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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ZFTP x 2DopeBoyz presents Che Grand - "Breakfast @ Wimbledon"

A British New York transplant by way of VA, Che Grand originally wanted his latest mixtape to be a movie. "Breakfast at Wimbledon" is actually the title of a feature-length script that Che began writing a few months back, loosely based on his experiences living in Bed-Stuy. With the release date of his much anticipated debut album "Everything's Good Ugly" hanging in the balance, Che increasingly felt the pressure to fill the void. Teaming up with the site www.2dopeboyz.com Che decided to make a compilation of recent collaborations, unreleased songs and snippets from his upcoming debut (mixed with his signature disorderly style of the ZFTP series!)



Anonymous said...

Seen him at the black cat a couple months back...dope...

Anonymous said...

trash 3/10 people are trying too too hard to be different