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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big B Interview

Big B Interview from DC SuperSid on Vimeo.



Mr. 40. Watt said...

Bout time ya'll put Big-B up here...dat's a real ass nigga!!! He's well known in MD south of P.G. county. I remember back when BBU had upstairs in da food court of St. Charles Mall & De-U had downstairs. Shit U couldn't walk through dat whole section without buying something or getting talked 2 till U did....lol!!! Damn Waldorfians used 2 always get me & E's group The F.A.M. & his Familio group confused. Dorf & B-More niggaz show da most support & love for new underground music.


Anonymous said...

Big b stay grinding music is af but grind is a 10

Anonymous said...

never heard of him sorry

Anonymous said...

dat nigga big b be grinding like a motherfucka kill!!! get it in my nigga www.myspace.com/pirclick

Anonymous said...

waldorf all day nigga