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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Ryan Turner, born August 4, 1986, in Portsmouth, Virginia, has always
had a love for music. As a child in the womb, his mother would place
headphones over her belly to stimulate little Ryan’s soul.  His father
would play the flute as he grew up giving him a birthright to play
musical instruments.  At age 14, Ryan made his first beat and at 16,
he would start his own company (Click N Spark Productions, LLC.)
making beats for local artists in the Virginia area.  Ryan Turner then
considered producing music professionally after he achieved his first
placement for a well known group called The Nappy Roots whose hit song
was (AwNaw, 2001).  Ryan Turner produced "Black Friday" for The Nappy
Roots “Sh!t's Beautiful” mixtape released in 2012.  Ryan Turner hopes
to bring something everyone would enjoy, but he admits that most
people enjoy his soulful sound.

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