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Thursday, January 2, 2014

@TroyBoy202 - First Mistake

Washington D.C. rapper TroyBoy, grew up on the southeast side of the city and claims a remarkable amount of birthplace pride for the place of rarely discovered MCs. With congested corners and a homeless-filled community in abundance, TB grew up with the mind of a hustler. He found himself drawn to an extravagant lifestyle of cars, money, & women, typical life any other teenager would want. In 2011, TroyBoy then made his entrance as an artist, rejecting to label himself a rapper due to the passion and emotion in his lyrics, placing himself separately from the wannabes and imitators. The city already well-knew TB due to the social network aspects of the community, but now they embraced him as a courier of the streets. TB began to read many publications with every intent of turning his pastime love for music into a career.

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