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Friday, March 9, 2012



STORY BEHIND THE MUSIC - This track was made after watching Beats Rhymes And Life, The Tribe Called Quest Documentary. In the movie, Phife Dawg was shown struggling with diabetes and after analyzing the condition I realized that in a sense I was a diabetic, not literally but metaphorically. The same way he was addicted to sugar I was addicted to material things also commonly referred to as "sweet things". So I decided to depict these similarities in this song entitled Tha Diabetic. Check It Out At The Link Above

RANSOM RAZINA's BIO - No one knows where he came from or who he is really. Allegedly, he was transported here from Planet Razina. However, the first Earth sighting of Ransom Razina was in P.G. County Maryland. Ransom picked up on the art of rapping at the age of 9 human years as an attempt to convey the teachings of his world to the humans of Planet Earth. After many more years and many more name changes, he finally stuck with the name Ransom Razina The Limited Edition (L.E.), which he epitomizes in his music. With his unique style of rap, uncanny word play, and Razinian locks, the 19 year old always stands out in a room. In addition to creating his own lyrics, he currently records and mixes all of his songs wherever he can take his mic and m-audio box.With plans of bringing back life and meaning in lyrics of hip-hop from the past while still making music that the future can enjoy, L.E. is truly wearing the title given by his mother and tattooed on his chest, of "The Legacy". This poet, performer, lyricist and producer will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. As his hit single states "They Cant Stop Tha Show".

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