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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Artist: Four-In

Location: DMV (Silver Spring, MD)

Bio: Four-In consist of four members raised in the suburbs of Silver Spring MD right outside the outskirts of D.C. Ox Law, Nemesis, Cynical Minded, and Outragis make up Four-In with the double meaning of four members in it together and all from foreign ethnicities. They have a 10 plus years in relations to making music and now have decided to show the hip-hop community what their about. The style could be considered vintage, underground, 90’s era style of sound, with similarities to Wu-tang, Onyx, Mobb Deep, and even Little Brother as they’ve been told. Each member has their own individual style but still all lyrical at the same time.

Music Links:


(Mozoltov) Link: http://snd.sc/xmnXvK

(Land of the Lost) Link: http://snd.sc/wM3gN5

(WAR) Link: http://snd.sc/w4Aoxs

Video Link for (WAR): http://youtu.be/VeetCvyOxDk

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