20. Cool

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