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Monday, September 5, 2011

New video from DMV artist Earleybird feat. Revolution & Ionic

Author of eight albums in the last five years, Earleybird is one of the most prolific rappers to come out of the Northern VA area. He has appeared on Witchdoctor's "Diary of An American Witchdoctor" a critically acclaimed album released by Turner entertainment and the Cartoon Network through Williams Street Records. His newest album is entitled "Carpe DMV".


Earleybird said...

Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

IMO this new EarleyBird stuff is by far the best to date and i have been listening to his shit since he was only on tape.

Same with Skip to my Left Beats.

Man,these guys have come a long way since the old King Jakob "Opening Statements" days.

Radio Guy said...